Names of Antipopes

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What is an Antipope? In previous centuries (the last Antipope was in the 1400s), in addition to the elected pope, sometimes there was a pope with a competing claim. Often, a faction of bishops and cardinals and/or kings or other secular leaders would throw their support behind the antipope. It gets complicated, and there is sometimes still discussion about who was legit and who was not.

Name Latin Name Antipapal term Personal Name
Adalbert  Adalbertus 1101-1102 Adalbert (Adalberto, Albert, Aleric)
Alexander V  Alexander Quintus 1409-1410 Petros Philargos (was considered legit until 1963)
Anacletus II  Anacletus Secundus 1130-1138 Pietro Pierleoni
Anastasius III Bibliothecarius Anastasius tertius 855-855 Anastasius
Benedict X  Antipapa Benedictus Decimus 1058-1059 Giovanni Mincio dei Conti di Tusculo
Benedict XIII  Benedictus Tertius Decimus 1394-1423 Pedro Martínez de Luna y Pérez de Gotor
Benedict XIV Benedictus Quartus Decimus 1424–1430 Bernard Garnier
Benedict XIV Benedictus Quartus Decimus 1430–1437 Jean Carrier
Boniface VII Antipapa Bonifatius Septimus 974-974, 984-985 Francone Ferucci (Francon Ferucci)
Callixtus III  Callixtus Tertius 1168-1178 Giovanni of Struma
Celestine II  Antipapa Caelestinus Secundus 1124-1124 Teobaldo Boccapecci (Thebaldus Buccapecuc)
Christopher Christoforo 903-904 Christoforo
Clement III  Antipapa Clemens Tertius 1080-1100 Guibert or Wibert of Ravenna
Clement VII  Clemens Septinus 1378-1394 Robert of Geneva
Clement VIII  Clemens Octavus 1425-1429 Gil Sánchez Muñoz y Carbón
Constantine II Constantius Secundus 767-768 Konstantinus
Dioscore  Dioscorus 530-530 Dióskoros
Eulalius Eulalius 418-419 Eulalius (Eulal)
Felix II St. Felix Secundus 355-365 Felix
Felix V  Felix Quintus 1439-1449 Amadeus VIII of Savoy
Gregory VI Antipapa Gregorius Sextus 1012-1012 Gregorio
Gregory VIII  Gregorius Octavus 1118-1121 Maurice Baurdain
Heraclius Heraclius 309-310 Heraclius
Hippolytus St. Hippolytus 217-235 Ippólytos (Hippolyt)
Honorius II Antipapa Honorius Secundus 1061-1072 Pietro Cadalo (Petrus Cadalus)
Innocent III  Innocentius Tertius 1179-1180 Lanzo (Lando) of Sezze
John VIII Ioannes Octavus 844-844 Giovanni
John XVI Antipapa Ioannes Sextus Decimus 997-985 Iōánnēs Filágathos (John Philogath)
John XXIII  Antipapa Ioannes Vicesimus Tertius 1410-1415 Baldassarre Cossa
Laurence Laurentius 498-506 Laurentius
Leo VIII Antipapa Leo Octavus 963-964 Leone (Leon)
Natalius Natalius 199-200 Natalius (Natal)
Nicholas V  Nicolaus Quintus 1328-1330 Pietro Rainalducci
Novatian Novatianus 251-258 Novatianus
Paschal I Paschalis 687-687 Pascale
Paschal III  Pascalis Tertius 1164-1168 Guido of Crema
Philip Philippus 768-768 Philip
Sylvester IV  Silvester Quartus 1105-111 Maguinulf (Maginulfo)
Theodore Theodorus 687-687 Theodore
Theodoric Theodoricus 1100-1101 Theodoro
Ursicinus Ursicinus 366-367 Ursinus (or Ursicinus) (Ursin or Ursicin)
Victor IV  Antipapa Victor Quartus 1138-1138 Gregorio Conti
Victor IV  Antipapa Victor Quartus 1159-1164 Ottaviano dei Crescenzi Ottaviabi di Monticelli