Retro-Chic names

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Names seem to follow a 100-year trend; Victorian-era names (Hannah, Emma, Emily, Isabella etc.) are all the rage now. However, pretty soon, early 20th century names will come back in. Some of these (Max, Felix, Lola, Stella) are already on the rise. Here are some more that are starting to sound fresh again.

Girls Boys
Ada Abner
Avis Alphie
Belle Ambrose
Blanche Amos
Claudie Angus
Clementine Archibald
Cleo Archie
Cora Arlo
Daisy Axel
Di Barney
Dinah Basil
Doris Bernie
Earlie Bud
Edie Buster
Etta Cal
Frankie Cecil
Fritzi Clark
Georgie Claude
Gertie Clem
Golda Clement
Gussie Conrad
Hattie Cyrus
Hazel Del
Hester Dewey
Hetty Dexter
Ida Edgar
Iona Emmett
June Felix
Lettie, Letty Fritz
Lila George
Lola Giles
Lottie Grady
Louella Grover
Lula Gus
Lulu Harry
Mabel Hector
Maisie Ike
Mamie Ira
Marjorie Izzy
Maude Jed
Maxie Julius
Mimi Junius
Minerva Kermit
Minnie Kirby
Mitzi Leo
Nell Leroy
Nonie Linwood
Olive Lon
Patsy Lou
Pearl Louis
Polly Mack
Roxanne Max
Roxie Mel
Roz Milo
Ruby Moe
Sallie, Sally Mose
Selma Ned
Stella Oliver
Tess Oscar
Tilly Reuben
Twila Roy
Vera Rudy
Viola Rufus
Violet Rupert
Viv Seymour
Vivienne Stuart
Vy Sully
Willa Thurston
Zadie Victor
Zelma Waldo