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Don't Trust Your Baby Name Book! Some reasons why your baby name book probably sucks, and some recommendations for good ones.
Name Fashion: What's in, what's out, and a little bit on why.
Nicknames: Should you use them or not? What are some good ones?
Alternative Nicknames: Is your name Jennifer, but you're sick of being called Jen? Here are some others you could think about. 
Where the heck do our nicknames come from? Margaret = Peggy and Charles = Chuck? What's going on here?
No-Nickname Names: Names that don't have nicknames attached.
Alternative replacements for some tired and/or trendy names Tired of Caitlin, Taylor, Tyler and Brandon? Can't think of any other names? here are some names that have the same flavor but are not as popular.
Ambigendrous Names "meet my children- Payton Reece and Cameron Dayne"- so which one is the son, and which one is the daughter? Does it matter? Click here to find out.
Kreeaytiv Spelingz.Jordan vs. Jordyn vs. Geordynne. Ponder the advantages and disadvantages of your Kreativ speleng ideas.
Middle Names Caitlin Anne? Caitlin Marie? Caitlin Iphigenia? ideas on middle names and the trends that surround them.
Mom Jr. and Dadette: Using Family Names Do you want to honor a family member by naming a child after him or her? Are you being pressured by family to name Baby after Grandpa Hubert or Great-Aunt Hildegarde? Here are some thoughts and suggestions on using family names.
What's wrong with common names? Some articles on this very subject!
Have You Got Rhythm? How important are rhythm and flow in names? How do you create names that sound melodic? 

Modern Naming Ceremonies: name ceremonies aren't just for anthropology textbooks! Take a look at some current religious naming ceremonies.

Oran Jello and his Brother Lemon: Urban Legends About Names Here's an attempt to dispel some common myths about certain names.
Maybe Kaylie and Kayden Aren't so Bad After All People have been sending me odd names of people they know. Some are urban legends; most are actual names of people. Have a look--maybe you won't hate your name so much after you read some of these!
Some English names sound really funny to Russians. Here is an e-mail I received commenting on some of the names that sound the funniest to Russian ears..