Alyssa, Alissa, Elisa

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FOR REAL: Alyssa is a variant of Alicia or Alice, created by adding the ending -issa (i.e., Clarissa, Marissa). The spelling is probably influenced by the alyssum flower. The word alyssum is derived from the Greek meaning "not insane; rabid," so named because in the middle ages, alyssum was thought to cure rabies. Thus in many baby name books, Alyssa is somewhat inaccurately listed as meaning "sane; logical." Elisa is a separate name; a European short form of Elisabeth. Elisa, Alisa, Alysa etc are sometimes used as alternate spellings of Alyssa, and Alyssa, while usually pronounced /ah LISS a/, is sometimes pronounced /ah LEE sa/, so there's some crossover.

diminutives: Ali, Aly, Lissa, Lissy

related names: Alice, Alicia, Elizabeth

Other recorded spellings: Alisa, Allyssa, Elissa, Alysa, Elyssa, Allysa, Allissa, Allisa, Elysa, Ilyssa, Alyssah, Alyissa