Least Favorite Names Submission Guidelines


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To submit names to me, please follow these directions. Note: I WILL NOT POST YOUR NAMES IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE RULES!
  1. Most importantly: Keep it nice!!
    Avoid mean things, like "the name Britni really really sucks!" or "Anyone who uses the name Brian should be arrested." (you'd be amazed at how many weird e-mails like this I get) DO NOT USE THE WORD "HATE"!
  2. Write a couple of sentences why you dislike the name. I will only post names that have short explanations. Tell why you dislike the name. Don't just say "I dislike the name Kelly." Explain why you dislike it.
  3. If you dislike a name because you dislike a person who has the name, this is not very helpful. For example, I used to get beat on at the bus stop in elementary school by a girl named Serena. Because of this, I can't stand the name Serena. However, since I am the only one with this association, it won't be very helpful to those reading the explanation, since they don't know her. They might love the name because they know a beautiful, talented, wonderful person named Serena.
  4. I can't stress this enough--please proof read! I don't have time to fix all your spelling errors and typos. I put all this information on the website by hand, and I'm the one that slogs through all the sloppy e-mails!
  5. In a perfect world, your e-mail will look something like this:

    TO: xliontamer at yahoo dot com.
    SUBJECT: dislike

    Jason: This name is way too common. I can't walk down the street without running into at least 10 of them.

    Megan: To my ears, it sounds like the word "maggot."

    Bertha: This is an old lady type name. I can't picture it on anyone under the age of 90.

    Max: I know too many dogs with this name to ever take it seriously on a human

    Hunter: This is way too violent a name to saddle a child with!

    Sincerely yours,
    Jane Q. Namefreak

  6. Thus said, send in the names! Put the word "dislike" (notice I didn't use the "h" word) in the subject line, and send your e-mails to xliontamer at yahoo dot com.