A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet...

Little did William Shakespeare know, that when he wrote Romeo and Juliet, he would be making a giant impact on countless future generations of Name Book writers. I don't think there is a popular name book out there that doesn't contain at least one reference to this "Rose by any other name" idea, or the eternal question, "What's in a name?"

Also, I've found meanings of names in baby name books that are based on Shakespeare's plays. For example, In one book, the name Ariel (from Hebrew, meaning "Lion of God") is listed as meaning "sea sprite." sound anything like Ariel in The Tempest? And for the name Titania (from Latin, "of the Titans [i.e., large]") it said the meaning was "queen of the fairies." Hmmm. Completely etymologically inaccurate, but right on from a cultural standpoint. Shakespeare is truly the Bard of dime store baby name books!

Besides this, The Bard has made a huge contribution to the naming pool. Where would we be without names like Imogen, Jessica and Miranda? Yes, those were Shakespeare's creations. So sit back and peruse a list of names from Shakespeare's plays. Who knows, Juliet is already getting popular in the USA. Maybe the daycares of the future will be filled with Benvolios and Timandras. There is a Male name list and a Female name list.

Male Characters in Shakespeare's Plays

Name Appeared in
Aaron Titus Andronicus
Abhorson Measure for Measure
Abraham Romeo & Juliet
Achilles Troilus & Cressida
Adam As You Like It
Adrian The Tempest
Adriano Love's Labour Lost
Aegeon Comedy of Errors
Aemilius Titus Andronicus
Aemilius Lepidus Julius Caesar, Antony & Cleopatra
Aeneas Troilus & Cressida
Agamemnon Troilus & Cressida
Agrippa Antony & Cleopatra
Ajax Troilus & Cressida
Alarbus Titus Andronicus
Alcibiades Timon of Athens
Alexander Troilus & Cressida
Alexas Antony & Cleopatra
Alonso The Tempest
Amiens As You Like It
Andrew Aguecheek (Sir) Twelfth Night
Angelo Measure for Measure, Comedy of Errors
Angus Macbeth
Antenor Troilus & Cressida
Antigonus A Winter's Tale
Antiochus Pericles
Antipholus Comedy of Errors
Antonio Merchant of Venice, Much Ado About Nothing, Twelfth Night, The Tempest
Antonio Two Gentlemen of Verona
Apemantus Timon of Athens
Archidamus A Winter's Tale
Ariel The Tempest
Aruiragus Cymbeline
Autolucus A Winter's Tale
Balthasar Merchant of Venice, Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo & Juliet
Balthazar Comedy of Errors
Banquo Macbeth
Baptista Taming of the Shrew
Bardolph Merry Wives of Windsor, Henry V
Barnardine Measure for Measure
Bassanio Merchant of Venice
Bassanius Titus Andronicus
Bassett King Henry VI
Bates Henry V
Belarius Cymbeline
Benedick Much Ado About Nothing
Benvolio Romeo & Juliet
Bernardo Hamlet
Berowne Love's Labour Lost
Biondello Taming of the Shrew
Borachio Much Ado About Nothing
Bottom Midsummer Night's Dream
Boult Pericles
Boyet Love's Labour Lost
Brabantio Othello
Brandon Henry VIII
Butts (Dr.) Henry VIII
Caithness Macbeth
Caius Titus Andronicus
Caius (Dr.) Merry Wives of Windsor
Caius Lucius Cymbeline
Caius Marcius Coriolanus
Caliban The Tempest
Camillo A Winter's Tale
Candidius Antony & Cleopatra
Caphis Timon of Athens
Capucius Henry VIII
Capulet Romeo & Juliet
Cassio Othello
Cato Julius Caesar
Cerimon Pericles
Charles As You Like It
Chatillon King John
Chiron Titus Andronicus
Christophero Sly Taming of the Shrew
Cicero Julius Caesar
Clachas Troilus & Cressida
Claudio Much Ado About Nothing, Measure for Measure
Claudius Hamlet, Julius Caesar
Cleomenes A Winter's Tale
Cleon Pericles
Clitus Julius Caesar
Cloten Cymbeline
Cobweb Midsummer Night's Dream
Cominius Coriolanus
Conrade Much Ado About Nothing
Corin As You Like It
Cornelius Hamlet, Cymbeline
Costard Love's Labour Lost
Court Henry V
Cranmer Henry VIII
Cromwell Henry VIII
Cupid Timon of Athens
Curan King Lear
Curio Twelfth Night
Curtis Taming of the Shrew
Cymbeline Cymbeline
Decretas Antony & Cleopatra
Deiphobus Troilus & Cressida
Demetrius Antony & Cleopatra, Midsummer Night's Dream
Dennis As You Like It
Diomedes Antony & Cleopatra, Troilus & Cressida
Dion A Winter's Tale
Dogberry Much Ado About Nothing
Dolabella Antony & Cleopatra
Domitus Enobarbus Antony & Cleopatra
Donalbain Macbeth
Dromio Comedy of Errors
Dull Love's Labour Lost
Dumaine Love's Labour Lost
Duncan Macbeth
Durdanius Julius Caesar
Edgar King Lear
Edmund King Lear
Egeus Midsummer Night's Dream
Eglamour Two Gentlemen of Verona
Elbow Measure for Measure
Eros Antony & Cleopatra
Escalus Measure for Measure, Romeo & Juliet
Escanes Pericles
Fabian Twelfth Night
Falstaff (Sir John) Merry Wives of Windsor
Fenton Merry Wives of Windsor
Ferdinand The Tempest, Love's Labour Lost
Feste Twelfth Night
Flavius Timon of Athens
Fleance Macbeth
Floritzel A Winter's Tale
Fluellen Henry V
Ford Merry Wives of Windsor
Fortinbras Hamlet
Francis (Friar) Much Ado About Nothing
Francisco Hamlet, The Tempest
Frederick As You Like It
Froth Measure for Measure
Gallus Antony & Cleopatra
Gonzalo The Tempest
Gower Henry V
Grandpré Henry V
Gratiano Merchant of Venice, Othello
Gregory Romeo & Juliet
Gremio Taming of the Shrew
Griffith Henry VIII
Grumio Taming of the Shrew
Guiderius Cymbeline
Guildenstern Hamlet
Hamlet Hamlet
Hector Troilus & Cressida
Helenus Troilus & Cressida
Helicanus Pericles
Holgernes Love's Labour Lost
Horatio Hamlet
Hortensio Taming of the Shrew
Hortensius Timon of Athens
Hugh Evans (Sir) Merry Wives of Windsor
Hymen As You Like It
Iachima Cymbeline
Iago Othello
Jamy Henry V
Jaques As You Like It
John (Don) Much Ado About Nothing
John (Friar) Romeo & Juliet
Julius Caesar Julius Caesar
Junius Brutus Coriolanus
Laertes Hamlet
Lartius Coriolanus
Launce Two Gentlemen of Verona
Launcelot Gobbo Merchant of Venice
Laurence (Friar) Romeo & Juliet
Lear (King) King Lear
LeBeau As You Like It
Lennox Macbeth
Leonardo Merchant of Venice
Leonato Much Ado About Nothing
Leonine Pericles
Leontes A Winter's Tale
Lodovico Othello
Longaville Love's Labour Lost
Lorenzo Merchant of Venice
Lucentio Taming of the Shrew
Lucio Measure for Measure
Lucius Julius Caesar, Timon of Athens, Titus Andronicus
Lucullus Timon of Athens
Lymoges King John
Lysander Midsummer Night's Dream
Lysimachus Pericles
Macbeth Macbeth
Macduff Macbeth
Macmorris Henry V
Malvolio Twelfth Night
Mamillius A Winter's Tale
Marcade Love's Labour Lost
Marcellus Hamlet
Marcus Andonicus Titus Andronicus
Marcus Antonius Julius Caesar
Marcus Brutus Julius Caesar
Mardian Antony & Cleopatra
Margarelon Troilus & Cressida
Mark Antony Antony & Cleopatra
Martius Titus Andronicus
Mecaenus Antony & Cleopatra
Melun King John
Menas Antony & Cleopatra
Menecrates Antony & Cleopatra
Menelaus Troilus & Cressida
Menenius Velutus Coriolanus
Menteith Macbeth
Mercutio Romeo & Juliet
Messala Julius Caesar
Montague Romeo & Juliet
Montano Othello
Moth Midsummer Night's Dream, Love's Labour Lost
Mountjoy Henry V
Mustardseed Midsummer Night's Dream
Mutius Titus Andronicus
Nathaniel Love's Labour Lost
Nestor Troilus & Cressida
Nym Henry V, Merry Wives of Windsor
Oberon Midsummer Night's Dream
Octavius Julius Caesar
Octavius Caesar Antony & Cleopatra
Oliver Martext (Sir) As You Like It
Olivier As You Like It
Orlando As You Like It
Orsino Twelfth Night
Osric Hamlet
Oswald King Lear
Othello Othello
Pandarus Troilus & Cressida
Panthino Two Gentlemen of Verona
Paris Romeo & Juliet, Troilus & Cressida
Patroclus Troilus & Cressida
Peaseblossom Midsummer Night's Dream
Pedro (Don) Much Ado About Nothing
Pericles Pericles
Peter Romeo & Juliet
Peter (Friar) Measure for Measure
Petruchio Taming of the Shrew
Philario Cymbeline
Philemon Pericles
Philo Antony & Cleopatra
Philostrate Midsummer Night's Dream
Philotus Timon of Athens
Pinch Comedy of Errors
Pindarus Julius Caesar
Pisanio Cymbeline
Pistol Henry V, Merry Wives of Windsor
Polixenes A Winter's Tale
Polonius Hamlet
Popilius Lena Julius Caesar
Posthumus Leonatus Cymbeline
Priam Troilus & Cressida
Proculeius Antony & Cleopatra
Prospero The Tempest
Proteus Two Gentlemen of Verona
Publius Julius Caesar, Titus Andronicus
Puck Midsummer Night's Dream
Quince Midsummer Night's Dream
Quintus Titus Andronicus
Rambures Henry V
Reynaldo Hamlet
Robin Merry Wives of Windsor
Robin Goodfellow (Puck) Midsummer Night's Dream
Roderigo Othello
Romeo Romeo & Juliet
Rosencrantz Hamlet
Ross Macbeth
Rugby Merry Wives of Windsor
Sampson Romeo & Juliet
Saturninus Titus Andronicus
Scarus Antony & Cleopatra
Sebastian The Tempest, Twelfth Night
Seleucus Antony & Cleopatra
Sempronius Timon of Athens, Titus Andronicus
Sextus Pompeius Antony & Cleopatra
Seyton Macbeth
Shallow Merry Wives of Windsor
Shylock Merchant of Venice
Silvius As You Like It
Simonides Pericles
Simple Merry Wives of Windsor
Siward Macbeth
Slender Merry Wives of Windsor
Snout Midsummer Night's Dream
Snug Midsummer Night's Dream
Solanio Merchant of Venice
Solinus Comedy of Errors
Speed Two Gentlemen of Verona
Starveling Midsummer Night's Dream
Stephano Merchant of Venice, The Tempest
Strato Julius Caesar
Taurus Antony & Cleopatra
Thaliard Pericles
Thersites Troilus & Cressida
Theseus Midsummer Night's Dream
Thidias Antony & Cleopatra
Thomas (Friar) Measure for Measure
Thomas Erpingham (Sir) Henry V
Thurio Two Gentlemen of Verona
Timon Timon of Athens
Titus Coriolanus, Timon of Athens
Titus Andronicus Titus Andronicus
Toby Belch (Toby) Twelfth Night
Touchstone As You Like It
Tranio Taming of the Shrew
Trinculo The Tempest
Tubal Merchant of Venice
Tullus Aufidus Coriolanus
Tybalt Romeo & Juliet
Ulysses Troilus & Cressida
Valentine Titus Andronicus, Twelfth Night, Two Gentlemen of Verona
Varrius Antony & Cleopatra
Ventidius Timon of Athens, Antony & Cleopatra
Verges Much Ado About Nothing
Vernon King Henry VI
Vincentio Measure for Measure, Taming of the Shrew
Voltimand Hamlet
William As You Like It

Female Characters in Shakespeare's Plays

Adriana Comedy of Errors
Aemilia Comedy of Errors
Alice Henry IV
Andromache Troilus & Cressida
Anne Page Merry Wives of Windsor
Audrey As You Like It
Beatrice Much Ado About Nothing
Bianca Taming of the Shrew, Othello
Calpurnia Julius Caesar
Cassandra Troilus & Cressida
Celia As You Like It
Ceres The Tempest
Charmian Antony & Cleopatra
Cleopatra Antony & Cleopatra
Constance King John
Cordelia King Lear
Cressida Troilus & Cressida
Desdemona Othello
Diana All's Well that Ends Well, Pericles
Dionyza Pericles
Dorcas Winter's Tale
Emilia Winter's Tale, Othello
Francisca Measure for Measure
Gertrude Hamlet
Goneril King Lear
Helen Troilus & Cressida, Cymbeline
Helena Midsummer Night's Dream, All's Well that Ends Well
Hermia Midsummer Night's Dream
Hermione Winter's Tale
Hero Much Ado About Nothing
Hippolyta Midsummer Night's Dream
Imogen Cymbeline
Iras Antony & Cleopatra
Iris The Tempest
Isabella Measure for Measure
Jessica Merchant of Venice
Julia Two Gentlemen of Verona
Juliet Romeo & Juliet, Measure for Measure
Juno The Tempest
Katharina Taming of the Shrew
Lavinia Titua Andronicus
Luce Comedy of Errors
Lucetta Two Gentlemen of Verona
Luciana Comedy of Errors
Lychorinda Pericles
Margaret Much Ado About Nothing
Maria Twelfth Night
Mariana All's Well that Ends Well, Measure for Measure
Marina Pericles
Miranda The Tempest
Mopsa Winter's Tale
Nerissa Merchant of Venice
Octavia Antony & Cleopatra
Olivia Twelfth Night
Ophelia Hamlet
Patience Henry VIII
Paulina Winter's Tale
Perdita Winter's Tale
Phebe As You Like It
Phrynia Timon of Athens
Portia Merchant of Venice, Julius Caesar
Quickly (Mistress) Merry Wives of Windsor, Henry IV
Regan King Lear
Rosalind As You Like It
Rosaline Romeo & Juliet
Silvia Two Gentlemen of Verona
Tamora Titua Andronicus
Thaisa Pericles
Timandra Timon of Athens
Titania Midsummer Night's Dream
Ursula Much Ado About Nothing
Valeria Coriolanus
Viola Twelfth Night
Violenta All's Well that Ends Well
Virgilia Coriolanus
Volumnia Coriolanus