Caden, Kayden, Kaden etc.

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FOR REAL: Caden was first used as a name in the 1990s, a name created based on rhyming names like Aidan, Braden, Jayden etc. It has been particularly popular because it begins with "kay," a common element in other names popular at the same time (Kaylee, Kaitlyn, Caleb, etc.) To explain its origin, many books trace it to the Irish surname Ó Cadáin, which is usually anglicized Cadden. I can't find any mention of it in any of my books being anglicized Caden, but it's possible. Ó Cadáin means "descendent of Cadan;" Cadan being a name that may possibly derive from cadhan, meaning "wild goose." This also seems dubious because the "dh" is not pronounced in the name Cadhan, thus the surname derived from this personal name (Ó Cadháin) is usually anglicized Kyne or very occasionally Kane. Basically, Caden is most likely a name that was made up in the 90s. As of 2013, it holds the record for most recorded variant spellings. The most common spelling from 2011-2013 was Kayden. In 2010, it was Kaden, and before that was pretty steadily Caden.

diminutives: Cay, Cade

related names: Jayden, Braden, Hayden, Cadden

Other recorded spellings: Kaiden, Kaden, Cayden, Caden, Caiden, Kaeden, Kaidyn, Kadyn, Kadin, Kaydon, Kaydin, Caeden, Kaidan, Kaedyn, Khayden, Caidyn, Kaidon, Cadyn, Kaydan, Caydon, Kadon, Kadan, Khaidyn, Keyden, Kaedon, Kden, Keiden, Caedyn, Khaiden, Khaden, Caydin, Kaydenn, Kaidin, Kaydyn, Kaedin, Kaedan, Kaiyden, Caydan, Cadin, Caedon, Caidan, Kaydn, Keidan, Kdyn, Cadan, Keydan, Khadyn, Keidyn, Kayedon, Caedan, Keydon, Khaydin, Kaaden, Kaidynn, Kaidenn, Caiyden