More Unusual Names: Guys named Richard, and Other Potty humor

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Yes, Richard, and it's perennial favorite nickname, Dick, always merit a few laughs. Here are a few Richards whose parents were not thinking when they named them, as well as other potty humor sightings. 

I met a man once whose last name was Dick (already bad enough) but then I found out his first name was Aliki - I had to run away! Also, a friend of mine who is a long-time military doctor swears he once knew a military gynecologist named Harry Beaver - I've actually seen letterhead with that name on it!

There is someone out there in the United States named Urine. Her mother thought the name sounded like Ur-een when she was signing the birth certificate.

I knew a familly who named their children Candy Bar and Clark Bar..tisk tisk.

Somebody mentioned on one of your boards that her husband John Enis is nicknamed Pete. Well, I can go one better. Until fairly recently, the CBS Evening News did a feature every night called first "Fallen Heroes" then "American Heroes" a little short vignette about soldiers who had either ost their lives or been injured or acted heroically while serving in the Iraq war. One night they featured a soldier who'd died named Peter Enis. P. Enis. I could not make this stuff up if I tried!

Regarding the Long Dong myth page: I'm a Police Officer from Western Australia, and back in 1989 when it was sort of OK to run rampant through the computer system there was a REAL name like that, I will never forget it and its even funnier. His surname was DHONG, first names Loong Faht. (Long Fat Dong) is how it could be pronounced.

I had an Asian friend in high school named Phuc Ho. The first name is pronounced “Foo”, but it was always funny to watch teachers struggle on the first day of class.

My mom went to school with a girl named, Tamara Paxson (Tam Paxson) :). 

My buddy Phil has a brother named Richard. Not too bad, until you realise that their last name is Tricker and that he *prefers* the name Dick... yup, Dick Tricker. Sigh...

Oh, and regarding the guy named Hung Kok who changed his name to Michael when he entered the IT field? Wish he'd though it out a little further and realised he'd just named himself Mike Kok...

I was doing some research into some "legend" names and just using, was able to find some of the following. Granted, some of these could be people who fraudulently duped the phone company, but all are surely not.
Ira Pigg (I are a pig), Ida Pigg (I 'da pig), Ialine Pigg (I a lyin pig), U. Hogg, Hugh Hogg, Patsy Assalone, Amir Butt, Asif Butt (As if, ... But), Ayes Butt (Ah, yes. But,...), Adam Butt, Ahmad Butt, Alene Butt (lucky girl), Arfaat Butt (poor fella), Awais Butt (A wise butt..aka...), My favorite so far... Baher Z. Butt Braunda Butt (a confused dresser), (I am leaving the Butt at the letter B, feel free to continue this...), Seemoor O. Butts, Seymour Butts, Harry Butts (lots of them in the book), Jane R. Naked, I. Naked, Lillian Assin ('Lil Assin'),  In the same city as Lillian Assin (Mission Viejo, CA), is also: Harry Assin, I have heard of a Lema Assalone, but could only find L. Assalone in there, but my mother knew Lema personally and grew up as neighbors., I have personally met, in person, a man named Dumass (which maybe isn't as cruel as Shithead if that one is true). I mean, Dumas would be totally different, and only one letter., Thought I'd pass these on to you. If you open and leave it on National, you could probably do this for a year and still not find all the funny/cruel names out there.

I can't believe I forgot to mention (I just wrote to you a minute ago)...In my town, there is a used car lot called Head motor company. The two main guys are Stewart and his twin, whose name I can't remember. I used to care for Stewart's kids at daycare, and he told me in conversation one day when he came to pick up the kids that his dad (who actually owns the car lot--they manage, I guess) is named Richard, and goes by Dick. Being as neither of these guys had much of a sense of humor, I am inclined to believe him!

I was also looking through the Baltimore area phonebook one day and came across a man named Harry Butt. I can only imagine the torture that guy went through in school.

My brother's buisiness partner's name is RICHARD HEAD. He likes to be called DICK, so one day my brother was saying, "o i went golfing with my friends, bob carry, joe smith, and DICK HEAD

My mom works at a local hospital, typing medical reports. Well she had this one report come in about a woman from India... her name was Female Dickoff Asshole (pronounced Famalie Decough Asholie)!!!!!  

my neighbor, whos maiden name was Butts, married a man with the surname Rear in southern wisconsin.

A few years ago, I was working at a software company which was changing over to a particular management style. They brought in a consultant to explain it to everyone. His name was Richard... and yes, he went by Dick. It took us a day or two to catch on to it, but after that, no one (especially the programmers who are kind of juvenile at best) could mention is name without snickering. At the big meeting with the whole staff he was very carefully introduced as "Mr Richard Bender."

My name is Crystal Dyck (pronounced dick-have you ever seen a crystal dick??), my grandfather and uncle were named Peter Dyck and my cousin is named Warren (worn) Dyck. I tell you, our parents weren't thinking when they named us!

When I was in college, I worked in a hotel at the front desk. At checkout, it was my practice to read the name off the credit card slip to make sure I had the correct customer's credit card imprint. I was very red-faced one morning to read off the name "Seaman Glasscock" in front of a lobby full of businessmen!

I went to school with a Dick Totch (yes touch). Class of 1977 Manistee High School, Manistee Michigan. Must get quite a few calls when his name is listed as Totch Dick in the phone book.

There's always the classic, Mayor Harry Baals who had a street named for him, Harry Baals Road---it was recently renamed to H.W. Baals Drive (due to the rate of theft of the signs!), and I'd likely steal one too, given the chance! A few years ago, (not sure whether or not it was a joke from someone at the phone company) there was a listing in the GTE phone book for Heywood Jablome. My friends and I got a kick out of that, and for a group of 13 year-old boys, it WAS funny.

In Dalton, Georgia there's a man named Hanlyn Cox who is a carpet tufter (I almost died when he handed me his business card trying to pick me up in a bar).

In Moscow, Russia, I knew a man as Richard Shaver (preferably Dick). Needless to say he still gets teased. 

My friend works in Medical Records in California where she has an elderly patient named Iva Dick (pronounced exactly the way it looks).

I worked in a pharmacy and we had a customer named Harold (Harry) Dick

There was a building inspector in my area named Dick Washer

harry peters, father of danielle peters.

I worked as an order-entry person for a software company & one of the folks who regularly ordered software (he was in charge of acquiring & testing out new software for his company) was named Dick Surprise.

I always liked to go see the family physician, Dr. Hard.

I knew a family in Holland who had a brother that moved to Australia. His given name was Fokke, an old Friesian name, he did not change his surname when he went. His full name does not mean anything strange in dutch. But I can only wonder how many times he had to explain that his name "Fokke de Kok" was spelled with k.o.k. and not c.o.c.k. : )

The Dean of Students at Yale University is named "Richard Broadhead." Of course he goes by "Dick." I just went back for my 5 year reunion and he still there. You can probably confirm this info at

My intermediate school had two unusually named teachers: the music teacher was Bill Bell (his son, sadly, was Bill Bell Jr) and the shop teacher was Richard Weiner... who went by Dick.

when i first came to this town, i rushed the small children out of the department store, when i heard this over the loudspeaker: "telephone call, for dick wagger."

 live in Fort Wayne, Indiana and we have a former mayor named Harry Baals (pronounced Balls). If that's not bad enough, they named a street after him: Harry Baals Avenue. How would you like to live there. 

As a child, my husband crank called a man named Harry Woody he found in the phone book.

My father is a doctor, and he works with a man named (I am SO not kidding!) Harry Heinie.  And to top that off, he has a sister named Gay!!  Don't you think the parents may have had a couple of screws loose in their heads when they were naming their poor children?

When I was younger, my friends and I found a name in the phone book and we used to prank phone her. Her name is PIX BUTT.  No kidding, she is pretty well known around where I live with the younger teens because everyone prank phones her. And she still hasn't taken her name out of the phonebook. poor woman.

In reading through your More Unusual Names page, I was surprised that no one mentioned Dick Trickle. He was a stock car driver in the late 80s early 90s. He might still be racing, I don't know because I have not kept up with SC racing. I used to watch it all the time with my dad, and never once thought it was strange, until I watched it one day with my husband and he pointed it out to me.  With the last name Trickle, I don't know why he went by Dick instead of Richard, Rick, or Rich. 

Hello, here is one I know you haven't heard of and im not lying about these names. they are actual people. in a town named Salem in Ohio there is a teacher and his wife. their names are Eda & Harry Bonar

At West Lafayette (Indiana) High School, there was/is a swim coach named Richard Wachs (spelling? - sounds like wax). He went by "Dick".

There was a guy in my town named Anil Dikshit in the phone book. The poor guy eventually had to get his number unlisted!

A co-worker recently met a Dick Dicks. He has a girlfriend named Dixie. If they get married, they'll be Dick and Dixie Dicks

and a man of our street was named Dick Harding! 

Had to add some of my own. Of course, the name Richard is always a target and I have known 3 Richards w/unfortunate first name/last name combos. The first was Richard Skinner who, unbelievably, used the short form, Dick . What were his parents thinking? The second was, Richard Stiffler, who chose to go by his middle name but was not able to avoid the teasing whenever anyone found out about his first name. The third was Richard Hunt, and for the life of me I can't figure out why he wouldn't have elected to go by Rich instead of Rick Hunt. And once the class gave a bit of thought to the other nn possibilities his life was pretty much a living hell

One of the professors in my department is named Rick Hunt. We make sure to call him Dr. Hunt. We also have a Dr. Ho.

The father of a childhood friend was Richard Head (and, yes, he went by "Dick").

My husband worked as a telemarketer when he was younger, and one day the name "Harry Dickensheets" came up on his screen mere seconds before Mr. Dickensheets answered the phone. My husband was unable to commence his scripted greeting, from laughing too hard (and trying to keep quiet!) 

Again, this is absolutely true. My aunt and uncle and cousins live out on Staten Island and their next-door neighbors are the Hooker family. Their two boys fared well, with the names John and Robert, but their girls are Gedda and Anita Hooker, just like get a and I need a Hooker. There should be laws against that kind of thing. 

I just stumbled across your web site by typing my maiden name into a search engine. I, too, am/was Anita Hooker. My mother, Juanita, went by Nita. I grandmother, Ida, named her youngest daughter Ima. This is the absolute gospel truth. Pathetic, isn't it? But it's always been an excellent conversation starter!!

I did work with an Asian guy years ago who was named Hung Lo

I was reading your page of "more unusual names," and just had to add one! My father is a preacher. And at our church, there is a lady named "Sandy Butt,"------ That's a different twist to "Sandy Beaches."

My aunt Sandy married my uncle Allen, who has the unfortunate last name of Butt. Yep, Sandy Butt. She tells me that when she goes to the gas station, one of the attendants there sings a song about going to the beach and sitting down in a wet swimsuit ... acquiring, of course, a sandy butt.

I did recently encounter a poor kid named Phuc Duong (Duong is a Vietnamese name, thought you might be interested per your 'Dong' comments). 

i have an actual name for your myths section. on the credits for a hong kong action movie, i think it was one of the Better Tomorrow series, i saw a credit for a Wan Kaa Man. I kid you not

There was also a man in town that everyone liked to prank call. His name was Harold Peters "Harry Peters"

My friend's father's name is Harry Butts. REALLY! 

I can't prove it but a boy I know told me about a foreign girl he went to school with named Diarrhea who pronounced her name Di-or-ee-a. Apparently her mother didn't speak English and read a paper in the hospital with Diarrhea   written on it and thought it was a beautiful word.

Gay(lord) Barr (I've actually met him-he once dated a girl named Candy),

Vagina (some lady supposedly named her poor, poor baby girl this)

There was a kid I went to middle school with named The-Phuc. I am not making this one up!

 worked in an investment firm last summer, in the cashier's dept, and we processed customer checks that came in the mail. And yep, we came across some doozies. I can't recall most of them, but  one that comes to mind is Phat Ho (which is *probably* a Vietanamese name)

and, several years ago, i lived in a town, where there was, actually, a man living there who had the unfortunate name of : mike hunt. really. i read his name in the paper.

Also in Chattanooga there's a Mike Hunt (not Michael, I snuck a peek at his drivers license after dating him for a month when he still refused to tell me his last name). 

Went to college with a Mike Hunt. He was paged over the intercom constantly.

I once worked with a woman whose last name (married) was Enis (pronounced EE-nis). Her husband's given name was John, but the nurses in the hospital thought it would be so cute to call him Pete. Well, 'Pete' stuck, and all of her married life she has struggled not to respond to invites "Mr. & Mrs. Pete Enis".

And at the Village Community School, there was a reading specialist who tutored many of the kids whose name was - I kid you not - Anita Dick. The other school secretary and I could never keep a straight face when she called the school.

My high school had not just one but TWO Wayne Kerr (wanker) persons. Terribly unfortunate name. 

My friend's stepfather is named Wayne Kerr  (wanker), but goes by the name Phil.

I went to post-grad school in with an Asian guy named Hung Kok. The name itself speaks volumes, and he's heard them all. He had his first name legally changed to Michael when he embarked on his career in the IT industry.

A friends mother claims to have gone to school with a girl named Magnolia Thunderpussy.

My shop teacher in high school's name was John Atwill. He was married to a woman whose last name was Lehman-- Kimberly Lehman Atwill ("Lay men at will")

I was a graduate student in TESOL at Southern Illinois University. We had a thai student named Pimp Shit. We had another thai student named Porn. My name is Kim. One of my students had the unfortunate name of Kim Suk Dong. My mom also had a student named Vagina

Amanda Bleau (pronounced Blow)- This is actually a name of a girl I know. Benjamin Dover - Ben Dover

among others are Dick Saver. i went to a baby shower where the woman gave birth to a baby girl named Latrine (i don't think the woman relized she named her after an out house), my friend Bruce heads little sister is Headie Head and their father is harry head

The name of a supermarket cashier in Central NY is LaTrina

 a girl named DeeBrah Strapp, (I guess they were trying to spice up Debra) 

I had a friend whose dad wanted to name her Chastity, which, in itself is pretty bad, but it didn't help that he last name was belt.