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Celtic? Irish? Gaelic? What Do These Terms Mean? Many name books are completely inaccurate when it comes to defining the language from which a name comes. Here is a crash-course in what the terms Celtic, Gaelic, Irish, and Scottish actually refer to.

155 Ways to Spell Katelyn
Caitlin, pronounced "Kate-lynn," is a hugely popular name in the USA. Here are a bunch of alternate spellings for those out there who like their kids to have kreativv spelengs for their names. Also check out my list of alternatives to Katelyn for some more ideas.

What Names Are Popular in Ireland?  Here are the most popular names for babies born in thre Rpublic of Ireland as well as Northern Ireland, as compiled Central Statistics Office of Ireland and the Northern Ireland Central Statistics Office.

What Should My Grandchildren or Children Call Me in Irish?
If this is a question you've asked yourself, visit this page.

About the name Brigid: some history about the origin of one of Ireland's best-loved names.

Will the real Lara Síoth AnnaLivia please stand up? an article from the Irish Times about popular and odd names of babies born in Ireland in 1996.

Keeping Up With the Kennedys Even though it's been over 4 decades since JFK's assassination, the Kennedys are still America's Royal Family. Here is a family tree spanning 5 generations for those of you who are interested.