My Former (and current) Pets

Name Nerds main

Because I'm a name nerd, I've kept track of every single pet I've ever owned since I was a little kid. Of course I named every single fish! Who could miss such an opportunity?

Name Animal
Aďsha I, II, III*
Alasdair Beak parakeet
Albéric fish
Albert fish
Algernon fish
Alison fish
Alvin fish
Amaryllis hamster
Angela fish
Angelica fish
Angelina fish
Angelo fish
Antigone fish
Aodhnait fish
Beathag I, II*
Béla fish
Benedict turtle
Biff fish
Bingo fish
Breccan fish
Bronya fish
Bruce parakeet
Buffee fish
Carmine fish
Cecilia fish
Chaim fish
Charlotte (ongoing, all spiders who live in my shower are automatically named Charlotte) spiders
Chelsea Girl fish
Cher fish
Chicken* cat
Clover rat
Consuela fish
Corinthea fish
Dante fish
Daphne cat
Delphine fish
Deva cat
Edgar fish
EllaMae fish
Elodie fish
Eloďse fish
Elton fish
Emilio rat
Emilio I-II fish
Emmett cat
Enid* fish
Esperanza fish
Ethelwulf fish
Evangeline fish
Fabrice fish
Fergus cat
Finbar I-II fish
Fintan fish
Fionnguala fish
Fleetwood Mac cat
Francesca fish
Francoise frog
Gen. Eisenhower fish
Grapey-Frogeyes I-III fish
Grian fish
Guenivere fish
Gunther fish
Gusztav fish
Gwendolen fish
Hank fish
Herschel I-II fish
Horatio parakeet
Hrothgar fish
Ike fish
Ike salamander
Immaculata fish
Iphegenia fish
Isaac fish
Isabella fish
István fish
Jan snail
Janaki fish
Janet Snail
Janos fish
Jarvis aka Douchebag* cat
Jason-Sean fish
John, Paul, George & Ringo fish
Jomo fish
Jules fish
Karen fish
Kenneth fish
LaShawndra fish
Leland fish
Leonid fish
LeRoy fish
Lisette fish
Liv fish
LouEllen fish
Lucille fish
Ludwig fish
Lukács fish
Lula Mae fish
Lurleen fish
Magnus fish
Malachy cat
Malachy fish
Marguerite fish
Maxwell fish
Minerva fish
Minnehaha fish
Montague fish
Mňrag fish
Morrissey cat
Moses fish
Mr. Spanky rat
Ned fish
Niamh cat
Norton fish
Olivier frog
Olivier fish
Oscar fish
Pansy & Petrova fish
Pearl fish
Pearl turtle
Peque cat
Peregrine fish
Peter Floyd cat
Pinky fish
Poindexter fish
Polonius fish
Primrose fish
Rafael rat
Ramón rat
Ridgeley cat
Roger fish
Roland turtle
Ron & Nancy fish
Rosaline mouse
Roslyn fish
Ruadhán fish
Rupinder fish
Séamus fish
Seonag fish
Shanice fish
Shavaughndra fish
Shlomo fish
Sid & Nancy fish
Siegfried fish
Sigmund fish
Snugg-lz fish
Spörtha fish
Stellan -- found out Stella was a male!* turtle
Susan B. Anthony fish
Svenbjörn fish
Sweet Jane fish
Tasha fish
Tegan I-VI hamster
Tex fish
Theodoxia fish
Thurston I-II fish
Tiberius fish
Tom, Joe & Alannah fish
Torsten fish
Trevor fish
Tupac fish
Tyrell fish
Vera Mouse
Vera fish
Wallace fish
Wanda fish
Warren fish
Yevgyenia fish
Zebulon rat
Zorra fish
Zorro fish
*Current pets as of 4/20/2018