Names of My Stuffed Animals, past and present

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I have always loved stuffed animals. Since an early age, I put my Name Nerd powers into action by naming all my animals. A lot of them had middle and last names as well, but I don't remember them all. I just found a list of all my stuffed animals that I made when I was a teenager... wow. a lot of them were named after pop stars from the 80s, in my stuffed animal heyday. This is really embarrassing, I don't think I've ever counted exactly how many cheesy pop stars had namesakes amongst my stuffed animal collection.

Name animal type notes
Agnieska lamb this is a Polish form of Agnes, which means "holy." However, most baby name books get it confused with the Latin "agnus" meaning "lamb." 
Alannah Jocelyn human Cabbage Patch kid-- I can't remember her real name. I think Jocelyn was in it somewhere. The Alannah part was after Alannah Currie from the Thompson Twins, of course. 
Annabelle Lee raven ravens reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe, apparently.
Alexander tiger This was my sister's tiger. I don't know why I ended up naming him. I think it's because my sister never named anything, and that bugged me.
Alice hedgehog Just liked the name.
Aurora human My first baby doll-- I saved up my allowance for her. After the Princess Aurora in the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty
Bláthnaid hedgehog means "little flower" in Irish. I had a thing for Irish names.
Blake bird type thing name was originally "Gorple" I changed it to be after Blake on the tv show Blake's 7.
Britannica Cassandra/Brittles cat Originally when I was in my pre-namenerds phase, I named this cat Brittles (no clue where that came from). A couple years later, I re-named her Britannica. This was the most beautiful name I could think of, and it sounded important since it was an encyclopedia. Cassandra was the second most beautiful name I could think of.
Broccán means "little badger" in old Irish. Creative.
Camilla Renee human Cabbage Patch kid-- she came with that name
Cecilia seal  get it? Ce SEAL ya
Clyde emu it sounded Australian to me at the time.
Colberta Nigeline human was originally a Cabbage patch baby named Colbert Nigel until I gave him a sex change.
Conor(ry) camel Named after Sean Connery, and then re-named during my Irish Name Phase
Deirdre cat a handmade craft fair cat-- this was the beginning of my Irish name phase (See also Siobhán). I think I technically stole this cat from my sister.
Dutchess, Toulouse, Marie, Berlioz cats My great-aunt knitted this cat family. Luckily, the mom was white, and the kittens were orange, gray, and white, corresponding perfectly to the cats in The Aristocats, a movie which I obsessed over way too much as a child.
Eddie t-rex I think he was named after Eddie Vedder
Elizabeth human she was a china doll, dressed in vaguely turn-of-the-20th-century clothes. I picked the most old-fashioned name I could think of at the time.
Eric/Brenda human  was an orange-haired doll made by my great-aunt-- originally a boy, I gave him the only guy name I could think of. When I decided he was actually really a girl, I named him Brenda, which was the ugliest name I could think of at the time.
Eunice unicorn I think I may have spelled it Unice to make it more unicorn-y
Evan tiger My favorite name at the time.
Ezra duck I have no idea where I got this name from. 
Ferdinand & Morten rattlesnake originally called Desert Dan and Little Danny, this was a home economics project. I think Morten was named after the guy from the band A-ha. After I named them, I realized that they had the same names as Mickey Mouse's nephews, Morty and Ferdie and was embarrassed. I don't think anyone but me noticed or cared, though.
Fiona hedgehog My boyfriend at the time gave this to me, and we always listened to "The Thistle and Shamrock" radio show with Fiona Ritchie.
Frankie Ugly doll I think his name really is "Ox." I think I was inspired by the movie It's All Gone Pete Tong and the way all the characters always called the main character "Frahn kay" with their various European accents.
Frederick bilby he's wearing a bow-tie and a tux jacket for some reason; I thought Frederick sounded nice and formal.
Gabriel dolphin named after Gilbert Gabriel from the band the Dream Academy. Yeah, that's right. Because I've always been a nerd, I knew that dolphins didn't have gills (they're mammals), so I couldn't have named him Gilbert.
Gareth cat my first crush's name was Gareth, so I always loved this name. This cat is from an Edward Gorey illustration; he has an orange and black striped sweater. 
Gerard Ugly doll his name really is Ice Bat.
Gráinne hedgehog In Irish Gaelic, "hedgehog" is grainneóg. 
Hank platypus I thought the name was funny.
Harrison tiger was my uncle's toy tiger from the 1940s-- I named him after Harrison Ford because I was obsessed with Indiana Jones (also set in the 40s well, sort of).
Jadwiga shark I went through a Slavic name phase.
James lion My great-aunt made this lion, I named him James because that's one of her son's names. I think James Bond may have had an influence as well. He's bright yellow calico with a fiery red mane. Not very spy-like.
Jane human was a crocheted doll my great-aunt made; she had Mary Janes crocheted to her feet, hence the name Jane (I didn't like Mary). She was the twin sister to Eric/Brenda.
Jennifer & Lilybelle cats they were a mom and a kitten. I think I got Lilybelle out of the book The House of Thirty Cats by Mary Calhoun
Jola Martine human was a cheap Cabbage Patch Kid knock-off. I picked the name that I thought sounded the most beautiful.
Jonathan mouse named after the dead husband mouse in The Secret of NIMH
Jonathan Uncle Dog Dog he was technically my sister's-- I named him Jonathan, because I didn't think "Uncle Dog", the name my mother gave him because my uncle gave him to her was befitting for a stuffed animal
Joe sheep This sheep may have started out being my sister's. I named him after Joe Leeway of the Thompson Twins. He currently is still used as a door stop by my stepmother for her spare bedroom.
José giraffe no idea where this name came from
Julius Wild Thing he was the orange-haired guy with the human feet from Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
Kathleen human my great-aunt made her. She has red hair and blue eyes; I thought I should give her an Irish name.
Lambie/Dmitri sheep my grandmother got this from a local artisan at a craft fair. I named him Lambie, but in later years, a boyfriend named him Dmitri.
Lila/Lala/Lalla bird a baby bird of some sort; she came with the name Lila. I changed it to Lala (pron. Layla) and then eventually settled on Lalla, after Lalla Ward (on Dr. Who)
Lorenzo llama like Lorenzo Lamas, get it?
Lucille seal  get it? Lou SEAL
Ludmilla hedgehog I went through a Slavic name phase. I think we were playing the overture to "Russlan and Ludmilla" in orchestra that year.
Magnus spider I think I was going to name him Mánus (probably after Mánus Lunny the Irish bouzouki player), but didn't want another stuffed animal with an Irish name. 
Meow cat my great-aunt Barbara made him for me when I was really little.
Minnen Råtte rat came already named from Ikea. It's just fun to say it. I think I named him Svenbjörn, but the name didn't stick.
Molly unicorn was the prettiest name I could think of at the time.
Monster Dude monster a monster made by some local artisan, I bought him at a punk rock craft fair. He seemed too cool for a real name.
Get it? he's a Fox, you know, like Fox Mulder!
Percival rooster I always loved this name. I first heard it as the name of Nellie's husband on Little House on the Prairie.
Ralphie cat he's the Cheshire Cat from the Disney movie
Raoul "Junkyard" deMichael cat my mother made cats exactly the same for my sister and me one year. I wanted to name mine Hello Kitty, but my sister beat me to it. I was annoyed, thus named him Hello Junkyard in protest. Later on, I decided that he was a jazz musician, and that Junkyard was his jazz nickname.
Ricky Dog This was before I was very creative with names
Ricky Raccoon I think I knew a song about a Ricky Raccoon. 
Rocky frog my Great-Aunt Barbara made this frog for me out of material that was blue with little frogs all over it (she also made my second cousin Mikey pants out of the same material). She filled the frog with sawdust, which I think leaked a little bit. My grandmother lives in mortal fear of her house becoming soiled, so she removed the sawdust and filled him with smooth rocks from the stream bed (hence the name Rocky). Because Rocky is so heavy, she has been using him as a door stop for the past 25 years, and won't let me have him back. NOTE: after my grandmother died, I combed the house in search of Rocky, but he was nowhere to be found. :(
Roger bear this was my sister's bear; I never liked bears. I named him Roger because he looked exactly like Ramona Quimby's stuffed bear named Roger in one of Beverly Cleary's Ramona books. 
Roland groundhog Named after Roland Orzabal from Tears for Fears
Seamus mouse he was a really cute dog toy that I rescued from somewhere. He sort of still squeaks.
Severin spider Just a cool name.
Síne/Sheena hedgehog This hedgehog went without a name for many years. I finally decided to call her "Sine Nomine" ("unnamed" in Latin). However, in Scottish Gaelic, Síne is pronounced like Sheena, and is a form of Janet. Oddly enough-- in the comic Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, the young girl is named Janet before she grows up and becomes Sheena. Maybe she discovered her Scottish roots?
Siobhán cat I think this was another one that technically belonged to my sister. She didn't really care about stuffed animals, though, so I took her over. She was a twin to Deirdre (see also)-- I read in one of the snooty British music magazines that I was always buying when I was 12 that Siobhan Fahey from Bananarama's confirmation name was Deirdre (hence the name of the other cat).
Sir Algernon Anonymous fox? he's technically named "Sir Didyfus" and he was the guy in Labyrinth who rode on a sheepdog, but I had a thing against calling things the names they came with
Svetlana rat still on a Slavic name kick
Teresa turtle the turtle came pre-named Tully, which had to go.
The Frog Continuum frogs these frogs are in descending order of size and all fit into each others mouths. There names, separately, are Horace, Morris, Boris and Doris.
Thomasine Agnella "Tommie" human Cabbage Patch Kid-- was originally named Agnella Gail. I think she was named after Tom Bailey from the Thompson Twins, because she had red hair.
Timothy mouse named after the sick kid mouse in The Secret of NIMH
Tobias spider Always been one of my favorite names.
Valentín hedgehog made for me by a boyfriend for Valentine's Day one year. This boyfriend was Ukrainian, and had the bonus of having his middle name be Valentinovich.
Whitey-Blue cat guess what colors she was? This was another one from my pre-name-obsessed years.
Woody Woodchucker Beaver a kid in school named him when he said, "what is that, Woody Woodchucker?" He was one of the "cool" kids, so I didn't want to be a nerd and correct him that it was actually a beaver.
Yasmin Haley human Cabbage Patch Kid-- was originally named Kelly Trixie. This is embarrassing, but I think that year Chrissie Hynde from the Pretenders and Jim Kerr from Simple Minds had a daughter named Yasmin. Also that year, Pat Benatar had a daughter named Haley. I was watching some year end wrap up thing about them all on MTV when I named her.
Zoe human I just liked the name at the time. She was a cool doll, until my sister's dog ate her.