The Good, the Bad, and the Boring: Place names in the USA

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Some place names make you want to live there based on the name alone. I mean, who wouldn't want to live in a place called Bliss or Beautiful? However, some places also make you think, "why would I want to live in a place called..." such as Embarrass, Gross, or Slag Pile? Other towns just sound generic, such as Bland, Gray, and Flat. Here are some of the more descriptive names of places across the USA.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not saying that these aren't awesome places to live. In fact, they are probably way more exciting than their names would imply!

bad good boring
Accident, MD Admire, KS 88, KY
Amissville, VA Advance, IN Airville, PA
Bad Nation, SD All Healing Springs, NC Bland, MO
Bald Head, NC Art, TX Canvas, WV
Bargaintown, NJ Beautiful, PA Concrete, ND, WA
Barren, IL Best, TX Corner, NE
Belcher, KY Bewelcome, MS Countrytown, KS
Boogertown, NC Bliss, NY Diagonal, IA
Boss, MO Blissville, VT Drain, OR
Cape Fear, NC Bonanza, AR East, TN
Chagrin Falls, OH Bonus, IL Factoryville, NY
Chilly, ID Bountiful, CO Fifty Six, AR
Coward, SC Bragg City, MO Flat, AK
Crook, IL Brilliant, AL, OH Gray, NY
Dafter, MI Briny Breezes, FL Highway 40, NV
Dent, MN Busy, KY Home, PA, WA
Droop, WV Cape Flattery, WA Hospital, NY
Dusty, NM Carefree, AZ, IN House, NM
Embarrass, WS Celebration, FL Industrial Hillside, NJ
Errata, MS Choice, TX Institute, WS
Experiment, GA Christmas, FL No Name, CO
Faker, TX Clever, MO Normalville, PA
False Pass, AK Comfort, NC, TX Okay, OK
Fink, TX Cool, CA, IA Only, TN
Gross, ID Darling, MS Plain City, UT
Gurney, WS Delight, AR, NE Plainview, MN
Hack, NJ Eclectic, AL Point, PA
Hasty, AR, CO Effort, PA Rural, IN
Hazard, KY Energy, IL Section, AL
Hell, MN Equality, AL Sleepy Eye, MN
Idledale, CO Excel, AL Sodtown, NE
Issue, MD Fair Play, MO Solitude, IN, UT
Jackass Flats, NV Fairdealing, KY South, VA
Laboratory, NC Fairplay, IN Standard, CA
Lack, PA Fame, MS Static, KY
Last Chance, IA Fate, TX Street, MD
Leech Lake, MN Fearnot, PA Stumptown, WV
Licking, IN Fidelity, MO Thorofare, NJ
Loco, GA, OK Fine, NY Townville, PA
Looneyville, WV Friend, OR Trail, OH
Lower Pig Pen, NC Friendship, AR Trailer Estates, FL
Moody, ME, TX Funk, NE Utility, LA
Mud City, VT Future City, IL View, ID
Nada, TX Good, PA Village, TX
Needmore, IN Happy Camp, CA Walls, MS
Nether Providence, PA Happy Valley, NC Way, MS
Nimrod, AR Happy, TX West, IL, TN
Nix, TX Harmony, CA, IN, NC Wide Ruins, AZ
Notrees, TX Helper, UT
Odd, WV Honor, MI
Odds, TX Industry, ME
Oddville, KY Joy, AR, IL
Paint Lick, VA Justice, IL
Peculiar, MO Leisure, IN
Penetentiary, CO Liberty, IN
Pinch, Wv Lively, VA
Plaguemine, LA Loveland, WA
Possession, WA Loving, NM
Purgatory, CO Luck, NC
Random Lake, WS Lucky, PA
Recluse, WY Merryville, LA
Remote, OR Miracle Mile, CA
Ricketts, IA Miracle, KY
Scarville, IA Model City, NY
Shantytown, NV Modest Town, VA
Slag Pile, WS Morning Sun, AR, IA
Stab, KY Neversink, NY
Stark City, MO New Era, MI
Sticks, PA Noble, In
Strain, MO Panacea, FL
Swastika, NY Paradise, IN
Tariffville, CT Paragon, IN
Tomb, PA Peerless, IN
Tombstone, AZ Pep, NM, TX
Typo, KY Perks, IL
War, WV Plain Dealing, LA
Why, AZ Premium, KY
Zero, NE Pride, LA

Progress, In, OR

Promise City, IA

Promised Land, NY

Prospect, IN

Prosperity, MO, WV

Protection, KS

Pure Air, MO

Quick, WV

Radiant, VA

Reliance, VA

Relief, KY, NC

Risingsun, IA, IL, IN

Ritzie Village, PA

Safe, MO

Scenic, WA

Security, TX

Smiley, TX

Social Hill, AR

Stellar, TX

Strong, PA

Sublimity, OR

Success, AR, MO

Sun City, FL

Sunny South, AL

Sunrise, FL

Sunset, FL

Sunshine, MD

Tiptop, VA

Tranquility, NJ

True Blue, VT

True, WV

Trust, NC

Truthville, NY

Utopia, Ny

Welcome, MD

Wisdom, MT

Wise, NC

Young America, IN