Brittany, Britney, Britni

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FOR REAL: Brittany is the English name for Bretagne, a region in western France. This region was named for the Britons, who settled there when fleeing the invading Anglo-Saxons. As a name, Brittany was first used sometime in the latter half of the 20th century. It came to popularity along with names like Tiffany and Courtney, but I'm not sure where its origins as a name came from. I was first aware of it in the early 1980s cartoon, where Brittany (along with Jeannette and Eleanor) were the name of the Chip-ettes, the female counterparts to the Chipmunks. While I doubt this is where Brittany's popularity originates from, it might have helped propel it along.

diminutives: Brit

Other recorded spellings: Brittney, Britney, Brittani, Brittanie, Britany, Brittni, Brittnee, Brittaney, Brittny, Britni, Brittnie, Britnee, Brittnay, Britteny, Britani, Brittanee, Britny