My favorite name is Kassia.  (KOSH-ah) Kassia is the Polish version of Kate which means "pure."  My sister is named Kassia after a great-great-Aunt, and she has always been proud to reflect our Polish heritage.  Her full name is Kassia Briana.  Kassia Briana means pure & strong.  I think that the names sound wonderful together, and their joint meaning is wonderful as well.  There is also a cool historical figure named Kassia. Kassia was a Byzantine abbess and composer of liturgical chants and hymns.  She is the only female poet with extant work from Byzantine Greek era.  

Kasia /KOSH a/ is a Polish diminutive of Katarzyna, the form of Catherine. Kassia is usually an alternate form of Cassia.
See Also: Cassia, Kassiani, Catherine

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