Middle Name Survey FAQ


Q: Is this survey scientifically accurate?
NO FREAKING WAY! We're doing this only over the internet, which means our sample size will be limited to Internet users, and name enthusiasts in general. This messes up the data already. Plus, because people who do internet surveys aren't always as gung-ho about names as we are, a lot of people are probably fudging the answers (e.g., I really don't think anyone's parents gave them the middle name of STFU***hole, but you never know!).

Q: Can I take the survey more than once?
A: Though we can't stop you, we'd appreciate it if you didn't take it more than once for *yourself*. You may fill in the answers for friends or other family members, but if you take the survey 47 times, and say your middle name is, say, METHUSELEH, it will probably screw up our data. HOWEVER, with every entry, we get your IP address, so we can tell if someone has accidentally clicked "enter" twice and things of that nature, and therefore can eliminate some mistakes.

Q: Where are the results?
A: Most surveys you take show your results in a cute little graph once you hit "enter." This one is different-- because there are so many variables (i.e., place, race, etc.), it would be impossible to measure everything at once on a graph. Periodically, I will post results from the survey that might show interesting trends.

Q: Why are the results so vague?
A: This is because I don't have that many results tabulated so far. For example, only 61 people born during the 1940s and 1950s have taken the quiz so far, way too few to come up with even any trends. Also, people are answering this survey from lots of different countries, so we are looking at data from everywhere. This skews things.

Basically, we haven't had enough responses yet to see trends based on race/ethnicity, parent's education/location etc.

Q: What if I don't have a middle name?
A: That's great! I know tons of people without middle names, we want to hear from you too!


More later as people either send them in, or I think of them.