It may sound boring to some, but in an era filled with Isabellas, Ariannas and other long names, Lynne is kind of short and refreshing. I like it with the -e on the end for some reason. It just looks nicer. Lynne is totally done to death as a middle name, but as a first name it's softer than Bryn and less cutesy than Finn or Quinn.

Lynn was originally an English surname, an anglicization of the Welsh llyn meaning "lake." As such, it was usually given to boys. In the late 1800s it became used for girls, probably influenced by the unrelated suffix -lyn, which became fashionable for girls (i.e., Evelyn, Carolyn). In the 20th century it was sometimes used as a pet form of Linda or -lyn names, but its real popularity was as a middle name. Lynn's short one-syllable consonant heavy sound flowed nicely with pretty much any first and last name combination, and it remains popular as a middle name today. It is most often found as Lynn, but sometimes also as Lyn, Lynne and Linn.
See Also: Lynette

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