Brianna, Briana

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FOR REAL: This is a, English modern feminine form of Brian. The poet Spenser first coined Briana (pronounced /BREE uh na/) in the 16th century, but the name wasn't widely used until the mid 20th century when the accent changed to the second syllable.

diminutives: Bree

related names: Brian, Breanne, Brianne

Other recorded spellings: (in order of popularity from the USA popular baby name list 1999): Breanna, Bryanna, Breana, Bryana, Brionna, Breonna, Breeanna, Breeana, Breauna, Breyanna, Briauna, Briona, Breona, Briannah, Briahna, Breyana, Breyonna, Briyana, Bryonna) Brieana, Breannah, Briaunna, Breianna, Brianah, Briyanna, Breaunna, Breunn, Breiana, Breanah, Breahna, Breyona, Bryon, Brieanna