Actresses Portraying Characters Named Nora(h)

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What do Judi Dench, Claire Bloom, Audrey Hepburn and Gina Gershon have in common? Right! At some point in their careers, they all played a character named Nora. Why do we care? Because my name is Norah, why else? The corresponding boys' name list this week is characters named Dan.

Actress (character name) Title of Movie/tv show
Adabelle Driver (Nora Flanigan) Dream Melody, The (1929)
Adele Longmire (Nora Madison) Bullet Scars (1942)
Adrienne Corri (Nora) Romantic Age, The (1949)
Aggie Herring (Aunt Nora Shannon) Kathleen Mavourneen (1930)
Aggie Herring (Nora Burke) Ragged Heiress, The (1922)
Aggie Herring (Nora) Hoodlum, The (1919)
Alessandra Panaro (Nora) Cerasella (1959)
Alessia Gwyther (Nora) Little Princess, A (1986) (TV)
Alexis Smith (I) (Nora Nesbitt) Of Human Bondage (1946)
Alice Day (Nora) Way of the Strong, The (1928)
Alice Lake (Norah Blake) Lombardi, Ltd(1919)
Alice Lake (Norah O'Neill) Red Lights (1923)
Alicia Zanca (Nora) "Dos a quererse" (1976) TV Series
Alison Elliott (I) (Nora/Niamh) Trance (1998)
Alison Skipworth (Nora) King of the Newsboys (1938)
Alla Nazimova (Nora Helmer) Doll's House, A (1922)
Allison Hossack (Nora Gracen) "Profit" (1996) TV Series
Alma Bennett (Nora Foster) Without Compromise (1922)
Alpha Acosta (Nora) Cilantro y perejil (1995)
Amanda Donohoe (Nora Barkin) Lucky Day (2002/I) (TV)
Amanda Wyss (Nora Dawkins) Marry Me or Die (1998)
Amy Mastura (Nora) Puteri impian 2 (1998)
Ana Martín (Nora) Dulces compañías (1995)
Andrea King (I) (Nora Craig) Southside 1-1000 (1950)
Andrée Lafayette (Nora Sigrid) Carillon de la liberté, Le (1931)
Angela Fouldes (Nora as a child) Secret People, The (1952)
Angela Stevens (Nora Blakely) Devil Goddess (1955)
Angélica María (Nora) Sombra de los hijos, La (1963)
Angeline Ball (Nora Moggin) "Any Time Now" (2002) TV Series
Anita Finlay (Doctor Noreen "Nora" Thompson, M. D. (1999-present)) "Young and the Restless, The" (1973) TV Series
Anjanette Comer (Nora Turner) Perry Mason: The Case of the Reckless Romeo (1992) (TV)
Anjela Lauren Smith (Nora) Death, Deceit & Destiny Aboard the Orient Express (2001)
Ann Gillis (I) (Nora Leary) Time of Their Lives, The (1946)
Ann Marshall (Nora) Case of the Full Moon Murders (1974)
Ann Morgan Guilbert (Nora) "New Andy Griffith Show, The" (1971) TV Series
Ann Schuler (Nora) "It's a Man's World" (1962) TV Series
Ann Sheridan (Nora Bayes) Shine On, Harvest Moon (1944)
Ann Sheridan (Nora Prentiss) Nora Prentiss (1947)
Ann Shoemaker (Nora Grant) Conflict (1945)
Anna Aries (Nora Kline) Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)
Anna Kupfer (Nora) Homme dans la nuit, L' (1996) (TV)
Anna Palk (Nora) Horror of Snape Island (1972)
Anna Q. Nilsson (Nora, the maid) Night of the Embassy Ball, The (1915)
Annalena Duken (Nora Seide) "Aus gutem Haus" (1999) TV Series
Anna-Lisa (Nora Travers) "Black Saddle" (1959) TV Series
Anne Archer (Nora Hancock Mulligan) Dark Side of Innocence, The (1976) (TV)
Anne Bancroft (Ms. Nora Dinsmoor) Great Expectations (1998)
Anne Baxter (Nora Chandler) Columbo: Requiem for a Falling Star (1973) (TV)
Anne Baxter (Nora) Luck of the Irish, The (1948)
Anne Baxter (Norah Larkin) Blue Gardenia, The (1953)
Anne Wiazemsky (Nora) Grenouilles (1983)
Annette Haven (Nora Diamond) Bodies in Heat 2 (1989)
Annette O'Toole (Nora) Temptation (2001)
Ann-Margret (Nora Walker Hobbs) Tommy (1975)
April Winchell (Nora Nebulon) "Lloyd in Space" (2001) TV Series
Ara Haswell (Nora) I Take This Woman (1931)
Arlene Guevara (Nora) Catherine Chérie (1982)
Astrid Allwyn (Nora Thompson, alias Nora Page) City of Missing Girls (1941)
Athina Zacharopoulou (Nora) Lebenszeichen (1968)
Audrey Hepburn (Nora) Secret People, The (1952)
Avis Scott (Nora McCabe) Waterfront (1950)
Babe London (Nora) Scrambled Brains (1951)
Babita Soren (Norah) Entrée des artistes (1938)
Babs Chula (Nora) My Name Is Kate (1994) (TV)
Barbara Babcock (I) (Nora Christie) Far and Away (1992)
Barbara Bedford (Nora Dowen) Life of an Actress (1927)
Barbara Bedford (Nora) Cradle of Courage, The (1920)
Barbara Hershey (Mrs. Nora Tilley) Tin Men (1987)
Barbara Kent (I) (Nora Moran) That's My Daddy (1928)
Barbara Kodetová (Nora) Starkare, Den (1999)
Barbara Morawiecz (Nora) Abschied vom falschen Paradies (1989)
Barbara Plavin (Nora Sullivan) Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence (1992)
Barbara Rush (Nora Logan) Flaming Feather (1951)
Barbara Stanwyck (Nora Clitheroe) Plough and the Stars, The (1936)
Barbara Tennant (Nora) Gray Mask, The (1915)
Barbara Tennant (Nora, the Professor's Daughter) From the Beyond (1913)
Barbara Treutelaar (Nora) Mickey and Nora (1987) (TV)
Barbara Williams (I) (Nora) Watchers (1988)
Barbro Oborg (Norah) Ljuva ungdomstid (1961) (TV)
Beatriz Segall (Norah) "Pai Herói" (1979) TV Series
Bebe Neuwirth (Aunt Nora) Jumanji (1995)
Bella Darvi (Nora) Rossetto, Il (1960)
Belle Chrystall (Nora Grayson) Anything to Declare? (1938)
Bernie Downes (Nora Hartigan) Last September, The (1999)
Beryl de Querton (Norah Smith) Smith's Wives (1935)
Bessie Barriscale (Nora) Borrowed Plumage (1917)
Bessie Love (Nora Banks) Harp in Hock, A (1927)
Bessie Love (Nora Shea) Son of His Father, A (1925)
Beth Caruso (Nora) "Resto é Silêncio, O" (1981) TV Series
Betiana Blum (Nora) Esperando la carroza (1985)
Betty Miller (Nora) Pope of Greenwich Village, The (1984)
Betty Ross Clarke (I) (Nora) Very Idea, The (1920)
Betty Schade (Nora Brewster) Shod with Fire (1920)
Betty Schade (Nora Hildreth) After Five (1915)
Billie Burke (Nora Marsh) Land of Promise, The (1917)
Blanca de Silos (Nora) Sin uniforme (1950)
Blanche Craig (Nora Mullen) Police Patrol, The (1925)
Blanche Frederici (Nora) Lady with a Past (1932)
Blanche Mehaffey (Nora Kelly) Runaway Express, The (1926)
Blythe Daley (Nora) That's Gratitude (1934)
Bodil Rosing (Nora O'Brien) Sporting Lover, The (1926)
Brandy Alexandre (Nora) Cheeks 5: Cop a Feel (1991)
Brandy Saunders (Nora) Swing Thing, The (1973)
Brenda Forbes (Nora) Vigil in the Night (1940)
Brenda Marshall (Nora Goodrich) Strange Impersonation (1946)
Brenda Scott (Nora Devlin) Chase (1973) (TV)
Brenda Scott (Nora Piper) Sweet, Sweet Rachel (1971) (TV)
Brenda Vaccaro (Nora Stillman) Love Affair (1994)
Bridget de Courcy (Nora/Molly Bloom) Joyce in June (1982) (TV)
Brigitte Hobmeier (Nora) Stiller Sturm (2001)
Brooke Adams (Nora) Gas Food Lodging (1992)
Brunella Bovo (Nora Danders) Colorado Charlie (1965)
Bunny Schpoliansky (Nora, the rich client) Tanguy (2001)
Candice Patou (Nora) Caviar rouge, Le (1986)
Candie Wilk (Nora Bitteridge) Police Quest: Open Season (1993) (VG)
Carlettina (Nora à 9ans) Diamant noir, Le (1941)
Carmel Myers (Nora Hayes) Daughter of the Law, A (1921/I)
Carol Vogel (Nora) Homeward Bound (1980) (TV)
Caroline Munro (Nora) Gatto nero, Il (1989)
Carolyn Craig (I) (Nora Manning) House on Haunted Hill (1958)
Carolyn Gilbert (Nora Cox) Swamp Country (1966)
Carrie Clark Ward (Nora) Her Winning Way (1921)
Caryn Richman (Nora Brady) "Bradys, The" (1990) TV Series
Caryn Richman (Nora Brady) Very Brady Christmas, A (1988) (TV)
Catalina Speroni (Nora) Vacaciones en la Tierra (2001) (V)
Catherine Bruno (Nora Fulton (aka Roxanne Walker) (1981-1983)) "Edge of Night, The" (1956) TV Series
Catherine Byrne (Nora) Eat the Peach (1986)
Catherine Calvert (Nora Gorodna) You Find It Everywhere (1921)
Catherine Derlac (Nora) Vierges, Les (1963)
Catherine Jacob (Nora) Maîtresses de mon mari, Les (1995) (TV)
Catherine Jourdan (Nora) Vivre la nuit (1967)
Catherine Keener (Nora Wells) Death to Smoochy (2002)
Cecilia Peck (Nora) My Best Friend Is a Vampire (1988)
Chantal Craig (Nora the Hooker) "J.F.K.: Reckless Youth" (1993) (mini) TV Series
Chantel Dick (Nora Ramsay) Escape Clause (1996) (TV)
Charlott Daudert (Nora Pizzini) Vergiß die Liebe nicht (1953)
Christina Schollin (Nora, landlady) Polskan och puckelryggen (1983) (TV)
Christine Dejoux (Nora) Haute tension - Eaux troubles (1989) (TV)
Christine Lippa (Nora Eberbaum) Once in a Blue Moon (1995)
Christine Lippa (Nora Eberbaum) Once in a Blue Moon (1995)
Claire Bloom (Nora Helmer) Doll's House, A (1973/I)
Claire Rochelle (I) (Nora Gilpin) Lone Rider in Texas Justice, The (1942)
Claire Trevor (Nora Marko) Stop, You're Killing Me (1952)
Clara Horton (Nora Malone) Wheel, The (1925)
Claudette Colbert (Nora Shelley) Bride for Sale (1949)
Claudette Colbert (Nora Trinell) Remember the Day (1941)
Claudia Bryar (Nora Efron) True Story of Lynn Stuart, The (1958)
Claudia Cervantes (Nora) "Navidad sin fin" (2001) (mini) TV Series
Claudia Wedekind (Nora Neuner) Neuner (1990)
Clea Lewis (Nora Golden) Rich Man's Wife, The (1996)
Cleo Desmond (Nora Thomas, Joe's Mother) Spirit of Youth (1938)
Coby Timp (Nora Daniël) "Goede tijden, slechte tijden" (1990) TV Series
Coleen Gray (Nora Haynes) Copper Sky (1957)
Colleen Casey (Nora) Fraternity Row (1977)
Connie Gilchrist (Norah Muldoon) Auntie Mame (1958)
Constance Binney (Norah Cavanagh) Sporting Life (1918)
Cora Sue Collins (Nora Moran, as a child) Sin of Nora Moran, The (1933)
Cora Witherspoon (Nora) Madame X (1937)
Cornelia Sharpe (Nora Hayes) Reincarnation of Peter Proud, The (1975)
Crystal Carson (Nora) Kiss and Be Killed (1991)
Cynthia Abma (Nora ten Have) Tasten in het duister (1996) (TV)
Dana Delany (Nora) Winner Never Quits, A (1986) (TV)
Daniela Lunkewitz (Nora) Affären (1994)
Dany Saval (Nora) Baleine blanche, La (1987) (TV)
Daphne Anderson (Nora Hart) Snowball (1960)
Daphne Ashbrook (Nora Rochester) Automatic (1994)
Darlene Mignacco (Nora) Baby on Board (1991)
Debra Xavier (Nora) Chosen One: Legend of the Raven, The (1998) (V)
Delia Garcés (Nora) Casa de muñecas (1943)
Denise Crosby (Col. Nora Hunter, Reeves Space Research) Eliminators (1986)
Denise Filiatrault (Nora/Djébel) Alisée (1991)
Denise Nickerson /Nora Collins (1969)) "Dark Shadows" (1966) TV Series
Diana King (Norah) "Bachelor Father" (1970) TV Series
Diana Torrieri (Nora Simpson) "Donna di fiori, La" (1965)  TV Series
Diane Fowler (Nora Breckinridge) Witchcraft IV: The Virgin Heart (1992)
Diane Ladd (Nora Griswold) Christmas Vacation (1989)
Dianne Wiest (District Attorney Nora Lewin) "Law & Order" (1990) TV Series
Dixie Carter (Nora Wing) OHMS (1980) (TV)
Dolores Costello (Nora the maid) Lawful Larceny (1923)
Dominique Perrier (Nora) Muriel fait le désespoir de ses parents (1995)
Dora Bryan (Norah) Carry On Sergeant (1958)
Doreen Hepburn (Nora) Titanic Town (1998)
Dorian Gray (I) (Nora) Marcia o crepa (1962)
Doris Davenport (Nora 'Toots') Kid Millions (1934)
Doris Kunstmann (Nora) Sesso degli angeli, Il (1967)
Doris Lloyd (Nora) Midnight Lace (1960)
Doris Singleton (Nora Ballard) Affair in Reno (1957)
Dorothy Arnold (Nora) Storm, The (1938)
Dorothy Boyd (Norah Cregeen) Lily of Killarney (1934)
Dorothy Christy (Nora the cook) Dakota (1945)
Dorothy Dalton (Nora O'Moore) Dark Mirror, The (1920)
Dorothy Malone (Nora Carson) Flaxy Martin (1949)
Dorothy Phillips (Nora Helmer) Doll's House, A (1917)
Dorothy Short (Nora Pryde) Singing Cowgirl, The (1939)
Dorothy Woods (I) (Nora Murphy) Reckless Chances (1922)
Dyveke Reumert (Nora) Englen i sort (1957)
Edit Angold (Nora) Suspense (1946)
Edith Leslie (Nora) She Couldn't Say No (1954)
Edith Roberts (Nora Burke) Roaring Rails (1924)
Edna Best (Norah Kerr) Key, The (1934)
Edna Marion (Nora) Desert's Price, The (1925)
Edrie Warner (Nurse Nora) One Hell of a Guy (1998) (V)
Eira Griffiths (Nora) Black Dog, The (1999)
Elaine Riley (Nora Murray) Strange Gamble (1948)
Eleanor Powell (Nora Paige) Born to Dance (1936)
Eleanor Stewart (Nora Hart) Where Trails Divide (1937)
Eleonora Cajafa (Nora) "Quei due sopra il varano" (1996) TV Series
Elfe Gerhart (Nora) Unruhigen Mädchen, Die (1938)
Elisa Cegani (Nora Bandi) Aldebaran (1935)
Elisa Donovan (Nora) Pop (1999)
Elisabeth Risdon (Norah O'Keefe) Full Confession (1939)
Elisabeth Rose (Nora) Krim (1994)
Elisabeth Welch (Nora) Fiddlers Three (1944)
Elizabeth Edwards (I) (Nora) Scruples (1981) (TV)
Elizabeth Erskine (Norah Murnahan) Talk of a Million (1951)
Elizabeth Mannino (Nora Mae Edwards) Dead Mate (1990)
Ella Hall (Nora Martin) Jewel in Pawn, A (1917)
Ellen Geer (Norah Sloan) Hard Traveling (1985)
Elsa Cárdenas (Nora) Bestias del terror, Las (1972)
Elsa Lindseth (Nora) Bra mennesker (1937)
Elsie Ferguson (I) (Nora Helmer) Doll's House, A (1918)
Elsie Ferguson (I) (Nora Shard, aka Christine) Society Exile, A (1919)
Elsie Wagstaff (Aunt Nora) Celia: The Sinister Affair of Poor Aunt Nora (1949)
Elvia Andreoli (Nora) "Amo y señor" (1984) TV Series
Emily Stevens (I) (Nora Harrigan) Place of the Honeymoons, The (1920)
Emmaline Henry (Nora Grady) "Mickey" (1964) TV Series
Enid Bennett (Nora) When Do We Eat? (1918)
Enid Markey (Nora North) Blood Will Tell (1917)
Erin Gray (Nora) Crowfoot (1995) (TV)
Erin O'Brien-Moore (Nora O'Malley) Sea of Lost Ships (1953)
Erma Fatima (Nora) Fantasi (1994)
Esther Ralston (Nora Bayes) Tin Pan Alley (1940)
Ethel Clayton (Nora Carey) Whims of Society, The (1918)
Ethel Shannon (Nora Lane) Phantom Express, The (1925)
Ethel Shannon (Norah Ryan, The Fiddlin' Doll) Riders Up (1924)
Eva María Fernández (Nora) Después de la tormenta (1990)
Eva Portnoff (Nora) Young Playthings (1972)
Eva Vejmelková (Nora) Modrá hodina (1984)
Eva Weinreich (Nora) I tvillingernes tegn (1975)
Eve Ferret (Norah) Foreign Body (1986)
Eve McVeagh (Nora Shipley) Reprisal! (1956)
Evelyn Brent (Nora Prescott) Trapped by the Mormons (1922)
Evelyn Frank (Nora) Satan's Sadists (1969)
Evelyn Opoczynski (Nora Werner) Leben zu zweit (1968)
Fabienne Babe (Nora Mouche) De sueur et du sang (1994)
Fabrizia Sacchi (Nora) Nessuno (1992)
Fanny Midgley (Nora O'Grogan) Plain Jane (1916)
Farrah Fawcett (Nora Maxwell) Children of the Dust (1995) (TV)
Felicity LaFortune (Nora Hanen Gannon Buchanan (2000)) "One Life to Live" (1968) TV Series
Florence Bates (Mrs. Nora Sullivan) Paris Model (1953)
Florence Rice (Nora Stevens) Let's Get Tough! (1942)
Francelia Billington (Nora Farnes) Sands of Sacrifice (1917)
Frances Bavier (Nora (1957-58)) "Eve Arden Show, The" (1957) TV Series
Frances E. Williams (Nora) Hell Town (1985) (TV)
Frances McDormand (Nora Scanlan) Passed Away (1992)
Frances Morris (Nora Manning) Crime Against Joe (1956)
Frances Ne Moyer (Nora Muldune) Tango Tragedy, A (1914)
Gail Cronauer (Nora) Unspoken Truth, The (1995) (TV)
Gale Sondergaard (Nora Kernan) East Side, West Side (1949)
Gardy Granass (Nora Krüger) Rote Rosen, rote Lippen, roter Wein (1953)
Gay Hamilton (Nora Brady) Barry Lyndon (1975)
Gay Hamilton (Nora Brady) Barry Lyndon (1975)
Geraldine Chaplin (Nora Winkle) Vie est un roman, La (1983)
Geraldine O'Brien (II) (Nora) His Wife (1915)
Gerard Alexander (Mrs. Nora Tompkins) Fools and Their Money (1919)
Gerd Hagman (Nora) Man glömmer ingenting (1942)
Gerda Marchand (Nora Pintens) "Axel Nort" (1965) TV Series
Gertrude McCoy (Norah) Heartstrings (1923)
Gertrude Michael (Nora Brooks) Faces in the Fog (1944)
Gertrude Olmstead (Nora Malone) Life's Greatest Game (1924)
Gilberte Rivet (Nora Santini) Pays bleu, Le (1976)
Gina Carrera (Nora Chalmers) Lust on the Orient-Express (1986)
Gina Gershon (Nora 'Hugs' Hugosian) Black & White (1998)
Gio Petré (Nora Bring) Sceningång (1956)
Gladys Hulette (Nora Denahy) Bowery Cinderella, A (1927)
Gladys Walton (Nora McShane) Rich Girl, Poor Girl (1921)
Gladys Walton (Nora Schultz) Near Lady, The (1923)
Glenda Farrell (Nora) Heading for Heaven (1947)
Gloria Dickson (Nora Jordan) Racket Busters (1938)
Gloria Talbott (Nora) Young Guns, The (1956)
Gloria Tapia (Nora) Agnes Cecilia - en sällsam historia (1991)
Greta Nissen (Nora Selmer) Silent Witness (1932)
Gun Arvidsson (Nora) Dockhem, Ett (1958) (TV)
Gunnel Lindblom (Nora) Sally och friheten (1981)
Hallee Hirsh (Nora Mitchell) Joe Gould's Secret (2000)
Hanny Schedin (Nora Sjöblom) Loffe blir polis (1950)
Hazel Howell (Nora) My Lady Friends (1921)
Heather Dawn (Nora) "Bull" (2000) TV Series
Heather Matarazzo (Nora) Company Man (2000)
Helen Broderick (Nora) Because of Him (1946)
Helen Brown (I) (Nora Hawkins) Big City (1937)
Helen Chandler (Nora Marsh) Dance Hall Hostess (1933)
Helen Davidge (Nora) Road to Divorce, The (1920)
Helen Greene (Nora Gail) Let's Elope (1919)
Helen Jerome Eddy (Nora Yorke) Boomerang, The (1919)
Helen Parrish (Nora Reed) Quick on the Trigger (1948)
Helen Patrick (Nora Renshaw) "First of the Summer Wine" (1988) TV Series
Helen Reddy (Nora) Pete's Dragon (1977)
Helen Shaver (Nora Fields) Without Consent (1994) (TV)
Helena Kara (Nora/Countess Drek) En ole kreivitär (1945)
Hénia Suchar (Nora) Vingt-cinquième heure, La (1967)
Hertha Feiler (Nora) Singenden Engel von Tirol, Die (1958)
Hertha von Walther (I) (Nora Brant) Number 17 (1928)
Hillary Bailey Smith (Nora Buchanan (1992-)) "One Life to Live" (1968) TV Series
Hillary Brooke (Nora Nielson) Bengazi (1955)
Honor Blackman (Norah Hauxley) Life at the Top (1965)
Hülya Avsar (Nora) Salkim hanimin taneleri (1999)
Imogene Bliss (Nora) Mating Season, The (1980) (TV)
Inga Swenson (Nora Bayes) Ziegfeld: The Man and His Women (1978) (TV)
Inge Hvid-Møller (Servitricen Nora) Café Paradis (1950)
Inger Liljefors (Norah) Ritten till havet (1962) (TV)
Irene Miscisco (Nora Hornstein) Aftershock: Earthquake in New York (1999) (TV)
Irene Richard (Nora Jepson) "Love for Lydia" (1978) (mini) TV Series
Irene Ryan (Nora Finney) Desire in the Dust (1960)
Iris Berben (Nora Bruhn) Gefährliche Träume - Das Geheimnis einer Frau (2000) (TV)
Isabel Withers (Nora Wilcox) Kiss and Tell (1945)
Isabelle Menke (Nora) Liebe Lügen (1995)
Isobel Campbell (I) (Nora Reilly) Gorbals Story, The (1950)
Ivy Close (Norah Joyce) Peep Behind the Scenes, A (1918)
Jacqueline Brookes (Nora Adler) "Jack and Mike" (1986) TV Series
Jacqueline Pierreux (Nora) Donne e briganti (1951)
Jane Adams (I) (Nora Malloy) Girl From San Lorenzo, The (1950)
Jane Alexander (Nora Strangis) When She Says No (1984) (TV)
Jane Alexander (Nora Tenneray) Gunfight, A (1971)
Jane Darwell (Nora McFadden) McFadden's Flats (1935)
Jane Fonda (Nora Helmer) Doll's House, A (1973/II)
Jane Friedmann (Nora) Att älska (1964)
Jane Hylton (Nora Lawrence) My Brother's Keeper (1948)
Jane Keckley (Nora) World Accuses, The (1935)
Janet Leigh (Nora) Kid Rodelo (1965)
Janet-Laine Green (Nora) Tagged: The Jonathan Wamback Story (2001) (TV)
Janis Benson (Nora Allen) Passenger 57 (1992)
Jannie Faurschou (Nora Kjær) Roser og persille (1993)
Jarmila Marton (Rita Nora) Nordpol - Ahoi! (1933)
Jayne Regan (Nora Kane) Silver Bullet (1935)
Jean Arthur (Nora Shelley) Talk of the Town, The (1942)
Jean Howell (Nora Hampton) Van, The (1976)
Jean Muir (I) (Nora Wyman) Stars Over Broadway (1935)
Jean Paige (Norah Greenway) Blind Man's Holiday (1917)
Jeanette Nolan (Nora Ericson) Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The (1962)
Jeanna Fine (Nora) Halloween Night (1990) (V)
Jeanne Tripplehorn (Norah Reed) Office Killer (1997)
Jenny Deimling (Nora) Polizeiruf 110 - Der Sohn der Kommissarin (1997) (TV)
Jessica Howell (Nora) Zeus and Roxanne (1997)
Jessica Steen (Nora) Small Gifts (1994) (TV)
Jessie Busley (Mrs. Norah Taylor) It All Came True (1940)
Jessie Ralph (Nora) Coming-Out Party (1934)
Joan Anderson (I) (Nora Hansen) "Doctors, The" (1963) TV Series
Joan Blair (I) (Nora, the upstairs maid) Sherlock Holmes Faces Death (1943)
Joan Camden (Norah Muldoon) Strange Lady in Town (1955)
Joan Caulfield (Nora Johnson) Buckskin (1968)
Joan Greenwood (Norah) Monsieur Ripois (1954)
Joan Harben (Miss Nora Price) Encore (1952)
Joan Harben (Miss Nora Price) Encore (1952)
Joan Sims (Norah Pepper) Cobblers of Umbridge, The (1973)
Joan Staley (Nora Blaine) Gun Fight (1961)
Joan Van Ark (Nora McGill) Moment of Truth: A Mother's Deception (1994) (TV)
Joan Woodbury (Nora Parker) While New York Sleeps (1938)
Joanna Pacula (Nora Weeks) Last Gasp (1995)
Joanne Dru (Nora Curtis) Siege at Red River, The (1954)
Jody Scott (Dr. Nora) Fortress 2 (1999)
Jopie Koopman (Nora) Big van het regiment, De (1935)
Jordana Jacobs (Nora) Butterfly Legend (1999)
Joy Law (Nora Foster) Jewelled Nights (1925)
Joyce Grant (II) (Norah) "Keep It in the Family" (1971) TV Series
Joycelyn O'Brien (Nora) Oscar (1991)
Judi Dench (Nora Doel) 84 Charing Cross Road (1986)
Judit Pogány (Nora) Zuhanás közben (1987)
Judith Anna Roberts (Nora) Three Below Zero (1998)
Judith Barrie (Nora Lane) Hidden Gold (1932)
Judy Clifton (I) (Nora Lester) Another Life (2001)
Judy Schenz (Nora Cassidy) In Fast Company (1946)
Judy Winter (Nora Hill) Und Jimmy ging zum Regenbogen (1971)
Julann Griffin (Nora) Haunted Honeymoon (1986)
Julia Maraval (Nora) Nora (1998) (TV)
Julianne Kirst (Nora Monaghan) Ballad of Little Jo, The (1993)
Julie Harris (Miss Nora Thing) You're a Big Boy Now (1966)
Juliet Prowse (Norah) Who Killed Teddy Bear (1965)
Juliet Stevenson (Nora Helmer) Doll's House, A (1992) (TV)
Julieta Ortega (Nora) "Verdad consecuencia" (1996) TV Series
Juliette Crosby (Nora Cope) Paris Bound (1929)
June Harrison (I) (Nora Jiggs) Jiggs and Maggie in Society (1947)
June Harrison (I) (Nora) Bringing Up Father (1946)
June Harrison (I) (Nora) Jiggs and Maggie in Court (1948)
June Harrison (I) (Nora) Jiggs and Maggie in Jackpot Jitters (1949)
June Harrison (I) (Nora) Jiggs and Maggie Out West (1950)
June Lockhart (Nora) Bait, The (1973) (TV)
June Vincent (Nora Cavigny) Creeper, The (1948)
Kaiulani Lee (Nora) Zelly and Me (1988)
Karen Ericson (Nora Basset) "Days of Our Lives" (1965) TV Series
Karen Martin (Nora Cook) Recommendation for Mercy (1975)
Karin Baal (Nora Ward) Toten Augen von London, Die (1961)
Karin Dor (Nora Sanders) Bande des Schreckens, Die (1960)
Karin Meerman (Nora Roemers (2001-)) "Dok 12" (2001) TV Series
Karin Rodrigues (Nora Elman) "Memórias de Amor" (1979) TV Series
Karin Thaler (Kommissarin Nora Sommer) "Lutz & Hardy" (1994) TV Series
Kate Jackson (Dr. Nora Hart) Quiet Killer (1992) (TV)
Kate McNeil (I) (Detective Nora Haughton) "Bodies of Evidence" (1992) TV Series
Kate Price (Nora Fitzpatrick) God's Crucible (1921)
Kate Price (Nora Murphy) Crossed Wires (1923)
Katharina Böhm (Nora) Living Dead (1996)
Katherine Justice (Nora Evers) 5 Card Stud (1968)
Kathleen Crowley (Nora King) Target Earth (1954)
Kathleen Gentry (Nora Dickledoo) Wild in the Wilderness (1988)
Kathleen Murphy (I) (Norah Lahy) Knocknagow (1918)
Kathleen Myers (Nora McCarren) Mulhall's Greatest Catch (1926)
Kathleen O'Regan (Nora Belmont) Fires of Fate (1933)
Kathryn Card (Nora) Dark Past, The (1948)
Kathryn Grant (Norah) Brothers Rico, The (1957)
Kathy Staff (Nora Batty (1973-2001)) "Last of the Summer Wine" (1973) TV Series
Kathy Staff (Nora Batty) Big Day at Dream Acres (1987) (TV)
Kathy Staff (Nora Batty) Getting Sam Home (1983) (TV)
Kathy Staff (Nora Batty) Uncle of the Bride (1985) (TV)
Kay Johnson (I) (Norah) Of Human Bondage (1934)
Keiko Kishi (Nora) Pianos mecánicos, Los (1965)
Ketty Lester (Nora Blake) "Morningstar/Eveningstar" (1986) TV Series
Ketty Lester (Nora Blake) "Morningstar/Eveningstar" (1986) TV Series
Khrystyne Haje (Nora Flynn) Prince for a Day (1995) (TV)
Kim Hunter (Nora Cougan) Magician, The (1973) (TV)
Kim Hunter (Nora Hutcheson) Deadline - U.S.A(1952)
Kimberly Baggers (Infant Nora) Tasten in het duister (1996) (TV)
Kimberly Unger (Nora) Five Desperate Hours (1997) (TV)
Kirsten Carmody (Nora Dolan) Coyotes (1999)
Kirsti Hurme (Nora Berg) Tositarkoituksella (1943)
Krista Posch (Nora Heid) Skandalösen Frauen, Die (1993) (TV)
La Chanze (Nora) For Love or Money (1993)
Lake Bell (Nora) "War Stories" (2002) TV Series
Lana Turner (Nora Taylor) Latin Lovers (1953)
Laraine Day (Nora Davis) Journey for Margaret (1942)
Laraine Day (Nora) Bride by Mistake (1944)
Laura Esterman (Nora Lawlor) Ironweed (1987)
Laura Innes (Nora Diamond [ghost]) "Another World" (1964) TV Series
Laura Sears (Nora McCree) In Slumberland (1917)
Laure Marsac (Nora Atkins) Fous de Bassan, Les (1987)
Laure Moutoussamy (Norah, the maid) Histoire d'O (1975)
Lauren Bacall (Nora Temple) Key Largo (1948)
Lauren Tom (Nora Chen) "Division, The" (2001) TV Series
Laurien Dominique (Nora) Sweet Secrets (1977)
Lea Massari (Nora Elmer) Peur sur la ville (1975)
Lee Patrick (Nora Burns) Music for Madame (1937)
Lela Rochon (Nora Stark, Governor's Aide) Chamber, The (1996)
Léontine Zoundi (Nora) "Kadi Jolie" (2001) TV Series
Lesley Dunlop (Nora) Elephant Man, The (1980)
Letícia Román (Nora Davis) Ragazza che sapeva troppo, La (1963)
Licia Maglietta (Nora Castria) "Sola debole voce, Una" (1998) (mini) TV Series
Lila Eccles (Nora) Phantom of the Desert (1930)
Lila Lee (I) (Nora Brady) Those Who Dance (1930)
Lilian Teece (Nora Fraser) All for Gold (1911)
Liliana Tellini (Nora) Cielo è rosso, Il (1949)
Lillian Gilmore (Nora Hastings) Rawhide Mail (1934)
Lina Sastri (Nora) Strana la vita (1987)
Linda Bendik (Norah) Angel with an Attitude (2000)
Linda Matthews (II) (Norah Wharton) Shivers II: Harvest of Souls (1997) (VG)
Lisa Waltz (Nora) Brighton Beach Memoirs (1986)
Lise Cutter (Nora Malloy) Desperado (1987) (TV)
Lise Cutter (Nora) Desperado: The Outlaw Wars (1989) (TV)
Lita Chevret (Nora James) Criminal Lawyer (1936)
Lois Moran (Nora Meadows) Mammy (1930)
Lois Nettleton (Nora) "Spider-Man" (1993) TV Series
Lois Wilson (I) (Nora Fay) Broad Daylight (1922)
Lola Brooks (Nora Todd) "Sons and Daughters" (1981) TV Series
Loredana Cannata (Nora) Giochi pericolosi (2000) (TV)
Loretta Young (Nora) Half Angel (1951)
Lorna Scott (Nora) "When Love Kills: The Seduction of John Hearn" (1993) (mini) TV Series
Lorraine Gary (Nora Griffin) Man on the Outside (1975) (TV)
Lottie Williams (Nora) Twin Beds (1920)
Louise Campbell (Nora Langdon) Scandal Street (1938)
Louise Carletti (Nora Mitry) Diamant noir, Le (1941)
Louise Fletcher (Mrs. Nora Bloom) "VR.5" (1995) TV Series
Luana Patten (Nora White) Follow Me, Boys! (1966)
Lule Warrenton (Nora Flanagan) Ladies Must Live (1921)
Lupe Ontiveros (Nora Manning) As Good As It Gets (1997)
Lynette Mettey (Nora Rose) Ordeal of Bill Carney, The (1981) (TV)
Lynne Adams (I) (Nora Walker) Time at the Top (1999)
Lynne Griffin (Aunt Nora) Dear America: So Far From Home (1999) (TV)
Lynsey Bartilson (Nora Kilkenny) MrsSanta Claus (1996) (TV)
Madge Bellamy (Nora) Ankles Preferred (1927)
Mae Busch (Nora Dakon) Time, the Comedian (1925)
Mae Hotely (Nora) Long May It Wave (1914)
Mae Hotely (Nora, the Cook) Lucky Strike, A (1915)
Magda Cnudde (Nora Clitheroe) Ploeg en de sterren, De (1975) (TV)
Maggie O'Neill (I) (Norah) He's Asking for Me (1988) (TV)
Maggie Smith (Nora) Young Cassidy (1965)
Maike Schell (Nora) Obsession (1997/I)
Maire O'Neill (I) (Norah) Bulldog Drummond at Bay (1937)
Maja Maranow (Nora Zech) Tatort - Der Fall Schimanski (1991) (TV)
Mamie Van Doren (Nora Hall) Navy vsthe Night Monsters, The (1966)
Marcella Rovena (Nora) Nave delle donne maledette, La (1954)
Marcia Manon (Nora) Lottery Man, The (1919)
Marcia Moore (Nora Vining) Second in Command, The (1915)
Marga López (Nora) Casa de muñecas (1953)
Margaret Hamilton (Norah) State of the Union (1948)
Margaret Hamilton (Norah) Twin Beds (1942)
Margaret Mercredi (Nora Cuthhand) Frostfire (1994) (TV)
Margaret Nolan (Norah) Ferry Cross the Mersey (1965)
Margaret Phillips (Nora Harleigh) Life of Her Own, A (1950)
Margaret Vines (Lady Norah Brendon) Vicar of Bray, The (1937)
Margareta Veroni (Nora) Labbra di lurido blu (1975)
Margarita Fischer (Norah McDonald) Mantle of Charity, The (1918)
Margarita Lozano (Nora Moro) Caso Moro, Il (1986)
Margit Carstensen (Nora) Nora Helmer (1973) (TV)
Margo Moore (Lieutenant Nora McKay) Wake Me When It's Over (1960)
Marguerite Blanche (Nora Ackroyd) Black Sheep, The (1920)
Marguerite Churchill (Nora Westby) Pleasure Crazed (1929)
Marguerite Marsh (Nora Carrigan) Conquered Hearts (1918)
María Celedonio (Nora) "Crossing Jordan" (2001) TV Series
Maria Marmarinou (Nora) "Apenandi Ohthi, I" (1983) TV Series
Marian Marsh (Nora O'Brien) Murder by Invitation (1941)
Marian Nixon (Nora Mason) Scarlet Pages (1930)
Marian Nixon (Norah Cavanaugh) Sporting Life (1925)
Marianne Koch (Nora) Devil's Agent, The (1961)
Marie Connally (Norah Bell) On Dangerous Ground (1996) (TV)
Marie Desgranges (Nora) De gré ou de force (1998) (TV)
Marie Doro (Nora Flynn) Heart of Nora Flynn, The (1916)
Marie-José Nat (Nora) Litan (1982)
Mariella Lo Giudice (Nora) "Scalata, La" (1992) (mini) TV Series
Marilyn Burns (Nora) Kiss Daddy Goodbye (1981)
Marina Malfatti (Nora) Per amore o per forza (1971)
Marina Zenovich (Nora Walsh) One Night Stand (1995)
Marion Ross (Nora) "Life with Father" (1953) TV Series
Marjorie Bennett (Nora) Games (1967)
Marjorie Daw (Nora O'Brian) Chorus Lady, The (1915)
Marjorie Main (Nora) Romance of the Limberlost (1938)
Marjorie Rhodes (Mrs. Nora Mumford) Great Day (1945)
Marsha Hunt (I) (Nora Barry) Murder Goes to College (1937)
Marsha Hunt (I) (Nora Ryan) Carnegie Hall (1947)
Marsha Mason (Nora McPhee) Max Dugan Returns (1983)
Marsha Mason (Nora Ruscio) "Sibs" (1991) TV Series
Märta Halldén (Nora von Reimers) Kampen om hans hjärta (1916)
Martha Hackett (Nora Walsh) One Night Stand (1995)
Marthe Keller (Nora Winter) K (1997)
Martita Hunt (Nora Briggs) Interrupted Honeymoon, The (1936)
Mary Anderson (I) (Nora Bard) Behind Green Lights (1946)
Mary Anderson (I) (Nora) Keys of the Kingdom, The (1944)
Mary Brodel (Norah) Body Disappears, The (1941)
Mary Duncan (I) (Nora Dean) State's Attorney (1932)
Mary Ellen Trainor (Nora) Greedy (1994)
Mary Field (I) (Nora) Life with Father (1947)
Mary Field (I) (Nora, Switchboard Operator) House of Horrors (1946)
Mary Gordon (Nora Jones) West of Wyoming (1950)
Mary Gordon (Nora, the housekeeper) Strange MrsCrane, The (1948)
Mary Kay Place (Nora) Teresa's Tattoo (1994)
Mary MacLeod (Norah) "Duchess of Duke Street, The" (1976) TV Series
Mary Miles Minter (Nora O'Hallahan) All Souls' Eve (1921)
Mary Page Keller (Nora Lagasse) "Emeril" (2001) TV Series
Mary Treen (Nora Cassidy) Stand by All Networks (1942)
Mathilde Brundage (Norah) Bridges Burned (1917)
Maude Wallace (Nora, maid) Stars and Stripes Forever (1952)
Maura Monti (Nora) Blue Demon en pasaporte a la muerte (1968)
Maureen LaVette (Nora) Hardcase and Fist (1989)
Maureen O'Connor (I) (Norah) Boy of the Streets (1938)
May McAvoy (Norah) Devil's Garden, The (1920)
Meg Foster (Nora) "Sunshine" (1975) TV Series
Meg Foster (Nora) Sunshine (1973) (TV)
Meg Foster (Nora) Sunshine Christmas (1977) (TV)
Mel Harris (Dr. Nora Haley) Cameron's Closet (1989)
Melanie Chartoff (Aunt Nora Shepherd) "Jumanji" (1996) TV Series
Melanie Nicholls-King (Nora) What Makes a Family (2001) (TV)
Michael Ann Rowe (Nora) Offering, The (1996)
Michaela Galli (Nora) Rotlicht! (1986)
Michaela Rosen (Nora) Schwarze Tage (1995) (TV)
Michele Greene (Nora) In the Best Interest of the Child (1990) (TV)
Michelle Hall (I) (Nora Iverson) Lawful Entry (2000)
Michelle Mayer (Nora) Si me las dan me las tomo (1989)
Milagros de la Vega (Abuela de Nora) Gente conmigo (1967)
Mildred Shaw (I) (Nora Bates) Pollyanna (1973) (TV)
Millie Slavin (Nora) "Struck by Lightning" (1979) TV Series
Mimi Kuzyk (Nora Keating) Blue Moon (1999) (TV)
Mimi Rogers (Nora Cornell) Desperate Hours (1990)
Minerva Urecal (Nora 'Ma' Brown) MrMuggs Rides Again (1945)
Miriam Shelby (Señnora Cano) Behind the Lines (1916)
Miroslava Stern (Nora) Monstruo resucitado, El (1953)
Moira Redmond (Nora Wimmer) Freud (1962)
Mollie Sugden (Nora Powers) "My Husband and I" (1987) TV Series
Molly Lamont (Nora Livingstone) What a Night! (1931)
Mona Palma (Nora) Canadian, The (1926)
Monika Kälin (Nora) Plem, Plem - Die Schule brennt (1983)
Monserrat Ontiveros (Nora (Julieta's Mother)) "Lo que es el amor" (2001) TV Series
Morag Hood (Nora Morgan) Governor, The (1994) (TV)
MrsStuart Robson (Norah) Gates of Gladness, The (1918)
Myra Frances (Norah Smyth) "Shoulder to Shoulder" (1974) (mini) TV Series
Myrna Dell (Norah Taylor) Bushwhackers, The (1952)
Myrna Loy (Nora Charles) After the Thin Man (1936)
Myrna Loy (Nora Charles) Another Thin Man (1939)
Myrna Loy (Nora Charles) Shadow of the Thin Man (1941)
Myrna Loy (Nora Charles) Song of the Thin Man (1947)
Myrna Loy (Nora Charles) Thin Man Goes Home, The (1944)
Myrna Loy (Nora Charles) Thin Man, The (1934)
Nadine Van der Velde (Nora) Shattered Innocence (1988) (TV)
Nadja Uhl (Nora) Schnee in der Neujahrsnacht (1999)
Nance O'Neil (Honora 'Nora' Maury) Transgression (1931)
Nancy Burne (Norah O'Neale) Irish Hearts (1934)
Nancy Carroll (Nora Clegg) I'll Love You Always (1935)
Nancy Carroll (Nora Ryan) Personal Maid (1931)
Nancy Marchand (Nora Melody) Touch of the Poet, A (1974) (TV)
Nancy Olson (Norah Smith) Smith! (1969)
Nancy Saunders (I) (Nora Grant) South of the Chisholm Trail (1947)
Nancy St. Alban (Nora) Some Fish Can Fly (1999)
Naomi Riseman (Nora Lindsay (1981)) "Another Life" (1981) TV Series
Neith Hunter (Nora Walsh) Jonathan Stone: Threat of Innocence (1994) (TV)
Nell Emerald (Nora Flanegan) Gold Cure, The (1925)
Nellie Rosiers (Nora) Aardwolf, De (1984)
Nellie Widen (Norah) Annie-for-Spite (1917)
Nelly (I) (Nora) Nora (1967)
Nina Franoszek (Nora) Ärzte: DrVogt - Neuanfang (1997) (TV)
Noni Hazlehurst (Nora) Monkey Grip (1982)
Nora Cárpena (Nora) "Médicos (de hoy), Los" (2000) TV Series
Nora Cecil (Nora Kane) King of Alcatraz (1938)
Nora Denney (Nora) Matter of Justice, A (1993) (TV)
Nora Guzmán (Guzmán, Nora) Destierro, El (1976)
Nora Lane (I) (Nora Blake) Cassidy of Bar 20 (1938)
Nora Lane (I) (Nora Blake) Hopalong Rides Again (1937)
Nora Rotman (Nora) Filles, personne s'en méfie, Les (2002)
Nora Sangro (Nora) Domenica d'agosto (1949)
Nora Snijers (Nora) t is maar een woord (1962) (TV)
Nora Valsami (Nora) Koroidaki tis prigipessas, To (1972)
Norma Herrera (Nora) "Maleficio, El" (1983) TV Series
Nuria Bages (Nora) "Canción de amor" (1996) TV Series
Olga Georges-Picot (Nora) Glissements progressifs du plaisir (1973)
Olga Spiridonovic (Mrs. Nora Jermolenko) Caj u pet (1984) (TV)
Olga Tschechowa (Nora Noir) Seine Tochter ist der Peter (1936)
Olga Tschechowa (Nora Ottendorf) Ich verweigere die Aussage (1939)
Olivia Bonamy (Nora) Des enfants dans les arbres (1994) (TV)
Olivia Burnette (Nora Rogers) Final Verdict (1991) (TV)
Olympia Dukakis (Nora) Better Living (1998)
Pamela Cook (Nora) Windy City, The (1992)
Pamela Duncan (I) (Nora Clayton) Lawless Cowboys (1951)
Pat Ashton (Norah) Mutiny On the Buses (1972)
Patricia Medina (Nora Stead) Desperate Search (1952)
Patricia Viggiano (Nora Nuñez Zamora) "Cabecita" (2000) TV Series
Patti Gallagher (Nora Pierce) King Dinosaur (1955)
Pauline Starke (Nora Duffy) Regenerates, The (1917)
Pearl White (Norah) Greater Influence, The (1913)
Peggy Ann Garner (Nora, as a child) Keys of the Kingdom, The (1944)
Peggy Knudsen (Nora Collins) Betrayed Women (1955)
Penny Marshall (Nora Schoonover) Challenge of a Lifetime (1985) (TV)
Philline Zölls (Nora Kleine) Hurenmord - Ein Priester schweigt (1998) (TV)
Phyllis Kirk (Nora Charles) "Thin Man, The" (1957) TV Series
Phyllis Kirk (Nora Porter) Thunder Over the Plains (1953)
Pia Rydvall (Nora) "Hedebyborna" (1978) (mini) TV Series
Polly Bailey (Nora) Tearin' Loose (1925)
Priscilla Pointer (Nora Allen) Flash, The (1990) (TV)
Proschat Madani (Nora) Halbe Welt (1993)
Rachel Roberts (Nora Elliot) Alpha Beta (1973)
Rachel Ryan (Nora Desmond) Sinset Boulevard (1987)
Raina Feig (Young Nora) Trance (1998)
Randa (Nora) Afrah (1968)
Rebecca De Mornay (Nora Mahler) Night Ride Home (1999) (TV)
Rebecca Jenkins (Nora Runkle) "Guilty Hearts" (2002) (mini) TV Series
Renée Fokker (Nora Nagels) Dilemma (1989)
Reno Browne (Nora Neal) Riders of the Dusk (1949)
Rina Valdarno (Nora) Nostradamus, el genio de las tinieblas (1962)
Rita Harlan (Norah) Way of the Strong (1919)
Roberta Gale (Nora Daniels) Police Call (1933)
Rochelle Greenwood (Nora) Deadly Intentions..Again? (1991) (TV)
Rosa Arenas (Nora) Autómatas de la muerte, Los (1960)
Rosa Arenas (Nora) Neutrón contra el DrCaronte (1962)
Rosalind Ayres (Nora Thornton) Beautiful People (1999)
Rose McGowan (Nora) Encino Man (1992)
Rose Tapley (Nora) Hesper of the Mountains (1916)
Rosemary Lovell (Nora) Incredible Melting Man, The (1977)
Roxan Flores (Nora) Salsa (1988)
Roxana Berco (Nora Cepeda) "Hombre, El" (1999) TV Series
Roxanne Michaels (Nora Crane) Dead Students Society (1998) (V)
Ruth Donnelly (Nora Marco) Slight Case of Murder, A (1938)
Ruth Dwyer (Nora Murphy) Lost Limited, The (1927)
Ruth Holly (Nora) Friendly Enemies (1942)
Ruth Hussey (Nora Connors) Lady Wants Mink, The (1953)
Ruth McCabe (I) (Nora Mullen) "Relative Strangers" (1999) (mini) TV Series
Ruth Roman (Nora Martin) Bottom of the Bottle, The (1956)
Ruth Roman (Nora Willoughby) Rebel in Town (1956)
Ruth-Maria Kubitschek (Nora) "Crociera, La" (2001) (mini) TV Series
Sabina Luft (Nora) "First Love - Die große Liebe" (1997) TV Series
Sabine Postel (Nora) Fahrt in die Hölle - Eine gefährliche Liebe (1998) (TV)
Sabrina Ferilli (Nora) Tu ridi (1998)
Saïda Jawad (Nora) C'est la vie (2001)
Sallie Fisher (Nora Blake) Little Shepherd of Bargain Row, The (1916)
Sally Blane (Nora) Very Idea, The (1929)
Sally Kemp (Nora Bassett (1983)) "Days of Our Lives" (1965) TV Series
Sally Palmblad (Nora) Raggen - det är jag det (1936)
Sallyanne Law (Norah) Glory Boys, The (1984) (TV)
Samantha Mathis (Nora Diniro) Pump Up the Volume (1990)
Sandra Thigpen (Nora) Bermuda Triangle (1996) (TV)
Sara Borchgrevink (Nora) "Lekestue" (2002) (mini) TV Series
Sara Haden (Nora) Secret of DrKildare, The (1939)
Sarah Melia (Nora Webb) Doctor and the Devils, The (1985)
Sarah Padden (Mrs. Nora Moriarty) Little Orphan Annie (1938)
Sasha Montenegro (Nora) Vampiros de Coyoacán, Los (1974)
Scottie MacGregor (Nora Queen) Death of Me Yet, The (1971) (TV)
Seloua Hamse (Nora) Honneur de ma famille, L' (1997) (TV)
Shannon Wilcox (Nora) Cheaper to Keep Her (1980)
Sharon Acker (Nora Muldoon) Hec Ramsey (1972) (TV)
Sheila Manahan (Nora) Another Shore (1948)
Sheila Paterson (Nora) "Sole Survivor" (2000) (mini) TV Series
Shirley MacLaine (Norah Benson) Possession of Joel Delaney, The (1972)
Shirley Mason (Nora Nolan) Final Close-Up, The (1919)
Sian Barbara Allen (Nora) Family Rico, The (1972) (TV)
Sif Ruud (Nora) Paradiset (1955)
Silvana Di Lorenzo (Nora Gabia) "Alén, luz de luna" (1996) TV Series
Siobhan McKenna (Nora Nesbitt) Of Human Bondage (1964)
Sofia Besnard (Nora enfant) À la place du coeur (1998)
Solveig Ternström (Nora) Dockhem, Ett (1970) (TV)
Sondra Currie (Nora Toling) Perfect Wife, The (2000)
Sonja Henie (Nora) Wintertime (1943)
Sonja Tallis (Nora Flynn (1985)) "Prisoner" (1979) TV Series
Soo Yong (Nora Hung, friend of Han Suyin) Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955)
Sophia Loren (Nora) Operation Crossbow (1965)
Sophie von Kessel (Nora Prinz) Affären (1994)
Stephanie Castellarin (Nora James) Home Before Dark (1997)
Susan Binell (Nora) Child's Cry for Help, A (1994) (TV)
Susan Leith (Nora Oliveira) Bis ans Ende der Welt (1991)
Susan Lynch (Nora Barnacle) Nora (2000)
Susan Rinell (Nora Hillerman) Stone Boy, The (1984)
Susan Sarandon (Nora Baker) White Palace (1990)
Susan Visser (Nora) Lovely Liza (1997)
Svenja Pages (Nora) "Immer wieder Sonntag" (1995) TV Series
Sybil Temchen (Nora Ephron) When Billie Beat Bobby (2001) (TV)
Sylvia Andrew (Nora) Undercurrent (1946)
Taida Urruzola (Nora) Senza buccia (1979)
Tala Birell (Lady Nora Ebbsworth) MrsParkington (1944)
Tara MacGowran (Nora Hession) "Murder in Eden" (1991) (mini) TV Series
Tasha Zemrus (Nora) What Are Best Friends For? (1980) (TV)
Téa Leoni (Nora Wilde) "Naked Truth, The" (1995/I) TV Series
Teresa Velázquez (Nora Mainardi) Assassino è costretto ad uccidere ancora, L' (1975)
Tia Carrere (Nora) Hostile Intentions (1994)
Toni Kalem (Nora) Billy Galvin (1986)
Tove Edfeldt (Nora) Sanning eller konsekvens (1997)
Trudy Marshall (Nora Gregory) Full of Life (1956)
Tuva Novotny (Leonora 'Nora' von Hancken) "Herr von Hancken" (2000) (mini) TV Series
Tuva Novotny (Nora Strandberg) "Skilda världar" (1996) TV Series
Tyra Banks (Nora Winston) Halloween: Resurrection (2002)
Ulla Holmberg (Nora) Sista ringen (1955)
Una O'Connor (Nora) Child of Divorce (1946)
Una O'Connor (Nora) Corpse Came C.O.D., The (1947)
Una O'Connor (Norah) Christmas in Connecticut (1945)
Unni Bernhoft (Nora) "Nina, Nora, Nalle" (1961) (mini) TV Series
Ursula Andress (Nora Green) Colpo in canna (1974)
Valentine Grant (Nora) Innocent Lie, The (1916)
Valeria Golino (Nora Treves) Occhiali d'oro, Gli (1987)
Valerie Harper (Nora Cromwell) Drop-Out Mother (1988) (TV)
Valerie Taylor (I) (Nora Ashton) Went the Day Well? (1942)
Vendela Kirsebom (Nora Fries) Batman & Robin (1997)
Vera Sherborne (Nora) Jimmy Boy (1935)
Vera Stricker (Nora Dideriksen) Soldaterkammerater (1958)
Vera Stricker (Nora Didriksen) Soldaterkammerater på vagt (1960)
Vera Stricker (Nora Didriksen) Soldaterkammerater rykker ud (1959)
Verónica Castro (Nora) "Amor prohibido" (1986) TV Series
Veronica Hamel (Nora Freemont) Disappearance of Nora, The (1993) (TV)
Vicki Lewis (Nora Bernstein-Flynn) "Three Sisters" (2001) TV Series
Vicki Volante (Nora Miller) Five Bloody Graves (1970)
Vicky Vanita (Nora Zaharopoulou) "Retire, To" (1991) TV Series
Victoria Horne (Nora) Scarlet Claw, The (1944)
Viola Dana (Norah MacPherson) Rouged Lips (1923)
Violeta Antier (Nora) Gente conmigo (1967)
Virginia Brissac (Nora) Appointment for Love (1941)
Virginia Innocenti (Nora) Gatica, el mono (1993)
Virginia Lee Corbin (Nora O'Brien) Chorus Lady, The (1924)
Virginia Valli (Nora Brooks) Man Who Found Himself, The (1925)
Virginia Valli (Nora O'Brien) Trip to Paradise, A (1921)
Vivian Bonnell (Norah) Christmas in Connecticut (1992) (TV)
Vivien Merchant (Nora Tomelty) War of Children, A (1972) (TV)
Wanda McKay (Nora O'Brien) Leave It to the Irish (1944)
Waveney Lee (Norah) Passionate Summer (1958)
Wendy Crewson (Norah Stanton) Eighteenth Angel, The (1997)
Wesley Marie Tackitt (Nora Clayton) "Margie" (1961) TV Series
Winifred Westover (Nora Ellis) All the World to Nothing (1918)
Yekaterina Vasilyeva (I) (Nora) "Zhizn i smert Ferdinanda Lyusa" (1976) TV Series
Yoná Magalhães (Nora Pellegrini) "Espelho Mágico" (1977) TV Series
Yvonne Monlaur (Nora) Concerto de la peur, Le (1962)
Zasu Pitts (Nora Dugan) Big Gamble, The (1931)
Zasu Pitts (Nora) Crooked Circle, The (1932)
Zina Elm'Barki (Nora) Hexagone (1993)
Zita Johann (Nora Moran) Sin of Nora Moran, The (1933)
Zohra Lampert (Dr. Norah Purcell) "Doctors' Hospital" (1975) TV Series
Zohra Lampert (Dr. Norah Purcell) One of Our Own (1975) (TV)
Zooey Deschanel (Nora) New Guy, The (2002)


 NOTE: this list is only current up through 2002; IMDB doesn't let you do character searches anymore, so it probably won't get updated.