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You probably know a Matthew or two, and he probably is always called Matt. The same probably goes for Debra, who is usually called Debbie. Some names have pet forms (or "nicknames" as they are called today, although that term originally indicated a name based on appearance or other characteristic such as "shorty" or "scooter.") that are often used, and some have fallen into obscurity. For example, how many Rogers today are called Hodge? Some names have multiple nicknames, like Elizabeth, with Betty, Betsy, Liz, Lizzie, Beth, Libby, Lily, Liza, Eliza, Lisa, Bess, Bessie, etc. If you are looking for a name with no nickname possibilities, visit our No-Nickname Names page.

Today many children are given names that formerly were pet forms of longer names, like Jenny, Katie, or Frank. This saves them the trouble of having to correct every teacher, new employer, doctor, etc. as to what they like to be called. However, many people think that long forms of names are better in the long run, because they sound more formal and business-like. Which sounds more influential, Senator Lizzie Jackson or Senator Elizabeth Jackson? Would you rather have your appendectomy performed by Dr. Ricky Hanson, or Dr. Richard Hanson? Long forms of names also give more choices as to what a child would like to be called. I know Elizabeths who, at times, have gone by Elizabeth, Lizzie, Leeza, or Liz, depending on their mood or life situation.

Lastly, maybe you love the name Abby, but can't stand the name Abigail. Maybe you want to name your son after his grandad, Mel, but can't stand the name Melvin. Many nicknames formerly considered "Stuffy" and "old" are starting to sound fresh and new again. Here are some choices, both traditional and modern (some may be "stretching it" a bit) to get you thinking about nicknames!

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Nicknames for Girls

Pet Form Long Forms
Abby/Abbie Abigail, Habiba, Abra, Arabella
Addie Addison, Adele, Adelaide, Adeline, Adela, Adrianne/a
Aggie Agatha, Agata, Agnessa, Agnes, Morag, Agneta, August, Augustine/a
Alex Alexandria, Alexandra, Alexis, Alexia, Alexa
Allie/Ali Allison, Alexandra, Alice, Alyssa, Alessia, Alessandra, Alana
Andi(e) Andrea, Andromeda, Miranda, Amanda, Adeline
Angel Angela, Angelina, Angelica, Angelise, Mariangeli, Angelique
Annie Ann(e), Anna, Annabel, Annelise, Anneke/Anika etc. (although this is technically a nn for Anna), Annette, Anita, Ariana
Belle Isabel(la), Arabella, Eliabel, Bella, Maribel, Belinda
Beth Elizabeth, Lisbeth, Bethany, Bethan
Bette, Betty Bernadette, Elizabeth, Elizabeta, Elspeth, Lizbet, Bethany, Bethan, Betony
Billie Willa, Wilhelmina, Willamina, Willemette
Bobbi Barbara, Roberta, Babette, Robin
Brie/Bree Brenda, Britta, Gabrielle/a, Briana, Bria, Bridget, Bretta, Brenna, Sabrina
Caddie/Caddy Caroline (traditional), Carolyn
Callie Calista, Calantha, Calandra, Camila, Camille, Carmel, Carmela, Caroline, Calla
Cammy Carmel, Carmela, Cameron, Camila, Camille
Candy Candace, Kendall
Carly, Carlie Caroline, Carolyn, Clarissa
Carrie/Kari Caroline, Carolyn, Karensa, Karina, Carmen, Carson
Casey Cassandra, Catesby, something with the initials K.C.
Cassie Cassandra, Catherine, Cassidy, Cassia, Jocasta, Carson
Christie/Krissi etc. Christina, Christine, Kristin, Christiana, Crystal, Crystelle, Chrysanthemum
Cissy Cecilia, Cecile, Cecily, Frances
Coco Nicole, Nicolette, Colette, Cora, Colleen
Connie Constance, Corinne, Concetta
Cori/Cory Corinne, Corina, Coriander, Coral, Cora, Coralise, Corazón, Coralie, Cordelia, Cornelia, Coretta
Dani Danielle, Daniela, Dana, Danica, Sheridan
Ellie/Elle/Ella Eleanor(e), Eleanora, Elaine, Eileen, Elizabeth, Eliabel, Isabelle/a, Gabrielle/a, Giselle, Michelle, Eloise, Ellery, Noelle
Elsie Elizabeth (trad), Elsa, Elspeth, Elisa, Elise, Ellison, Elysia, Eloise
Emmy Emily, Emma, Emeline, Emilia, Embeth, Ember, Emerson, Emery
Evie Eve, Eva, Evelyn, Eveline, Evadne, Heaven, Evyn
Fran/Frankie/Fanny Frances, Francesca, Franca, Francisca
Ginny Virginia, Genevieve, Ginevera
Gussie August, Augusta, Augustina, Gustava
Hallie Helena, Harriet, Hazel, Harmony
Hattie Harriet, Henrietta
Hettie, Hedy Henrietta, Heather, Hedwig, Harriet, Hester
Jackie Jacqueline, Johanna, Joan
Jacy Jacinta, something with the initials J.C.
Janie Jane, Janet, Janette, Janine, Jayna
Jenny Genevieve, Jennifer, Jane (traditionally Jenny was a nn for Jane), Ginevera, Geneva, Jensen, Genesis
Jeri/Geri Geraldine, Jerrica, Jerusha
Jessie Jessa, Jessica, Jessamine
Jo, Joey, Josie Johanna, Joanne, Joelle, Jospehine, Josefina, Jocasta (for the daring only!), Jorinda, Jocelyn
Joss Jocelyn, Josephine, Josefina
Kate/Katie/Cady Catherine, Katarina, Katrina, Catesby, Katelyn, Cadence, Arcadia
Kaylee/Kayli etc. Michaela/Mikayla, Kayla, Kayleen, Kayliana
Kelly Kellan, Raquel, Kalani
Leigh/Lee/Leelee Kimberly, Leanne, Liana, Everly, Presley, Talia, Melia, Ainsley, anything with a -lee in it!
Libby Elizabeth (trad), Olivia, Liberty
Lily Lilian, Liliana, Lilia, Lilibelle, Lila, Delilah, Lilith, Elizabeth (used in the 19th cen.)
Lola Lorena, Dolores (trad), Lourdes, Paloma, Lois
Loni/Lani Leilani, Lana, Alana
Lucy Lucinda, Lucille, Lucilla, Lucia, Luz
Maddy/Mattie Madeline, Madeleine, Madison, Mattea, Meredith, Matilda, Martha, Marta
Maggie Margaret (traditional), Megan, Megara, Magdalen, Magdalena
Maisie Mary (trad), Margaret, Mariah, Maria, Marie
Mamie Mary (trad), Margaret, Mame
Marlie/Marley Marilyn, Marjolein, Marielle, Mariel, Marilla
Marnie Marion, Mariana, Marianne, Marina, Xiomara, Meredith
Marti Martina, Martine, Marta
Mel Melanie, Melania, Melora, Melody, Melinda, Carmela, Carmel
Micki Michelle, Michaela/Mikayla etc., Micheline
Millie Camilla, Camille, Mildred, Millicent, Melanie, Melania, Jamila, Marilla
Mimi Mary (trad), Jemima, Miriam, Mireille, Mireia, Miranda
Minnie Philomena, Mary (trad), Melina, Jessamin, Jasmine, Minerva, Amina, Dominica, Dominique
Molly Mary (trad.), Melora, Maura, Maureen, Melia, Amalia, Amaltheia, Mallory
Nattie Nadine, Natalia, Natalie, Renata
Nell, Nelly Ellen (trad.), Eleanor (trad), Penelope, Eliane/a, Elisa
Nettie Annette, Antoinette, Ninette, Lynnette, Anita
Nikki, Nicki Nicole, Nicolette, Nicola, Veronica, Dominica, Dominique, Monica, Phoenix
Nina Antonina, Angelina
Polly Mary (trad.), Paula, Pauline, Paulina
Rae Raelyn, Raelene, Rayanne/a, Raechelle, Rayna/Raina/Reina, Rachel, Desiree, Raven
Ricki Erica, Jerica, Richelle
Romy Rosemary, Rosemarie, Romana, Romera
Rose/Rosie Rosalind, Rosa, Rosalie, Rosemarie, Rosemary
Sadie Sarah (traditional), Mercedes, Sarai, Sarina
Sally Sarah (trad), Salome, Sarina, Salena
Sam, Sammie Samantha, Samara
Shelby Michelle, Rachelle, Rochelle
Sophie Sophia, Sophronia
Sukie, Zuzu Susan (trad), Susanna, Suzanne, Suzette, Zuleika, Sureia, Surya
Teri Teresa, Terena, Tersia, Tara
Tess(ie) Teresa, Tessa, Thessaly,
Tilly Matilda, Talia, Thalia, Taylor
Tina Bettina, Christina, Martina
Viv Vivian, Viviana, Aviva, Genevieve

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