Breannain Summer Skyy: (BREN nan, SUMmer, SKY) I absolutely LOVE the name Breanainn for a girl! It just makes me smile everytime I think of it. I got this from a namebook. I found it under the name Brandon. The book said that Breanainn was the old Irish form of Brandon. At first I wanted to give this name to a boy but I then realized that it is just too lovely for a boy! I think that the E A combo and the A I combo make the name sooo unique. I hope my child will be proud of this name. I added Summer Skyye to make sure that no one thinks that she would a boy and to give my future little girl a sunny name she can be proud of.

Bréanainn is the Irish form of the name Brendan. In Ireland, it is strictly a boys' name. It is pronounced something like /BRAY (uh) nun/.
See Also: Brendan, Brennan

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