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FOR REAL: Aubrey is an English surname derived from one of two Norman names of Germanic origin. The first one is Alberich, which breaks down into the elements aelf meaning "elf; supernatural being" and ric "power; strength." It may also be derived from the feminine name Albreda, which comes from aelf "elf" and rad meaning "counsel." As a first name, it was originally used for boys, though it caught on for girls in the 1970s. As of 2014, Aubrey was the 10th most popular girls' name in the USA, and at #1051 for boys.

Other recorded spellings: Aubree, Aubrie, Aubri, Aubry, Aubreigh, Aubrei, Aubre, Aubriee, Aubrii, Aubrea, Aubriegh, Aubery, Aubrye, Ahbree

related names: Auberon, Oberon, Alberic, Aubrianna, Avery