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Your Favorite Names: Read what names readers have submitted to us and send us your own!

What names (sort of) REALLY mean: we can list the Anglo-Saxon root words and usage histories of names, but all that is meaningless to what you hear in a name. Here is what I hear in names...

Name Popularity Lists: US top names by year and grouped by spelling, which gives you a better picture of how popular a name really is!

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Baby Names of the Rich And/Or Famous:
see what (sometimes definitely unique, unusual AND Creative) names famous people (past and present) are bestowing upon their offspring. 
Includes actors, musicians, scientists, authors, athletes, historical figures and many more!

Stage Names of actors, directors, musicians and pen names of authors.

Names In Songs Is your name in a song? Find out!

Specialty Names Sick of regular names? Like "word" names like Autumn, Cerise, Cheyenne, Destiny or Cadence? Here are lists of places, words from nature, virtues, birds, plants and flowers, colors, musical terms... you name it, and then use it as a name!

Names for Grandparents Becoming a grandparent? Tired of Granny, Gramps and Grandma? Here are some alternatives! 

Miriyam is a Grand Old Name and I'm Just Wild About Enrique: translations of common English names into 35 different languages.

What To Name Your Baby Goth: when Raven and Damian just aren't cutting it.

Science Fiction Names: Sci-Fi has had a long history of inventing creative names for characters. Even if you're not a sci-fi aficionado, there are ton of interesting and creative names for you to peruse!

Name Anagrams: Here are a ton of names, common and unusual with other name anagrams (e.g., Maria= Amari, Amira). Perfect for themey-names for litters of kittens, twins, etc.

It Came From The Baby Name Book: Examples of awful names that actually came from baby name books!

What You Would have named Emma Thompson's, Madonna's, Gwyneth Paltrow & Gwen Stefani's babies.

Millennium Names We came up with these... uh... interesting names for babies born on 1/1/00