Virtues & Abstract Concepts

Virtue names originated with the Puritans, who, along with today's standards like Faith and Hope, used such interesting names as Flee-Fornication and Obedience. Here are some more virtues and concepts you could use.

Admire Chastity Ephemeral Gravitas Endurance Purity Solidarity
Adora Cheerful Esprit Halcyon Memory Quintessence Stability
Adore Chivalry


Harmony Mercy Radiance Success
Agape Clarity Esteem Happy Merit Rapture Swift
Allegiance Clemence Euphony Honesty Merriment Rejoice Sympathy
Amaze Clemency Eternal


Merry Reality Temperance
Amity Comfort Eternity Hope Mighty Reliance Tenacity
Amnesty Compassion Evanescence Hosanna Mirth Resiliance Thankful


Ever Humility Modesty Remember Tolerance
Ardour Concordia Faith Imagine Noble Remembrance Tranquil
Aspire Condolence Fate Ingenious Pacific Resolve Tranquility
Assurance Console Favour Innocent Panache Respect Transient
Beauty Constance Felicity Integrity Passion Reverence True
Believe Courage Fidelity Joy Patience Salvation Trust
Blessing Credence Finesse Justice Peace Sanctity Truth
Bliss Defiance Fortune Kindness Peaceful Search Unity
Blithe Delight Freedom Leniency Persevere Serendipity Valor
Blythe Deliverance Friend Liberty Piety Serene Vanity
Bonny Desire Frolic Life Pride Serenity Verity
Charisma Destiny Gaity


Prosperity Silence Wisdom
Cherish Diligence Glory Loyal Providence Sincere Wistful
Charity Discretion Godly Luck Prudence Solace Wonder
Charming Empathy Grace Lucky Gracious Solemnity Zeal