More Unusual Names: Urban Legend Sightings

We asked if anyone knew a Sandy Beaches, Kandy Cane, etc, and we got numerous responses! While there seem to be a lot of Sandy Beach/Kandy Kanes, we're still a little sketchy on Lemonjello and Orangello. Here's what we have, though. 

You mention "Paige Turner" as an "Unfounded Urban Legend Name." Well, this is the email to let you know that it actually is, uh, founded, more or less. There is a musician named Dorothy Paige-Turner: . She hails from Rockford, Illinois:'d guess she was born Dorothy Paige and married into the Turner, but I don't know this for certain.

I know a Paige Turner. Her and her family are long-time family friends. Paige is always called Paigey. She lives in Queensland, Australia.

my brother is a lifeguard and does swimming lessons, and two of his students were named Oranjello and Lemonjello. It's totally true. I'm serious.

I know a Paige Turner (aside from the pun, I also believe this is the name of an actress) and a Christopher Reeves (an actor who played Superman before).

I have actually met a Shithead in Westlake, Louisiana. She was a checker at a grocery store, and when I asked her, incredulous, how to pronounce her name she said, "Shuh-theed." No lie.

As to Oranjello and Lemonjello, not quite. Here in Albany, Ga (USA) know 2 people who have meet the Jello twins. One was their substitute teacher and the other a loan officer. Their names are Orangejello and Greenjello.

I went to high school with someone named Dusty Rhodes.

I've GOT to know- how did you get the piece of information on Orange Jello and Lemon Jello??? I SWEAR my college buddy told me those were the names twins of a cousin of hers!! I am from Oklahoma and she is from Witchita!!! I didn't think I would ever hear of these names again! Do you know the 'story' behind these names? Hit me back and I'll make you laugh.

I play softball and go to church with a Candy Kane. Her parents come to all our games and said she loved her name as a child. She is now married and has a different last name, but we all still call her Candy Kane. 

About Dusty Rhodes: I've met three guys named Dusty Rhodes (One in Reno, Nevada. One in Sacramento, California. And one in San Diego, California.) The Dusty from Reno (a city that is very desertish in some areas) works for the Highway Department! (yes, I have actually met all of these guys. I'm not sure if the two from CA actually lived in the cities I met them in, but I have met and talked to each one.)

Paige Turner is a news woman on one of the other radio stations in Minneapolis.

I had a teacher in high school (Fort Gay, WV) thats name was April Mays. This was her married name.

My older brother grew up with and went to school with an April May Jeune (or Juene). I forget which spelling! We grew up just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Saw this on your urban legends list, and just thought I would tell you. They were friends when they were younger, and were often in the same classes all throughout school. When my mom asked her mom about the name, she replied "We thought it would be cute!"

Just a note that I know a guy named Shithead, pronounced Shih-theed. He is Indian, and was in my sister's class at an international school in Indonesia (luckily i think, or there would have been a lot more jokes about it).

My new sister-in-law once taught a class with a girl named "Vagina"-- that is pronounced, "va-jee-na."

As for your urban legends . . . I went to St. Petersburg Junior College (Florida) with Sandra "Sandy" Castles. Then, when I went to Florida State, my boyfriend's nephew was Justin Case. Now, my sitter's name is Kandy Valentine. My baby is with her as I type.

My cousin's last name is Turner, and her and her husband named their daughter Paige.

I knew a Jay Walker--went to my high school. 

When I was in 5th grade we took a field trip to the local hospital (Western region of NC). While there, we visited a fellow classmate's new baby sister. It seems the child's parent's had a horrible since of humor............They named the girl Vagina Bay (pronounced Vah-geena). How sick is that??? I ran into the classmate about 2years later and asked about her sister. She (who's name was Vera) said the county took legal action against her parents and ordered them to change her sister's name to something more appropriate. They chose Vicky).

I went to high school with a girl named Shaunda Lear, who was married only weeks after graduation! (Gee, I what what could have motivated her to do that....)

Hate to contradict you re: your urban legends page, but I actually know a set of twins named Orangejello & Lemonjello. They differ from the story you've given, and perhaps the mom got the idea from the urban legend - who knows? But I can assure you, there is an existing set of twins with these names. They were born in the late 80's in Kansas City (to a US born, English speaking mom) & I met them while they were newborns in the hospital. Didn't know the family, so I can't give any more information than that.

When I was an Assistant D.A. in Philadelphia, I prosecuted a guy named Nosmo King. He told the judge (who had asked) that his mother had gone into labor on the Broad Street subway and, having the last name King, saw the sign and thought it was a sign from above... We also had a juvenile named Female (pronounced FEH-muh-lee). A woman detective friend of mine, back in the days when women officers handled only juvenile matters, responded to a call of a missing teenager. In interviewing the distraught mother, my friend asked the mother the girl's name. The woman said the girl's name was (phonetically) "Femily." My friend, trying to calm the woman down so she could get all the information, said "oh, that's very similar to my name. My name is Emily and I was named after my maternal grandmother. Who was your daughter named after?" The sobbing woman replied that those nice people in the hospital had named her daughter, putting the name on a little bracelet "Female Johnson." Emily said the hardest thing was not laughing when the woman was so obviously distraught.

I just wanted to let you know that I actually went to school with a girl named Candy Kain (I think that is the correct spelling) I didn't really know her because she was several years older than me. Her picture in in our yearbook. Also I have a daughter named Rhiannon. I liked the name because it is not a common name. I always thought the name was Irish though.

I know a Crystal Shanda Lear in Hamilton, Montana. 

A friend of mine who's a police officer pulled over a woman named Shithead Johnson (pronounced shu-THEED) yesterday. This was in Chapel Hill, NC. (I wonder if it's the same woman who applied for a job in Richmond, VA years ago that another person on your page mentioned. I hope so, actually. I'd hate to think there were two women with this unfortunate name.) In addition, there's a Lemonjello (luh-MON-jeh-lo) Wright who's currently wanted in the state of North Carolina. 

And I DO know a girl with the legendary Kandy Kane name..she used to go to school with me.

Curiously enough, while it is certainly likely that somebody added them as a joke, there are records for an Oranjello and Lemonjello Washington in the NASA Stardust Microchip project. See if you're interested.

I worked with a Candy Kane. Heard that name over the paging system 5 times a day.

Candy Kane Lives or lived in Illinois. Real name is Candace.

I looked at the QHS alumni website and can't find the Kanes listed, but I emailed my ex boyfriend who is married to Candy's cousin Maria. I told him to tell Candy that she is an "unfounded urban legend", Maybe she'll e-mail you herself. I did a people search on yahoo for Candy Kane and 20 people came up. Definitely not that rare.

My social worker ex-mother-in-law swore she had Orangelo and Lemongelo as clients in rural Tennessee... 

I've also heard the story of a guy name SHITHEAD pronounced sha-thead

My mom worked as a pediatric ER nurse in New York City during most of my childhood, and she really, truly did meet a Male and Female

No "Shithead" but honestly I had a "Shitisha"! 

I've just recently started seriously searching for baby names and came by your site. I read about the urband legend of Oranjello and Lemonjello. I know this to be a true set of names. I remember several years ago my mother, a nurse at a childrens hospital, came home laughing hysterically. She told me of a hispanic couple that brought in their twin sons for surgery. The poor boys were in for years of teasing due to their very unusual names, Oranjello and Lemonjello. This is something everyone in her department still laughs about.

About 6 years ago I was the manager in a retail store (Sea Dream Leather in Richmond, VA) and I honestly DID have customers with some of the names you listed as legends. These people had driver's licenses to prove it. We filled out layaways all the time and someone who wanted one had to produce a driver's permit for us to get their information. I am not kidding in the least when I tell you that 2 customers named Lemmonjello and Orannjello put in layaways while I worked there. I can't for the life of me remember their last names (whatever it was it paled in comparison!) I have no idea if they were twins or not but they were brothers.

I also had a woman fill out an application for a job there and her name was Shithead Johnson (with the "th" making a "the" sound and the "ea" making a long "e" sound). She wasn't hired for whatever reason, but I saw her application.

As much as I hate to break this to you I have met the jello brothers. I live in Memphis Tn. Nosmo King is on the child support rolls in Shelby County.

just saw your page of urban legend name and noticed Nozmo King. In fact, this was the first stage name used by comedian Alan King when he started out in the biz. (from a story he tells about himself!)

Actually, a few of the "urban legend" names you have listed really do exist. One of my really good friends said that Ornajello and Lemonjello and Nozmo King (I believe spelled "Nosmo") were all patients at Children's Hospital of Michigan (Detroit) while she was there. 

I met a woman in East Texas that works as a computer trainer and sales person who's name is Sandy Beach.  I have her business card!

Just letting you know there is definitely a Sandy Beach around (maiden name)! My mother used to be a teacher and she had a girl named Sandy Beach in her class. This is in Bermuda which makes it worse seeing as we have many sandy beaches!

When I was a caseworker in Atlanta back in the 80's we really had a client that named her daughter "Female" . Yes, the hospital had that on the BC, but she liked the name of it. She didn't think that the hospital had named the child, but she chose to pronounce the name Famolly. We thought it was pretty funny, but we did see the actual birth certificate. 

I went to high school with a Kandy Kane and a General Mills. Recently, I found out that a woman I work with was Kandi Kane (her maiden name). Some parents have a strange sense of humor!

This is concerning the "Candy Kane" name.... There is a woman from my town in Kentucky named Candace Kane, called Candy Kane. ( She is married now) The bad part about that is that her parents named her that, she didn't marry into the Kane name. Just thought I'd pass that on.

I know a girl named Candy Cane Cotton .

If you wish, I will try to get some kind of official verification for you. Anyway, my aunt and uncle are twins, named Randall and Sandra Beach. Since birth, they have been known as Randy and Sandy Beach. Unfortunately, my aunt was born severely retarded, and she now lives as ward of the state of Florida. So, there may be no point in trying to contact her directly. Let me know what sort of proof you would like to lay this Urban Legend Name to rest.

I know a Sandy Castle. She's a senior secretary at the county courthouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

As for "Female," I saw an interview of an African American woman with that name on local television news in Orlando, Florida. That interview aired nearly ten years ago, but I remember she said that her mother named her for exactly the reason you suggest: it was already on the birth certificate.

awhile ago there was a lady that got married in MI, USA -- her last name was Sandy and her new husband's was Beach !

Since my name is april, i frequently meet individuals who choose to call me by another month that comes to mind. However, according to local legend, there is a man named Billy June who named his daughter April and her middle name is Mae .

I saw a birth announcement in a McHenry County, Illinois newspaper several years ago announcing the birth of little April May LeJeune. Cute, huh?

My brother knew a girl name April who was engaged to a guy whose last name was May.

I was reading your site and saw Sandy Castle and had to laugh. My friend's mother is named that, that is not her birth name but what she married. We have always teased her about it. Also, I know a guy named Dusty Rhoades . We all live in a small town in Ohio, USA.

I was just looking at your cool names page and you asked people to e-mail you if the knew anyone of those names you listed... well I don't know anyone called Candy Kane but I know someone called Kane Candy! He's the brother of someone I went to school with, called Seona Candy (pronounced Shona)... I know she had a brother called Kane so his name must be Kane Candy! 

There is a Kandace Kane (married name) who works in Helena, that same office there is/was a Charlie Brown working also.

some funny names I know two sisters named Cotton & Candy

Okay, I checked out your urban legends page and this girl I know claims she has a friend named Crystal Shandaleire

From the International Genealogy Index ( The other three matches were Uriah Hoggs. Results: All Sources (5 matches) International Genealogical Index - North America 

1. URA HOGG - International Genealogical Index/NA Gender: F Birth: 1753 Williamsburg, Virginia Ancestral File 

2. Ura HOGG - Ancestral File Gender: M Birth/Christening: Abt 1871 

"I'd like to make a correction. There actually IS a Jay Walker. He is/was a radio traffic reporter for KOHK in Reno, Nevada. :)" AND, there is another Jay Walker in Tennessee!

BUT...this just in...There is a radio traffic reporter in Reno named "Jay Walker". I used to date the guy...his name is Jeff Hamilton and it's just a corny moniker to fit the biz he's in.

There is a woman in Columbus, Ohio, named Paige Turner. She is doctor - get this - an o.b.-gyn. She delivered the son of my friend (they named the baby Jacob - not terribly original). When they told me their doctor's name was Paige Turner, I laughed, and asked if they were serious. They didn't know why I thought it was so funny, they hadn't thought realized the pun.