Characters Played by Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks

This table shows all of the character names that were played by Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks over the years. Why Julia and Tom? Because when I asked all of my friends and co-workers who they thought were the most popular American actor and actress, this is what the overwhelming majority said!


Julia Roberts

Tom Hanks

Contessa 'Tess' Ocean

Chuck Noland

Kathleen 'Kiki' Harrison

Paul Edgecomb

Samantha Barzel

Sherriff Woody

Erin Brockovich

Joe Fox

Maggie Carpenter

Captain John Miller

Anna Scott

Jean-Luc Despont

Isabel Kelly

Mr. White

Alice Sutton

Forrest Gump

Julianne 'Jules' Potter

Andrew Beckett


Samuel 'Sam' Baldwin

Kitty Kiernan

Jimmy Dugan

Mary Reilly


Grace King Bichon

Sherman McCoy

Anne Eisenhower

Joe Banks

Sabrina Peterson

Det. Scott Turner

Darby Shaw

Raymond 'Ray' Peterson

Marsha Kent

Steven Gold


Joshua 'Josh' Baskin

Hilary 'Hil/Hils' O'Neil

Pep Streebeck

Sara Waters/Laura Burney


Rachel Mannus

David Basner

Vivian 'Viv' Ward

Walter Fielding

Shelby Eatenton Latcherie


Maria Collogero

Lawrence Bourne III

Daryle Shane

Richard 'Rick' Ernesto Gassko

Candy Hutchens

Alan Bauer