Silly Color Names

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These names are taken from 4 sources-- Behr paints (I only have the ones in the yellow spectrum because there are far too many names!), Crayola Crayons past and present (plus the special edition Patriotic 64 pack), HTML colors (I guess the numbers really have names) and colors of Special Effects, Punky Color, and Manic Panic hair dye. Note: we're not endorsing any of these products, just noting that they use some funny names for colors. I want to be the person that names colors when I grow up!

Paint Crayola HTML hair dye
almond toast almond AliceBlue after midnight blue
applesauce antique brass AntiqueWhite alpine green
arizona tan apricot Aqua apple green
atomic tangerine aquamarine Aquamarine atlantic blue
autumn fest asparagus Azure Atomic pink
bagel atomic tangerine Beige atomic turquoise
banana cream banana mania Bisque bad boy blue
banana split beaver Black black & blue
bavarian cream bittersweet BlanchedAlmond blood red
beachwalk blizzard blue Blue blood red
bee pollen blue bell BlueViolet blue black
bicycle yellow blue gray Brown blue haired freak
biloxi blue green BurlyWood blue knight
bonnie cream blue violet CadetBlue blue mayhem
bright star brick red Chartreuse blue moon
bristle grass brink pink Chocolate blue velvet
bronze green burnt orange Coral bright as #$(@%! Yellow
brown mustard burnt sienna CornflowerBlue bright yellow
brown rabbit cadet blue Cornsilk burgundy wine
burmese gold canary Crimson candy apple red
burnished bronze Caribbean green Cyan cherry bomb
california dreaming carnation pink DarkBlue coral red
calm air cerise DarkCyan cotton candy pink
camel wild mushroom cerulean DarkGoldenRod cupcake pink
campground chartreuse DarkGray daffodil yellow
cancun sand copper DarkGreen dark tulip
capri cream cornflower DarkKhaki deadly nightshade
caramel woods cotton candy DarkMagenta deep coral
castle stone cranberry DarkOliveGreen deep plum
cattail brown dandelion Darkorange deep purple
centaur denim DarkOrchid divine wine
center stage desert sand DarkRed ebony
cheerful hue eggplant DarkSalmon electric banana
chickadee electric lime DarkSeaGreen electric blue
chilled lemonade fern DarkSlateBlue electric lava
citrus flesh DarkSlateGray electric lizard
citrus flash forest green DarkTurquoise electric sunshine
citrus zest fuchsia DarkViolet emerald green
clair de lune fuzzy wuzzy brown DeepPink enchanted forest
clam chowder gold DeepSkyBlue fire
clear yellow goldenrod DimGray fish bowl
coriander seed granny smith apple DodgerBlue flame
cornerstone gray Feldspar flaming
cornsilk green blue FireBrick flaming red
cosmic dust green yellow FloralWhite flamingo pink
cotton tail hot magenta ForestGreen fuchsia pink
cottonseed hot magenta Fuchsia fuchsia shock
country dairy inch worm Gainsboro green envy
cracked wheat Indian red GhostWhite hi octane orange
cream silk jazzberry jam Gold hot hot pink
cream yellow jungle green GoldenRod hot lava
crème brulee laser lemon Gray iguana green
crocodile lavender Green infra red
custard cream lemon yellow GreenYellow jet black
daffodil yellow macaroni and cheese HoneyDew joyride
desert camel magenta HotPink lagoon blue
desert caravan magic mint IndianRed lie locks
desert glow mahogany Indigo limelight
desert lily maize Ivory mandarin
desert moss manatee Khaki midnight blue
donegal tweed mango tango Lavender mystic heather
downy maroon LavenderBlush napalm orange
dry sea grass mauvelous LawnGreen new rose
eggnog melon LemonChiffon nuclear red
empire yellow midnight blue LightBlue pillarbox red
enchanting ginger mountain meadow LightCoral pimpin' purple
expedition khaki mulberry LightCyan pitch black
feather gold navy blue LightGoldenRodYellow plum passion
fervent brass neon carrot LightGrey poppy red
fig olive green LightGreen pretty flamingo
flame yellow orange red LightPink purple haze
fossil butte orange yellow LightSalmon purple rain
french pale gold orchid LightSeaGreen purple smoke
frosted lemon outer space LightSkyBlue raven
galley gold outrageous orange LightSlateBlue red passion
garden spout pacific blue LightSlateGray red red
garlic clove peach LightSteelBlue red tulip
glorious gold periwinkle LightYellow red wine
gold buff pig pink Lime rose red
golden bear pine green LimeGreen rubine
golden chalice pink flamingo Linen ruby red
golden cricket plum Magenta sea green
golden green Prussian blue Maroon shock blue
goldenrod tea purple heart MediumAquaMarine shocking blue
goldfish purple mountain's majesty MediumBlue sonic green
ground ginger purple pizzazz MediumOrchid spring green
harmonic tan radical red MediumPurple steel grey
havana cream raw sienna MediumSeaGreen tangerine
hawaiian passion raw umber MediumSlateBlue tiger lily
high plateau razzle dazzle rose MediumSpringGreen turquoise
highland ridge razzmatazz MediumTurquoise ultra violet
honey bear red orange MediumVioletRed vampire red
honey beige red violet MidnightBlue vermillion red
honey bird robin's egg blue MintCream violet moon
honey butter royal purple MistyRose virgin rose
honey moth salmon Moccasin virgin snow
honeysuckle blast screamin' green NavajoWhite vivid orange
honeysuckle white sea green Navy wildfire
honeytone sepia OldLace wildflower
informal ivory shadow Olive
instant delight shamrock OliveDrab
italian olive shocking pink Orange
june day silver OrangeRed
kansas grain sky blue Orchid
leapfrog spring green PaleGoldenRod
leisure sunglow PaleGreen
lemon drops sunset orange PaleTurquoise
lemon lime tan PaleVioletRed
lemon pearl teal blue PapayaWhip
lemon poundcake thistle PeachPuff
lemon sorbet tickle me pink Peru
lemon souffle timber wolf Pink
lemon tart torch red Plum
lemon zest tropical rain forest PowderBlue
light copper tumbleweed Purple
lightning white turquoise blue Red
lightweight beige ultra blue RosyBrown
lion mane ultra green RoyalBlue
lively yellow ultra orange SaddleBrown
macaw ultra pink Salmon
marigold ultra red SandyBrown
marsh grass ultra yellow SeaGreen
mayan gold unmellow yellow SeaShell
medieval gold violet blue Sienna
mellow yellow violet red Silver
melted butter vivid tangerine SkyBlue
mesa vivid violet SlateBlue
milkyway galaxy white SlateGray
mist yellow wild blue yonder Snow
mojave gold wild strawberry SpringGreen
moon dance wild watermelon SteelBlue
moon mist wisteria Tan
moonlight white yellow green Teal
moonlit yellow yellow orange Thistle
morning sunlight Amber Waves of Grain Tomato
mossy rock Alabama Heart of Dixie Turquoise
mustard seed Alaska Kodiak Bear Brown Violet
neon light Amber Waves of grain VioletRed
nutty brown America the Bluetiful Wheat
oklahoma wheat America the Blue-tiful White
olive shadow Arizona Grand Tanyon WhiteSmoke
opal cream Arkansas wild boar red Yellow
orange glow California Sacra-mint-o YellowGreen
outback Colorodo Pike's Peak purple
pale daffodil Connecticut nutmeg
pale sunshine Dawn's Early Light
parmesan delaware First State fuschsia
pebble path Florida Alligator Alley
pina colada Fruited Plains
pineapple fizz Georgia Sweet Georgia Peach
pineapple soda Greenback
pinetop Hawaii Aloha Aquamarine
pismo dunes Idaho Tater Tan
popcorn ball Illinois Abe Lincoln's Hat
power sand Indiana Indianappleous Red
princess ivory Iowa A-Maize-Ing Iowa
provence crème Kansas Yellow Brick Road
quiet veranda Kentucky Fort Knox Gold
rainforest dew Land of the Free
raked leaves Louisiana Cajun Crawfish Orange
rich cream Maine Lobster Red
ripe wheat rye Maryland Francis Scott Kiwi
river bank Massachusetts Boston Tea Party
Riviera sand Michigan Motown Blues
ruffled clam Mississppi Mud Pie
ryegrass Missouri Archway Gray
sahara shade Mom;s Apple Pie
sand dollar white Montana big Sky
satin souffle Nebraska Cornhusker Yellow
sconce gold Nevada Las Vegas Lights
sea kelp New Hampshire Old Man Granite Gray
sensible hue New Jersey Boardwalk
social butterfly New Mexico Chile Pepper Red
song of summer New York Lady Liberty
spanish leather North carolina Grape Hatteras
spring moss North Dakota Wild Prairie Rose
stable hay Ohio Rock n' Roll Raspberry
star dust Oklahoma Panhandle Paintbrush
starbright Orange you glad you're in America
straw hat Oregon Oregon Trail
summer field Pennsylvania Independence Indigo
summer harvest Puerto Rico Coqui Green
sun glint Rhode Island Newport Jazzberry Festival
sun ray Rockets' Red Glare
sun shower Sea to Shining Sea
sunflower South Carolina Palmetto
sunny summer South Dakota Remarkable Mount Rushmore
sunporch Tennessee Tennesienna
sweet chamomile Texas Alamo A la Mode
sweet corn Utah Bee-Utah-Ful
sweet maple Vermont Maple Syrup
tate olive Virginia Williamsburgundy
townhouse tan Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom
treasures Washington space Needle
twinkle West Virginia Cola Miner
vanilla milkshake Wisconsin Moovalous Cheese
venetian gold Wyoming Yellowstone
vibrant Yankee Doodle Dandelion
victorian gold
warm cocoon
warm glow
warm gold
warm muffin
whisper yellow
wicker ware
wild bamboo
wild grass
wildflower honey
willow herb
winter garden
winter mood
wool tweed
woven basket
yellow brick road
yellow corn
yellow flash
zinnia gold