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Here are some general categories of naming that you might fall into. Because gross generalizations are never accurate, you may not like some names in your category. But, in general, I can safely say that if someone names their first three children Beatrice, Matilda and Maude, they would probably not name the fourth Kaelynn or Rokker. Note: the more eclectic your tastes are, the less accurate the Name Profiler will be.

Modern Eccentric

You like totally unusual names. You don't mind if your child is the only person he or she ever meets with the name you chose. You like names that could be considered exotic or cutting-edge. You like foreign names and names from books/movies/tv series that are unusual. You probably don't have a hang-up about spelling names creatively. Click here For more Modern Eccentric names

Modern Unusual

You like modern-sounding names. None of these old-fashioned names for you! Newly coined names and ambigendrous names are probably trends you like. Click here For more Modern Unusual names

Modern Conservative

You want your children to have names that are not too crazy or wild. You tend to like modern and up-to-the-minute names, and don't care if your child has classmates with the same name. You probably don't want your child to run the risk of teasing by having a name that's too outlandish, or too old-fashioned. click here For more Modern Conservative names

Classic Conservative

The names you like are gentle and accepted and stand the test of time. Perhaps you like to honor family members in your children's names. You probably don't like strange spellings, or anything too exotic, unusual or weird. click here For more Classic Conservative names

Classic Outmoded

You prefer names that probably belong to your friends and family. You are most likely male (for some reason, guys like this category better than gals). While these are the names of an older generation than is being named right now, they could be considered cutting-edge in some circles. click here For more Classic Outmoded names

Classic Unusual

You prefer names that have a history. These are fashionable classics that have come back into use after several generations of quiet slumber. click here For more Classic Unusual names

Classic Eccentric

You prefer names that have a history. Perhaps you like names with historical connections or meaning. Although your favorite names may be considered stuffy and old-fashioned by some, to you they sound fresh and new and are ready for dusting off and being plunged into the new name pool. click here For more Classic Eccentric names


You like names that can be used equally well for boys and girls. You don't think that names should necessarily be shoehorned into one gender or the other. You tend to like names that are more modern creations, or names from nature and geography. More Unisex names are here.