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This is my attempt at translating a French site on Communist-era Russian first name inventions I found.

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newly-invented first names

The Russian revolution caused upheavals also in the area of first names: in this era, officials distributed brochures with "politically and ideologically" correct names, and invited parents to draw on these ideas for naming their children. These strange names had their moment of glory between 1917 and 1940, but after that, traditional names returned in full force. There remains hardly anything of these names, but they remain a curiosity...

Aelita f - Name of a Martian princess, invented by Alexsi Tolstoy for his sci-fi novel of the same name.
Artaka f (ARTilleri´ska´a AKAdemia) - "the Academy of Artillery"
Arvil m (ARmia V.I. Lenina) - "the army of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin"
Avangard m - "l'avant-garde"

Dalis m (DA zdravstvou´out Lenin I Stalin!) - "Long live Lenin and Stalin!"
Damir m (DA zdravstvou´et MIR!) - "long live peace!"
Dazdraperma f (DA ZDRAvstvou´et PERvo´e MA´a!) - "long live May 1st!"
Dazvsemir m (DA Zdravstvou´et VSEMIrna´a Revolutsia!) - "long live the world-wide revolution!"
Dekabrina f - December
Delej m (DElo LEnina Jiviot!) - "see the masterpieces of Lenin?"
Diner m, Dinera f (DItia Novo´ ERy) - "Child of a new era"
Dognat-Peregnat m - "catch up and succeed!" (refernce to the slogan "catch up to and overtake America!")
Donera f (DOtch' novo´ ERy) - "girl of a new era"
Dotnara f (DOtch' Troudovogo NARodA) - "girl of a hard-working people"

Elektrifikatsia f - Electrification
Elektron m - electron
Elem m - "Engels, LEnin, Marx"
Era f - era
Erlen m, Erlena f (ERa LENina) - "the era of Lenin"

Gueni m - "Genius"
Guertrouda f (GUERo´ TROUDA) - "Worker Hero"

Ianvar' m - January
Iaslenik m (IA S LENinym I Kroupsko´) - 'I'm with Lenin and & Kroupska´a"
Ide´a f - Idea
Idillia f - Idyllic?
Idlen m (IDe´ LENina) - "Ideas of Lenin"
Iounnata f (IOUNaia NATouralistkA) - "young naturalist"
Iskra f - spark ( reference to the newspaper "Iskra")
Istmat m (ISToritcheski´ MATerializm) - "historical materialism"
Izil m (Ispolnia´ Zaviety ILlitcha) - "carry out the orders of Lenin"

Jeldora f (JELezna´a DORogA) - "train"

Kid m (Kommounistitcheski´ IDeal) - "ideal communist"
Kim m, Kima f (Kommounistitcheski´ Internatsional Molodioji) - Communist Youth International
Koukoutsapol m (KOUKOUrouza - TSAritsa POLe´) - "Corn is the queen of the fields"
Krarmia f (KRasna´a ARMIA) - "Red Army"

Lagchmivara f (LAGuer' CHMIdta V ARktike) - "Schmidt's arctic encampment" (a scientific explorer who was trapped by an ice floe)
Lapanalda f (LAguer' PApanintsev na ldinie) - "the encampment of Papanin on the ice barrier)
Last m (LAtychski´ STrelok) - "the Latvian gunner"
Ledat m (LEv DAvidovitch Trotski) Lyev (Leon) Davidovich Trotsky
Ledroud m (LEnin - DROUg Dete´) - "Lenin is a friend to children"
Lelud m (LEnin LUbit Dete´) - "Lenin loves kids"
Lemira f (LEnin, MIRova´a revolutsiA) - "Lenin, the world revolution"
Lenara f (LENinska´a ARmiA) - "Lenin's army"
Lenguenmir m (LENin - GUENi MIRa) - "Lenin is the genius of the world"
Lenina f
Leninid m (LENINskie IDe´) - "Lenin's ideas"
Leninir m (LENIN I Revolutsia) - "Lenin and the revolution"
Lenior m (LENIn I Oktiabrska´a Revolutsia) - "Lenin and the October Revolution"
Leniz m (LENInskie Zavety) - "The directives of Lenin"
Lenora f (LENin - Nache ORoujie) - "Lenin is our weapon"
Lenta f (LENinska´a Troudova´a Armia) - "Lenin's worker army"
Lentroch m (LENin, TROtski, CHaoumian) "Lenin, Trotsky, Chaoumian)
Leoundiej m (LEnin OUmer, No Delo IEgo Jiviot) - "Lenin is dead, but his masterpiece lives on"
Les m (LEnin, Stalin) - "Lenin, Stalin"
Lestak m (LEnin, STAlin, Kommounizm) - "Lenin, Stalin, Communism"
Lorierik m (Lenin, Oktiabrska´a Revolutsia, Indoustrializatsia, Elektrifikatsia, Radiofikatsia I Kommounizm) - "Lenin, October REvolution, Industrialization, radiofication, and Communism
Lounio m (Lenin OUmer, No Ide´ Ostalis') - "Lenin is dead, but his ideas remain"
Lou´dji m, Lou´dja f (Lenin OUmer, no IDe´ JIvy) - "Lenin is dead, but his ideas live on"
Lublen m (LUBi LENina) - "Lenin Loves"

Maels m (MArks, Engels, Lenin, Stalin) - "Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin"
Maenlest m (MArks, ENgels, LEnin, STalin) - "Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin"
Magnita f - "Magnet"
Marksen m, Marksena f (MARKS, ENgels) - "Marx, Engels"
Marksina f - of Marx
Marklen m, Marlen m (MARKs, LENin) - "Marx, Lenin"
Mek m (Marks, Engels, Kommounizm) - "Marx, Engels, Communism"
Melo m (Marks, Engels, Lenin, Oktiabr) "Marx, Engels, Lenin, October
Melor m (Marks, Engels, Lenin, Oktiabrska´a Revolutsia) - "Marx, Engels, Lenin, rOctober Revolution"
Miouda f (Mejdounarodny´ IOUnocheski´ Dien') - "International Day of Youth"
Mir m - "peace" (like the space station)

Ninel f - "Lenin" in reverse. This name was used longer than the others, perhaps because of verlan (word game"? !
Niserkha f (NIkita SERgue´evitch KHrouchtchev) Nikita Sergeiovich Khruschev
Novomir m (NOVy´ MIR) - "the new world"

Odvara f (Osoba´a DalneVostotchna´a ARmia) - "Far East Special Army'
O´ouchminalda f (Otto IOUlievitch CHMIdt NA LDine) - "Otto Yulievich Chmidt on the Ice Floe"
Oktiabrina f - October
Orbita f - Orbit
Orletos m (Oktiabrska´a Revolutsia, LEnin, Troud - Osnova Sotsializma) - "October Revolution, Lenin and Work are the base of socialism"
Ouriourvkos m (OURa, IOURa V KOSmossie!) - "yuri, Yuri's in space!" (it's about Yuri Gagarin)

Papir m (PArti´na´a PIRamida) - "The party pyramid"
Persostrat m (PERvy´ SOvietski´ STRATostat) - "The first Soviet Stratostat" (I can't tell exactly what a "stratostat" is-- it looks kind of like a parachute. The only definitions I can find are in Romanian and Vietnamese!)
Piatvtchet m (PIATiletkou V TCHETyrie goda!) - "the 5-year plan in 4 years !"
Plinta f (Partia Lenina I Narodna´a Troudova´a Armia) - "Lenin's Party and the Army of Workers of the People"
Pofistal m (PObeditel Fachizma Iossif STALin) - "Josef Stalin, the Vanquisher of Fascism"
Poligraf m - polygraph
Polza f (POmni Leninskie ZAvety) - "remember the precepts of Lenin"
Pores m (POmni REchenia Siezdov) - "Remember the resolutions of the congresses" (about the congress of the Communist Party)
Pravdina f - de "pravda" : "truth" the newspaper of the same name
Pravlen m (PRAVda LENina) - "the truth of Lenin"
Pridespar m (PRIvet DElegatam Siezda PARtii) - "A big Howdy to the delegated congress of the Party" (OK, it's more like "hello to the d...")

Rada f (RAbotcha´a DemokratiA) - "Democracy of the people"
Radi m - "Radium", chemical element
Ra´tia f (RA´onna´a TIpografiA) - "the typography of the district"
Rakieta f - rocket
Rem m, Remir m (Revolutsia, Elektrifikatsia, MIR) - "revolution, electrification, peace"
Revmark m (REVolutsionny´ MARKsizm) - "revolutionary Marxism"
Revmira f (REVolutsia MIRA) - "revolution of the world"
Revold m (REVOLutsionno´e Dvijenie) - "revolutionary movement"
Revolutsia f - revolution
Rim m (Revolutsia I Mir) - "revolution and peace"
Roblen m (ROdilsia Byt' LENintsem) - "Born to be a Leninist"

Selsoviet m (SELski´ SOVIET) - "Soviet of the village"
Sentiabrina f - September
Silen m (SIla LENina) - "Lenin's Might"
Sperma´a f (S PERvym MA¤A) - "Happy May First!"
Stalen m (STAlin, LENin) Stalin, Lenin
Stalina f
Stator m (STAlin TORjestvou´et) - "Stalin triumphs"
Statrazav m (STAlinski´ TRAktorny´ ZAVod) - factory of Stalin tractors

Taklis m (TAKtika Lenina I Stalina) - "the tactics of Lenin and Stalin"
Tchelnaldina f, Tchelusnaldina f (TCHELUSkin NA LDINie) - "Tcheluskine on the ice floe" (the ship of the aforementioned Shmidt)
Tomik m (TOrjestvou´et Marksizm I Kommounizm) - "Marxism and Communism triumphant"
Tomil m (TOrjestvo Marksa I Lenina) - "the triumph of Marx and Lenin"
Traktor m, Traktorina f -tractor
Trolen m (TROtski, LENin) Trotsky, Lenin
Trolezin m (TROtski, LEnin, ZINoviev) Trotsky, Lenin, Zinoviev (soviet hero)

Vaterpejekosma f (VAlentina TERechkova - PErva´a JEnchtchina- KOSMonAvt) - "Valentina Terechkova - the first female cosmonaut"
Vektor m (VEliki´ Kommounizm TORjestvou´et) - "the greatness of communism triumphs"
Velior m (VELIka´a Oktiabrska´a Revolutsia) - "the great October Revolution"
Velira f (VELIki´ RAbotchi´) - "the great worker"
Veor m (VElika´a Oktiabrska´a Revolutsia) - "the great October Revolution"
Vidlen m (Velikie IDe´ LENina) - "the great ideas of Lenin"
Vilan m (V.I.Lenin i Akademia Naouk) - "Vladimir Ilitch Lenin and the academy of sciences"
Vilen m (V.I.LENin) - "Vladimir Ilyich Lenin"
Vilis m (V.I.Lenin, I.Stalin) - "Vladimir Ilitch Lenin, Josef Stalin"
Vilor m, Vilora f (V.I.Lenin - Organizator Revolutsii) - "Vladimir Ilitch Lenin is the founder of the revolution"
Vilorik m (V.I.Lenin - Osvoboditel Rabotchikh I Krestian) - "Vladimir Ilitch Lenin is the liberator of workman and peasants"
Vilur m (Vladimir Ilitch LUbit Rodinou) - "Vladimir Ilitch loves the fatherland"
Vinoun m (Vladimir Ilitch Nie OUmriot Nikogda) - "Vladimir Ilitch will never die"
Vist m (Velika´a Istoritcheska´a Sila Trouda) - "the great historical force of work"
Vladlen m, Vladlena f (VLADimir LENin) - "Vladimir Lenin"
Vladilen m, Vladilena f (VLADImir LENin) - "Vladimir Lenin"
Volen m (VOlia LENina) - "the will of Lenin"
Vors m (VORochilovski´ Strelok) - "the gunner of Vorochilov"
Vykraznar m (VYche KRAsno´e ZNAmia Revolutsii !) - "the red flag of the revolution-- raise it high!"