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When I last updated this list in 2008, MS Word had added a whole bunch of names to their dictionary. However, since then (and it's 2018, 10 years later), they have added a ton more! In fact, it even has alternate spellings, including Jaxon, Jaxson, Karter, Kaleb, Kamran etc. (They even have Norah, my name, which has traditionally been seen as a misspelling of either "Torah" or "Noah") The only main names (not alternate spellings) in the 2016 Boys' Top 500 it rejects are: Jace (it suggests "Jake" or "Jayce"), Xander (it suggests "dander"), Jayceon (suggestions: Jaycee or Jayson), Jax (suggestions: jacks or jabs), Jaziel (suggestions: Jadiel, jazzier). For girls, it rejects: Everly (suggestions: evenly, every), Daleyza (suggestion: dialyze), Kamiyah (suggestion: Kamiah), Cataleya (suggestion: Catalina), Kensley (suggestion: Kinsley), Annalee (suggestion: Anna Lee), Zuri (suggestion: Zuni), Raylee (suggestion: Rayleen), Samiyah (suggestion: Saniyah), Aislinn (suggestion: ailing), Adalee (suggestion: Adele), Milani (suggestion: Milan), Maylee (suggestion: Maylene), Zaylee (suggestion: Baylee), Avalynn (suggestion: Adalyn), Elora (suggestion: Eldora), Laken (suggestion: Liken), Azariah (suggestion: Azaria), Jamiyah (suggestion: Janiyah), Gracyn (suggestion: Gracin), Adley (suggestion: Daley), and Arleth (suggestion: Arleta).

From the original list, the only ones it still rejects are: Adia (honestly, besides the song by Sarah McLachlan, this name is pretty uncommon), Annelise (though it is OK with Annalise, Anneliese and Annelies), Bronwen (likes Bronwyn, though), Cari (suggests "care"), Caryl, Cosette, Dorrie, Eglantina, Elodie, Eustacia, Fifi, Fionnuala, Hetty, Jordana, Karyn, Liesl, Lorinda, Nanci, Odelia, Odetta, Onora, Oriane, Pammy, Petula, Phyllida, Prunella, Quinby, Ronette, Rosaleen, Rosamund (but is Ok with Rosamond and Rosamunde), Roseline, Viveca, Xavieria, Xena, Avi, Avram, Charleton, Conor, Dax, Eamon, Finbar, Isidore, Jakob, Maxfield, Xeno and Yorick.

OK I don't know about your spell checker, but I have MS Office 98. The Word spell checker isn't perfect. However, I was impressed that it knows names like Ashleigh and Claudine, and accepts different spellings for Daryl, Darrell and Darryl.

So, if you want a name that has been unsullied by Microsoft, dig into this list! there is a list of Girls' names as well as a list of Boys' names. Oh, and just for fun, I've put one of the suggestions that the spell checker gives to replace the "misspelled" name! (note: "nss" means "no spelling suggestion," or that the computer has no clue)

UPDATE-- I made this list around 2000, 8 years later I now use a newer version. The 3rd column tells if these names are now accepted! If not, it tells some other things it suggests as replacements. Strangely enough, it suggests completely different words from the older version!

Girls' Names

Name What you could replace it with Update 2008
Abbie Abu babies
Ada Adam addax
Adia adieu Asia
Agatha Agate apathy
Aimee aide accepted!
Alanna alone Alana
Angelina Angelica accepted!
Angeline Angolan Angelino
Annelise annualize annelids (heheh these are segmented worms)
Antonia antennae accepted!
Ariana arraign Adriana
Arianne Aryan Marianne
Audra aura accepted!
Aurelia aureole accepted!
Babette babes barbette
Beatrix Beatrice beatniks
Becca BCE Mecca
Belinda blender accepted!
Benita bent accepted!
Bernice Burnoose accepted!
Beulah blah accepted!
Bianca bionic accepted!
Brenna brine buena
Bria bra Brie
Brianna brain accepted!
Brigid brigade frigid
Britta brattier Brita
Bronwen browned Brownian
Brynn briny breen
Calista chalets cellist
Cara career accepted!
Cari Cairo car
Carina cairn accepted!
Carissa carouse caresse
Carlin Carolina accepted!
Carly carry curly
Caryl carrel acryl
Cecily Celica accepted!
Charmaine Charmin Char Maine (!?)
Cher cheer chef
Chrissie Christie accepted!
Chrissy chrism Christy
Christa (but not Krista) chorister accepted!
Christabel charitable Cristobel
Christiana Christen accepted!
Clarice cleric accepted!
Clarissa Claris accepted!
Clementine nss accepted!
Cordelia Cornelia cordeliers
Cosette Costa cassette
Darby drably accepted!
Darcy Darkly accepted!
Daria dairy aria
Darla drama accepted!
Dawna Dona dawned
Dianna dinner accepted!
Dorcas dirks orcas
Dorothea Dorothy accepted!
Dorrie dowry Doric
Dulcie dulcet dulcimer
Effie elf accepted!
Eglantina eglantine eglantines
Elinor elixir Eliot
Elissa leis Eloisa
Eliza Eloise accepted!
Elodie elude melodies
Emilia e-mail Emily
Emmeline nss emplane
Esme asthma semen
Esmeralda emerald accepted!
Etta etc. accepted!
Euphemia euphoria ephemera
Eustacia eustachian Eustace
Eveline Evelyn eyeliner
Fabiola foible fibula
Felice feline fleece
Fifi fife Fiji
Fionnuala nss biannual
Flavia flabbier fluvial
Gemma gems gamma
Georgiana Georgians accepted!
Germaine Germanize accepted!
Glynis glens gayness
Graciela glacial accepted!
Greer greed accepted!
Gwendolen Gwendolyn (the 'e' spelling is actually the original) Gwendolyn
Gwyneth nss accepted! Thanks Ms. Paltrow!
Halle halloo hall
Halley haled accepted!
Hallie Haley hillier
Hattie hate accepted!
Henrietta Henries accepted!
Hayley Harley Hailey
Hetty hefty jetty
Hilda whiled accepted!
Hildegarde nss Hildegard
Honora honoree honorary
Hortense hornets hotness
Ianthe nss anthem
Imogen imagine Imogene
Ida Id accepted!
Ines inks fines
Inga Inca ingot
Isabella Isabelle accepted!
Isolde assailed insole
Janie Janice accepted!
Jenna Jeanine accepted!
Jenni Jennie Joni
Joelle jowl jelled
Jordana Gordian Jordanian
Josefa Joseph Josef a
Julianna julienne Juliann
Kandy dandy kindly
Karina Kaaren-weird! marina
Karyn Karen or Karin Kareem
Katelyn (anything but Caitlin) Kathleen lately
Katrina quatrain accepted!
Katya Katei (what is this?) kayak
Kaylee Kailua kale
Kaylin kaolin Kaplan
Keely keenly keels
Kelli & Kellie (but not kelly or Kelley) cello Elli-- Kellie is accepted!
Kirstin Kristin Kerstein
Krissy prissy kiss
Kristy (but not Kristi) Christi accepted!
Lili Lisle Lila
Lilia Lilly accepted!
Lilian Lillian lilia
Liliana Lillian Ileana
Liesl libels leis
Lucie lucite accepted!
Lorinda Lorna Florida
Leonora leaner accepted!
Leticia lettuce accepted!
Liza Lima Liz
Lara larva, lard accepted!
Layla (but not Leila) Kayla loyal
Mabel male accepted!
Madge mange accepted!
Maeve mauve mauve
Mariel married marvel
Marnie maurine marnier
Matilda nss accepted!
Maud (but not Maude) mud accepted!
Mavis maxis accepted!
Meghan (but not Meagan) Megan accepted!
Monique Monaco accepted!
Morgana Morgan Moran
Nanci Nancy Nance
Natalya nattily natal
Nerissa nerima narcissi
Nicolette nucleate, isolate, iolite insolate
Nuala null Napa
I couldn't find a single girls' name beginning with "O" that it wouldn't reject!    
Odelia Delia Delia
Odetta Odessa codetta
Odile audile oldie, oiled
Olivia olive accepted!
Onora onoda anorak
oona Oota ozone
ophelia aphelia accepted!
Oriana Orion orient
Oriane Orin orange
Paloma Palooka Paola
Pammy Mammy Sammy
Petula petiole spatula
Philippa Phillips philippic
Phyllida payload hillside
Pia pi pea
Pilar pilaf polar
Priscilla Pricilla (isn't Priscilla the correct spelling?) accepted!
Prunella purulent propellar
Queenie quinoa quinine
Quinby quinsy Quincy
Quinlan nss accepted!
Quintana Quentin accepted!
Rena RNA accepted!
Renata rental renate
Rhiannon rhinos accepted!
Rianne Iran rained
Ronette renovate brunette
Rosaleen Roselyn Rosales
Rosamund Rosalind roamed
Rosanne rosin accepted!
Roseline Rosalie robeline
Rumer Rumba ruler
Scarlett scarlet scarlet
Selena Helena accepted!
Shana shin shank
Shawna (but not Shauna) Sherwin Shawnee
Shayla Sheryl shawl
Sheena shinier accepted!
Shoshana shoeshine Shoshanna
Sophie Sofia accepted!
Stefanie Stefan Stephanie
Sukie suck sulkier
Talia tail talkie
Tallulah nss accepted!
Tamar tamer accepted!
Tammi tame Tammy
Tamsin Tasmania tamping
Taryn terrain tray
Tessie Tessa tissue
Thea tea the
Thomasina Thomson Thomason
Tori toro torsi
Traci trachea accepted!
Trisha trashier accepted!
Trudi trod trade
Ulrika (but not Ulrich) nss Ulrike
Una USA unit
Valentina valentine valentines
Vanna Vern vans
Velma vellum accepted!
Verna versa accepted!
Viveca vive Rivera
Wilhelmina nss accepted!
Willa wilier accepted!
Winnifred Winfred Winifred
Xavieria nss Xavier
Xena Xenon Lena
Xenia XENIX accepted!
Yasmin yams gasman
Yolanda nss accepted!
Zara Zaire zero
Zena Zen Sean
Zenobia nss Kenobi (!)
Zia zit zeal
Zoe ZoŽ (oh excuse me, I must put in the diresis!) zoo
Zora Zorro sore

Boys' Names

Name What you could replace it with 2008 update
Abner abler banter
Alastair nss Alistair
Algernon Algerian accepted!
Ari arid air
Arlo Arco Carlo
Asher ashore accepted!
Avi avid avian
Avram Abram arm
Balthazar nss accepted!
Barnabas nss accepted!
Barnaby brandy accepted!
Blaise blasť braise
Braden brained accepted!
Brody broody accepted!
Cedric cardiac accepted!
Charleton charlatan Charleston
Conor condor color
Dabney Derby Disney
Damian Admin accepted!
Damon domain accepted!
Dax Dacca dad
Devon demon accepted!
Dudley deadly accepted!
Dunstan Dustan Dustin
Eamon Eaton Ramon
Elijah nss accepted!
Elroy Leroy accepted!
Eustace mustache accepted!
Evander evader vander
Ferdinand nss accepted!
Finbar Finable fibber
Flann flab flannel
Fraser farmer accepted!
Frasier Friseur accepted!
Freddy Friday accepted!
Gareth garter accepted!
Gomer gore goner
Howie Houwa bowtie, hotwire
Huey hooey accepted!
Hyman hymnal accepted!
Isidore insider Isadora
Ivor ivory Igor
Jakob Jacob Jacobs
Jarrett garrotte accepted!
Jarvis jars accepted!
Jeb Jew jab
Jedediah Jeddah Jeremiah
Keanu Quean accepted!
Leonardo Leonard accepted!
Linus lineups Linux- ironic that the inventor of Linux's name isn't accepted, but his product is!
Lorne Lorene accepted!
Lucius Lucas luscious
Lyndon London accepted!
Malachy Malachi Malachi
Marius Marquis accepted!
Marmaduke nss marauder
Maxfield Mayfield Medfield
Maximilian nss accepted!
Mervin Melvin accepted!
Nestor nester accepted!
Nicky niece accepted!
Oswald nss accepted!
Percival nss accepted!
Primo prom accepted!
Quinton Quentin accepted!
Reese reissue accepted!
reuben Rueben accepted!
Rhys rays accepted!
Rocco Rococo accepted!
Rory ropy accepted!
Rufus roofs accepted!
Soren saurian siren
Stevie stove Steve
Thor throe accepted!
Tristan Triton accepted!
Vic VIP accepted!
Virgil virgin accepted!
Vito vivo accepted!
Willy wily accepted!
Xeno Reno xenon
Xerxes Xeroxes accepted!
Yorick York doric
Yvan van Evan
Zach sack accepted!
Zachariah Zechariahs accepted!
Zeke eke accepted!
Zoltan molten sultans