Guidelines for Submitting Names

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To submit names: Put the word "Favorites" (or "Favourites", if you prefer!) in the subject line (so I know it's a list and don't just think it's spam or viruses). In the body, list your top 5 girls' and top 5 boys' names. Write a short sentence or paragraph describing why you like your favorite name(s). We will post the names you write descriptions of on our site within a couple of weeks (hopefully)! We will not post the names that you do not write descriptions about. 

Please read the following guidelines before you submit names

1. Tell us why this name is special to you!
Try to refrain from the general "I like Angela because it's nice" or "I like Hannah because it's my favorite name." or "Chris--my brother's name." Those sorts of statements don't really tell anything about what the name means to you. I don't want to sound like your 3rd grade teacher here, but bear with me--this page is to give people an idea of what names people like. Try to sell your names! *what* makes a name nice? Is it because it's feminine/masculine sounding? Have you always loved it? Does it belong to someone you admire? If so, why would you use that person's name? Go into detail!

2. Please do not send me your list more than once.
I only post the names up that have descriptions along with them. If you sent only a list with no descriptions, you won't see it posted on a page. If you would like to send more names you like, please do so, but Do not send the same names you've already sent to me again! And most of all, please don't keep sending me the same names under different pseudonyms and e-mail addresses! Come on, this is getting to be a little psycho! If you don't see your names posted in a couple of weeks, don't give up. There is only one of us working on updating the names submitted page, and sometimes there is a big backlog. I will get to your e-mail, don't worry!

Make sure you include the genders of the names you select!
In this day and age, you never can be sure if names are for girls or for boys. If you have a name you like for either gender, please specify, and we'll put it on both lists.

4. Please include pronunciations, if names are really unusual
Obviously, we all know how to pronounce Jane and John. However, if you like really unusual names, like Mariciamee (mar ISH a may), then please include pronunciation guidelines so we all know how to pronounce it!

5. Please DO NOT give blanket descriptions of a bunch of names.
For example, "My favorite names are Cruella, Jeannie, Francine, Bobette and Ralphella. I like these names because they are unusual, and were the names of my favorite goldfish in 3rd grade." or "Ardasg, Tsoghig, Turvanda, Shnorhig, and Kevork--these are all Armenian names that I think are wicked awesome." Please include descriptions of EACH name, or we will put the blanket statement only with the first name and not post the rest. Along with this, please don't make references to things you said earlier in the e-mail. This may sound picky and anal, but when I alphabetize the names together, people will only read the description of what you have written for each name, so if you write:

Araxie- short, sweet, and reflects my Armenian heritage, which I think is important in this impersonal Anglo-dominated day and age.
Shnork- same as above

It will just get confusing what you're talking about when I alphabetize everything.

6. You can submit your favorite single names or favorite names in combinations (first names with middle names). Either is fine.

In an ideal world, the e-mail you sent to me will look something like this, and be in this format:

TO: norah at namenerds dot com
SUBJECT: Favorites

Hi! Your web site rocks! I love you guys! I do nothing all day but sit and read your web pages! Here are my favorite names:

Beulah Hermione Beulah is a beautiful, underused feminine name. It was the name of my grandmother, who has been an inspiration to me all of my life. I used to have a cat named Hermione, and I really miss her, and would like to honor her in a name blah blah blah.
Kattellynnne Mare'ei I like the unique ways to spell the boring yet beautiful names Katelyn and Marie
Aylishiah Kamerynn (ay-lee-SHYE-a kahm er EEN) I just think this name is beautiful and unusual.
Sue Ann common, plain, dull, ordinary. Any literate person can spell or read it. I can appreciate that, having lived all my life as Shnorhig Tchakhmakhtchian.

Francine- I love the way it sounds. It's silvery and smooth, yet slightly medicinal, like Bactine.

Tylyn Fabrice- I like the ambigendrous quality of the name. Plus, Fabrice was the name of my favorite member of Milli Vanilli.
Buford -I like the honest, upstanding, Republican-voting sound of this classic name. It is a perfect name for a baby, but will wear well on a teenager, man, and a Senior Citizen.
Darshavon Illeyan- (dahr SHAY vawn eel ee YAWN) Darshavon was the name of the town where I was born, and Illeyan is a corruption of the names of 2 characters that I play in the Dr. Who RPG.
Layne- Layne Beefcakis the name of my favorite character in a Harlequin Romance novel.

Jane Namefreak

Now that you've read the guidelines, it's time to SUBMIT!
Mail your names to: Norah at namenerds dotcom!