America Rouge-Starshine: i would never ever use the first name if i was living in the U.S.A but i'm not so i could use it. i originally had Star as the middle name, but i thought that was a bit to normal for me. you could have at least 3 nick names, Ame' (am-ay), Rica or Meri in case she doesn't like her full name!

America, though used steadily since 1880 as a girls' name, has never been terribly popular. It reached its peak in the mid 2000s. The name America comes from the Italian explorer and cartographer Amerigo Vespucci. Amerigo itself is either a medieval Italian form of Emmerich, a name derived from the Germanic elements ric meaning "power" and possibly ermen meaning "universal; whole," amal meaning "labor" or amal meaning "bravery; vigor" or else a form of Enrico, from where we get the modern English name Henry.
See Also: Henry, Emeric

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