Linnet Saidhbhín: Linnet (pronounced LINN it, not like Lynnette) is a beautiful name from Arthurian legend. It is also the name of a song bird. Saidhbhín (SIVE een) is an old Irish name. It means "sweet"--it reminds me of the time I had staying in Cahirsiveen (Cathair Saidhbhín, or "Saidhbhín's Fort" in Irish), a town in Ireland. Both names are unusual enough to not be heard a lot, but I don't think they're impossibly weird, so as not to fit into everyday life (Ok, ok except maybe Saidhbhín, but who uses middle names, anyway?)

a linnet is a small songbird native to Eurpoe and parts of Asia and North Africa. As a name it is probably a form of the name Luned or Eluned which comes from Welsh eilun "image, idol," inspired by the French form, Lynette.
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