Some Patron Saints

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There are patron saints of everything in Catholocism. Many saints are patrons of multiple things. Take St. George, for example. In addition to being the patron of England, he is also the patron of syphilis. St. Lawernce is the patron of both chefs and comedians. Here is a far-from-exhaustive list of some interesting things that have patron saints.

Patron Of Saint
Abdominal pains Erasmus (Elmo)
Advertisers, advertising Bernardine of Siena
alcoholism John of God, Martin of Tours, Monica, Urban of Langres
amputees Anthony of Padua, Antony the Abbot
Anesthetists  Rene Goupil
apple orchards Charles Borromeo
Archaeologists Damasus
asses Anthony of Padua
Astronauts Joseph of Cupertino
backward children Hilary of Poitiers
Banking Michael the Archangel
Barbers Cosmas and Damian, Louis, Martin de Porres
bartenders, bar keepers, bar staff Amand
Bee Keepers Ambrose
Blood donors Our Lady of the Thorns
bodily purity Agnes of Rome
boilermakers Eligius (Eloi)
bomb technicians Barbara
bowel disorders Bonaventure
box makers Fiacre
Brigands (danger from) Leonard of Noblac
Cab drivers Joseph, Fiacre
Cake makers Honoratus
cats Gertrude of Nivelles
Cattle breeders Mark
cemetery workers Antony the Abbot, Callistus I
champions; invincible people; to be invincible Drausinus
chicken farmers Bridgid of Ireland
chivalry George
circus workers Julian the Hospitaller
clowns Genesius, Justin Martyr
Coin collectors Eligius (Eloi)
Comedians Vitus
criminals Dominic
Death by Artillery, protection against Barbara
Death, happy Joseph of Cupertino
Dentists Apollonia
difficult marriages Catherine of Genoa, Elizabeth of Portugal, Fabiola, Godelieve, Gummarus, Hedwig, Helena, Louis IX, Margaret the Barefooted, Monica
disappointing children Clotilde, Louise de Marillac, Matilda, Monica
Diseased Cattle, protection against Beuno, Erhard of Regensburg, Roch, Sebastian
divorced people Fabiola, Gummarus, Helena
dog bites Hubert of Liege, Vitus, Walburga, Ubald
dogs; dog lovers; dog fanciers Hubert of Liege, Roch, Vitus
Doubters Joseph
dysfunctional families Eugene de Mazenod
elderly people Anthony of Padua
enemies of religion Sebastian
escape from devils Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch
Evil Spirits, protection against Agrippina, Quirinus
excessive rain Genevieve (Genofeva)
excluded people Patrick
fainting, faintness Urban of Langres, Ursus of Ravenna, Valentine
Falling Venantius
family happiness or harmony Dymphna, Ksenya Blazhennaya
fear of night Giles the Abbot
fiddlers, fiddle players Julian the Hospitaller
file makers Theodosius the Cenobriarch
Fire prevention Catherine of Siena, Agatha
forgotten people Jeanne de Chantal
freedom Infant Jesus of Prague
French monarchs Louis IX
Frenzy, protection against Denis, Peter the Apostle, Ulric
friendships John the Apostle
Frost, protection against Urban of Langres
fruit dealers Christopher
fugitives Bridgid of Ireland
Funeral directors Joseph of Arimathea
Gas station workers Eligius (Eloi)
geese; goose Gall, Martin of Tours
Gravediggers Antony the Abbot, Joseph of Arimathea
greeting card manufacturers Valentine
Greetings Valentine
guardian angels Raphael the Archangel
Hail Magnus of Fussen
hardware stores Sebastian
herpes George
Hoarseness Bernardine of Siena
House hunting Joseph
illegitimate children John Francis Regis
Information Workers Archangel Gabriel
in-law problems Adelaide, Elizabeth of Hungary, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Godelieve, Jeanne de Chantal, Jeanne Marie de Maille, Ludmila, Pulcheria
Insects, protection against Dominic of Silos
interior souls Joseph
ions, Chinese Joseph
jaundice Odilo
Jealousy, protection against Elizabeth of Portugal
jugglers Julian the Hospitaller
Jumping Venantius
Juvenile delinquents Dominic Savio
kidnap victims Arthelais, Dagobert II
kidney stones; gravel Alban of Mainz
Lacemakers Luke
Lame, the Giles
lawsuits Agia
lawsuits lost unjustly Nicholas of Myra
leg trouble Servatus
Lepers Giles
liberal arts Catherine of Bologna
Lighthouse keepers Venerius
linguists Gotteschalk
lions Mark the Apostle
loss of milk by nursing mothers Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch
mail Anthony of Padua
Marriages (unhappy) Gengulf
Medal collectors Eligius (Eloi)
Mentally ill Dymphna
Mice, protection against Gertrude, Servatus, Ulric
Mixed race, people of Martin de Porres
Motorcyclists Mary, The Madonna of Castaliazzo or Our Lady of Grace and of Crete
murderers Caedwalla, Julian the Hospitaller, Nicholas of Myra, Vladimir
Nearsightedness, short-sightedness Clarus, Abbot
Nettle Rash, protection against Benedict
obsession Raphael the Archangel
old-clothes dealers Anne
open sores Peregrine Laziosi
opposition of Church authorities Elizabeth Ann Seton, Joan of Arc, Teresa of Avila
Paratroopers Michael the Archangel
pastry chefs Honorius of Amiens, Macarius the Younger
Pawnbrokers Nicholas of Myra, Bernardino of Feltre (Bd)
peasants Lucy of Syracuse, Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch, Notburga
pencil makers Thomas Aquinas
photographers Veronica
pigs, swine Anthony the Abbott
Plasterers Bartholomew
Poets David, Columba
Poison Sufferers Benedict, Abbot, John the Apostle, Pirminus
Postal workers Gabriel the Archangel
precision instrument makers Hubert of Liege
Public Relations Bernardine of Siena
Quantity surveyors Thomas, Apostle
rabies Hubert, Ubald
Radiologists Michael the Archangel
rape victims Agatha, Agnes of Rome, Dymphna
recluses Anthony the Abbott, Giles
reformed alcoholics Martin of Tours, Matthias
reformed prostitutes Margaret of Cortona, Mary Magdalene
reformed thieves Dismas
running water John Nepomucene
salesmen Lucy of Syracuse
salmon Kentigern
seasickness Erasmus (Elmo)
secretaries Catherine of Alexandria, Genesius of Arles
seekers of lost articles Anthony of Padua
Servants Martha, Notbunga
Servants (women) Zita
sexual temptation Angela of Foligno, Catherine of Siena, Margaret of Cortona, Mary of Edessa, Mary of Egypt, Mary Magdalene, Mary Magdalen of Pazzi, Pelagia of Antioch
shoe shiners Nicholas of Myra
silence John Nepomucene
Skaters Lidwina
Skiers Bernard of Montjoux, Andronicus (with Athanasia), Our Lady of Graces
slavery Peter Claver
Sleepwalkers Dymphna
Snake bite victims Hilary, Pirminus, Vitus
Spas John the Baptist
spelunkers Benedict
Stamp collectors Gabriel the Archangel
Stenographers Cassian of Imola
Stiff Neck, protection against Ursicinus of Saint-Ursanne
stock brokers Matthew the Apostle
storks Agricola of Avignon
success Servatus
swans Hugh of Lincoln
swineherds Anthony of Padua, Antony the Abbot
syphilis Fiacre, George
Tax collectors Matthew
Teenagers (esp. girls) Mark, Maria Goretti
Telecommunications Gabriel the Archangel
Television Clare, Gabriel the Archangel
the Internet Isidore of Seville
Toothache Apollonia
torture victims Agatha, Alban, Bibiana, Charles Lwanga, Eulalia
toy makers Claude de la Columbiere
Twitching, protection against Bartholomew the Apostle, Cornelius
unattractive people Drogo, Germaine Cousin
Unmarried women Nicholas of Myra
Vanity, protection against Rose of Lima
victims of adultery or unfaithfulness Catherine of Genoa, Elizabeth of Portugal, Fabiola
victims of jealousy Elizabeth of Portugal, Hedwig
Vinegar makers Vincent of Saragossa
virgins Agnes of Rome, Blessed Virgin Mary
Volcanic eruptions Agatha
wandering musicians, minstrels Julian the Hospitaller
warehouses Barbara
watchmen Peter of Alcantara
Witchcraft, protection against Benedict
wolves Edmund of East Anglia
yachtsmen Adjutor, Our Lady, Star of the Sea
Young people, African Charles Lwanga