Names for Irish Dogs




Many people have sent me e-mails asking for good names for their pets. Wolves and hounds were especially meaningful to the Celts. The implied meaning of many wolf and hound names is that of a warrior. Whether you have an Irish Wolfhound, an Irish Setter, a Kerry Blue Terrier or a mutt needing an Irish name, here are some dog-related names. If you'd like to name another kind of animal, or want a name denoting a color or character trait, We also have lists of names you can search by meaning. Perhaps you like names like 'precious' and 'sweetie' for your pets. Here is a list of terms of endearment you might like to use.

Dog and Wolf Names

Name Approx. Pronounciation Meaning Other Forms
Anlan ON lin great hound Anluan
Archu AWR khoo hound of slaughter Archú
Cana CON na wolf cub Cona
Canagan CON nig in wolf cub Canagán
Colin CAWL in whelp Coilean
Conall CON nul or CUN nul strong as a wolf Connell, Conal
Conan CO nin hound Conán
Connell, Conial CON nil, CON yel brave; fierce as a hound Conghal
Connery CON ner ee wolf farmer Conaire
Conor CON ner lover of hounds Connor, Conchobhar
Conry CON ree king of wolves/hounds Conrí
Cooey KOO vee, KOO ee hound of the plain Cúmhaí
Coovara coo VAR a hound of the sea Cú Mhara
Coovey KOO vee mead hound Cú Mheá
Convel CON vel wolf warrior Conmhaol
Cuan KOO in hound; wolf -
CuChulainn koo KHULL in hound of Culainn- one of Ireland's most famous legendary -
Felan, Phelan FEE lin wolf Faolán
Filtiarn FIL tyarn lord of wolves Faoiltiarn
Maccon mac CON son of a wolf mac Con
Madigan, Madden MAD i gan, MAD din little dog Madagán, Madán
Murphy MUR fee hound of the sea Murchu
Olcan UL kin wolf Olcán


Terms of Endearment

Here are names used with affection for sweethearts and children. The meanings are not taken literally, just as when you call someone 'honey' you don't mean that they are sticky and yellow. I have written the literal meanings for you to enjoy anyway. I found most of the anglicized forms in song lyrics and Liam O'Flaherty books.

Name Approx. Pronounciation Meaning Irish Form
Alannah ah LON a my child a leanbh
Aroon ah ROON my love a rún
Asthore ah STORE my love a stór
Astoreen ah STORE een my little love a stóirín
Catcheen COT een, COCH een kitten (also is the girls' name Katie) Caitín
Colleen CAHL een little girl Cailín
Creena CREE na (my) heart Críona
Cushla Macree COOSH la muh CREE pulse of my heart Cuisle mo chroí
Macree muh CREE my heart Mo chroí
Macushla muh COOSH la my pulse mo chuisle
Madreen MAH dreen little puppy- be careful, though. This is also a slang term for 'tramp' or 'slob'! Maidrín
Milish MILL ish sweet milis