Characters from Charles Dickens Novels

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Charles Dickens created characters with some of the most memorable (and sometimes silly) names in literary history. Here is a (non all-inclusive) list of them. (side note: just about any of these would make a good band name-- can't you see it now... Hannibal Chollop tonight at the Palace!)

Male Character Book Found In Female Character Book Found In
Abel Garland Old Curiosity Shop Abbey Potterson Our Mutual Friend
Abel Magwich Great Expectations Ada Clare Bleak House
Adolphus Tetterby the Haunted Man Affery Flintwinch Little Dorrit
Alexandre Manette, Dr. A Tale of Two Cities Agnes Fleming Oliver Twist
Alfred Heathfield the Battle of Life Agnes Wickfield David Copperfield
Alfred Jingle Pickwick Papers Alice Brown Marwood Dombey and Son
Alfred Lammle Our Mutual Friend Amy Dorrit Little Dorrit
Alfred Mantalini Nicholas Nickelby Anastasia Veneering Our Mutual Friend
Allan Woodcourt Bleak House Anne Chickenstalker the Chimes
Anthony Chuzzlewit Martin Chuzzlewit Annie Strong David Copperfield
Anthony Jeddler the Battle of Life Arabella Allen Pickwick Papers
Arthur Clennam Little Dorrit Bella Wilfer Our Mutual Friend
Arthur Gride Nicholas Nickelby Belle A Christmas Carol
Arthur Havisham Great Expectations Bertha Plummer Cricket on the Hearth
Augustus Folair (Tommy) Nicholas Nickelby Betsy (Bet) Oliver Twist
Augustus Snodgrass Pickwick Papers Betsy Prig Martin Chuzzlewit
Barkis David Copperfield Betsy Quilp Old Curiosity Shop
Barnaby Rudge Barnaby Rudge Betsy Trotwood David Copperfield
Bayham Badger Bleak House Betty Higden Our Mutual Friend
Bazzard Mystery of Edwin Drood Biddy Great Expectations
Benjamin Allen Pickwick Papers Caroline "Caddy" Jellyby Bleak House
Benjamin Bailey Martin Chuzzlewit Charity Pecksniff "Cherry" Martin Chuzzlewit
Bentley Drummle Great Expectations Charlotte Neckett "Charley" Bleak House
Bill Sikes Oliver Twist Clara Barley Great Expectations
Bitzer Hard Times Clara Copperfield David Copperfield
Blathers Oliver Twist Clara Peggotty David Copperfield
Bob Cratchit A Christmas Carol Clarissa Spenlow David Copperfield
Bob Sawyer Pickwick Papers Clemency Newcome the Battle of Life
Bradley Headstone Our Mutual Friend Cleopatra Skewton Dombey and Son
Brownlow Oliver Twist Clickett David Copperfield
Bucket Bleak House Cornelia Blimber Dombey and Son
Bumble Oliver Twist Defarge, Madame a Tale of Two Cities
Caleb Plummer Cricket on the Hearth Dolly Varden Barnaby Rudge
Canon Crisparkle Mystery of Edwin Drood Dora Copperfield David Copperfield
Charles Bates Oliver Twist Dora Spenlow David Copperfield
Charles Cheeryble Nicholas Nickelby Edith Granger Dombey and Son
Charles Darnay A Tale of Two Cities Emily David Copperfield
Charles Mell David Copperfield Emma Haredale Barnaby Rudge
Charlie Hexam Our Mutual Friend Emma Micawber David Copperfield
Chevy Slyme Martin Chuzzlewit Emma Peecher Our Mutual Friend
Christopher Casby Little Dorrit Estella Great Expectations
Clarence Barnacle Little Dorrit Esther Summerson Bleak House
Clarriker Great Expectations Fan A Christmas Carol
Compeyson Great Expectations Fanny Cleaver Our Mutual Friend
Creakle David Copperfield Fanny Dombey Dombey and Son
Daniel Doyce Little Dorrit Fanny Dorrit Little Dorrit
Daniel Peggotty David Copperfield Fanny Squeers Nicholas Nickelby
Daniel Quilp Old Curiosity Shop Flopson Great Expectations
David Copperfield David Copperfield Flora Finching Little Dorrit
David Crimple "Crimp" Martin Chuzzlewit Florence Dombey Dombey and Son
Decimus Tite Barnacle Little Dorrit Good Mrs. Brown Dombey and Son
Dick Datchery Mystery of Edwin Drood Grace Jeddler the Battle of Life
Dick Swiveller Old Curiosity Shop Harriet Carker Dombey and Son
Dolge Orlick Great Expectations Helena Landless Mystery of Edwin Drood
Dr. Slammer Pickwick Papers Henrietta Boffin Our Mutual Friend
Duff Oliver Twist Henrietta Petowker Nicholas Nickelby
Durdles Mystery of Edwin Drood Honoria Dedlock, Lady Bleak House
Ebenezer Scrooge A Christmas Carol Hortense Bleak House
Edmund Longford the Haunted Man Isabella Wardle Pickwick Papers
Edmund Sparkler Little Dorrit Jane Murdstone David Copperfield
Edward "Tip" Dorrit Little Dorrit Janet David Copperfield
Edward Chester Barnaby Rudge Jemima Bilberry Little Dorrit
Edward Leeford (Monks) Oliver Twist Jenny Bleak House
Edward Murdstone David Copperfield Jenny Wren Our Mutual Friend
Edward Plummer Cricket on the Hearth Julia Mills David Copperfield
Edwin "Ned" Cheeryble Nicholas Nickelby Kate Nickelby Nicholas Nickelby
Edwin Drood Mystery of Edwin Drood Lavinia Spenlow David Copperfield
Elijah Pogram Martin Chuzzlewit Lavinia Wilfer Our Mutual Friend
Ephraim Flintwinch Little Dorrit Lillian the Chimes
Ernest Defarge A Tale of Two Cities Liz Bleak House
Eugene Wrayburn Our Mutual Friend Lizzie Hexam Our Mutual Friend
Fagin Oliver Twist Louisa Chick Dombey and Son
Fezziwig A Christmas Carol Louisa Gradgrind Hard Times
Filer the Chimes Lucie Manette a Tale of Two Cities
Fledgeby "Fascination" Our Mutual Friend Lucretia Tox Dombey and Son
Francis Spenlow David Copperfield Madeline Bray Nicholas Nickelby
Frank Cheeryble Nicholas Nickelby Maggy Little Dorrit
Frank Milvey, Reverend Our Mutual Friend Malta Bagnet Bleak House
Fred A Christmas Carol Marchioness, the Old Curiosity Shop
Fred Trent Old Curiosity Shop Marion Jeddler the Battle of Life
Frederick Verisopht, Lord Nicholas Nickelby Martha Bardell Pickwick Papers
Gabriel Varden Barnaby Rudge Martha Endell David Copperfield
Gaffer Hexam Our Mutual Friend Martha Jeddler the Battle of Life
Gashford Barnaby Rudge Martha Varden Barnaby Rudge
Gaspard A Tale of Two Cities Mary Anne David Copperfield
General Cyrus Choke Martin Chuzzlewit Mary Graham Martin Chuzzlewit
Geoffrey Haredale Barnaby Rudge Mary Graham Pickwick Papers
George Radfoot Our Mutual Friend Mary Peerybingle "Dot" Cricket on the Hearth
George Rouncewell Bleak House Mary Rudge Barnaby Rudge
Grainger David Copperfield Matilda Price Nicholas Nickelby
Grewgious Mystery of Edwin Drood May Fielding Cricket on the Hearth
Gridley Bleak House Meg (Margaret) the Chimes
Ham Peggotty David Copperfield Mercy Pecksniff "Merry" Martin Chuzzlewit
Hamilton Veneering Our Mutual Friend Miggs Barnaby Rudge
Hannibal Chollop Martin Chuzzlewit Millers Great Expectations
Harold Skimpole Bleak House Milly Swidger the Haunted Man
Harry Maylie Oliver Twist Miss Havisham Great Expectations
Henry Gowan Little Dorrit Molly Great Expectations
Henry Wititterly Nicholas Nickelby Mrs. Hominy Martin Chuzzlewit
Herbert Pocket Great Expectations Nelly Trent Old Curiosity Shop
Hugh Barnaby Rudge Ninetta Crummles Nicholas Nickelby
Jack Bunsby Dombey and Son Peg Sliderskew Nicholas Nickelby
Jack Dawkins Oliver Twist Pet Meagles Little Dorrit
Jack Maldon David Copperfield Pleasant Riderhood Our Mutual Friend
Jacob Marley A Christmas Carol Polly Toodle Dombey and Son
Jaggers Great Expectations Rachael Hard Times
James Carker Dombey and Son Rachael, Mrs. Bleak House
James Harthouse Hard Times Rosa Bleak House
James Steerforth David Copperfield Rosa Bud Mystery of Edwin Drood
Jarvis Lorry A Tale of Two Cities Rosa Dartle David Copperfield
Jefferson Brick Martin Chuzzlewit Rose Maylie Oliver Twist
Jeremiah Flintwinch Little Dorrit Ruth Pinch Martin Chuzzlewit
Jerry Cruncher A Tale of Two Cities Sairey Gamp Martin Chuzzlewit
Jo Bleak House Sally Brass Old Curiosity Shop
Job Trotter Pickwick Papers Sally Tetterby the Haunted Man
Joe (the Fat Boy) Pickwick Papers Sally, Old Oliver Twist
Joe Gargery Great Expectations Sissy Jupe Hard Times
Joe Willet Barnaby Rudge Sophia Tetterby the Haunted Man
John Baptist Cavaletto Little Dorrit Sophie Wackles Old Curiosity Shop
John Barsad A Tale of Two Cities Sophronia Lammle Our Mutual Friend
John Browdie Nicholas Nickelby Sophy Crewler David Copperfield
John Chivery Little Dorrit Spottletoe, Mrs. Martin Chuzzlewit
John Grueby Barnaby Rudge Susan Nipper Dombey and Son
John Harmon Our Mutual Friend Tattycoram (Harriet Beadle) Little Dorrit
John Jarndyce Bleak House Ticket, Mrs. Little Dorrit
John Jasper Mystery of Edwin Drood Tilly Slowboy Cricket on the Hearth
John Peerybingle Cricket on the Hearth Todgers, Mrs. Martin Chuzzlewit
John Podsnap Our Mutual Friend Twinkleton, Miss Mystery of Edwin Drood
John Rokesmith Our Mutual Friend Vengeance, the a Tale of Two Cities
John Wemmick Great Expectations Volumnia Dedlock Bleak House
John Westlock Martin Chuzzlewit Wade, Miss Little Dorrit
Johnny Tetterby the Haunted Man Whimple, Mrs. Great Expectations
Jonas Chuzzlewit Martin Chuzzlewit
Jorkins David Copperfield
Josiah Bounderby Hard Times
Julius Handford Our Mutual Friend
Kenge Bleak House
Kit Nubbles Old Curiosity Shop
Krook Bleak House
Langdale Barnaby Rudge
Lewsome Martin Chuzzlewit
Littimer David Copperfield
Lowten Pickwick Papers
Luke Honeythunder Mystery of Edwin Drood
Mark Tapley Martin Chuzzlewit
Markham David Copperfield
Marquis de St Evremonde A Tale of Two Cities
Martin Chuzzlewit Martin Chuzzlewit
Matthew Pocket Great Expectations
M'Choakumchild Hard Times
Mealy Potatoes David Copperfield
Michael Warden the Battle of Life
Mick Walker David Copperfield
Montigue Tigg Martin Chuzzlewit
Mortimer Lightwood Our Mutual Friend
Mould Martin Chuzzlewit
Nadgett Martin Chuzzlewit
Nathaniel Winkle Pickwick Papers
Native, the Dombey and Son
Neckett Bleak House
Ned Dennis Barnaby Rudge
Nemo Bleak House
Neville Landless Mystery of Edwin Drood
Newman Noggs Nicholas Nickelby
Nicholas Nickelby Nicholas Nickelby
Noah Claypole Oliver Twist
Noddy Boffin Our Mutual Friend
Old Bill Barley Great Expectations
Oliver Twist Oliver Twist
Pancks Little Dorrit
Paul Dombey Dombey and Son
Paul Sweedlepipe Martin Chuzzlewit
Perch Dombey and Son
Perker Pickwick Papers
Peter Magnus Pickwick Papers
Phil Parkes Barnaby Rudge
Phil Squod Bleak House
Philip Swidger the Haunted Man
Pip (Pirrip, Phillip) Great Expectations
Prince Turveydrop Bleak House
Pumblechook Great Expectations
Quebec Bagnet Bleak House
Quinion David Copperfield
Ralph Nickelby Nicholas Nickelby
Redlaw the Haunted Man
Reginald Wilfer Our Mutual Friend
Reuben Haredale Barnaby Rudge
Riah Our Mutual Friend
Richard the Chimes
Richard Carstone Bleak House
Rigaud (Blandois, Lagnier) Little Dorrit
Rob the Grinder Dombey and Son
Roger Cly A Tale of Two Cities
Rogue Riderhood Our Mutual Friend
Sampson Brass Old Curiosity Shop
Samuel Pickwick Pickwick Papers
Samuel Weller Pickwick Papers
Serjeant Buzfuz Pickwick Papers
Seth Pecksniff Martin Chuzzlewit
Silas Wegg Our Mutual Friend
Simon Tappertit Barnaby Rudge
Sir John Fielding Barnaby Rudge
Sir Mulberry Hawk Nicholas Nickelby
Sleary Hard Times
Sloppy Our Mutual Friend
Slurk, Mr. Pickwick Papers
Smalweed Bleak House
Smike Nicholas Nickelby
Snagsby Bleak House
Snawley Nicholas Nickelby
Snitchey and Craggs the Battle of Life
Soloman Daisy Barnaby Rudge
Soloman Gills Dombey and Son
Soloman Pross A Tale of Two Cities
Solomon Pell Pickwick Papers
Stagg Barnaby Rudge
Startop Great Expectations
Stephen Blackpool Hard Times
Stiggins, Reverend Pickwick Papers
Stryver A Tale of Two Cities
Sydney Carton A Tale of Two Cities
Tackleton Cricket on the Hearth
Tartar Mystery of Edwin Drood
Theophile Gabelle A Tale of Two Cities
Thomas Gradgrind Hard Times
Thomas Lenville Nicholas Nickelby
Thomas Plornish Little Dorrit
Thomas Sapsea Mystery of Edwin Drood
Tim Linkinwater Nicholas Nickelby
Tiny Tim Cratchit A Christmas Carol
Tite Barnacle Little Dorrit
Toby "Trotty" Veck the Chimes
Tom Cobb Barnaby Rudge
Tom Pinch Martin Chuzzlewit
Tom Scott Old Curiosity Shop
Tommy Traddles David Copperfield
Tony (Weevle) Jobling Bleak House
Tony Weller Pickwick Papers
Toots Dombey and Son
Trabb Great Expectations
Tracy Tupman Pickwick Papers
Tulkinghorn Bleak House
Tungay David Copperfield
Uriah Heep David Copperfield
Vholes Bleak House
Vincent Crummles Nicholas Nickelby
Wackford Squeers Nicholas Nickelby
Walter Bray Nicholas Nickelby
Walter Gay Dombey and Son
Wardle Pickwick Papers
Watt Bleak House
Wilkins Micawber David Copperfield
Will Fern the Chimes
William Dorrit Little Dorrit
William Guppy Bleak House
William Swidger the Haunted Man
Woolwich Bagnet Bleak House
Wopsle Great Expectations  
Zephaniah Scadde Martin Chuzzlewit