Carrie, Kerry

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FOR REAL: Carrie started out as a pet form of Caroline, which is a feminine form of the name Charles. In the mix comes Kerry, which is a county in Ireland. This name is an anglicization of Ciarraí, which means "Ciar's People." Ciar is a name meaning "black." This name was very popular in the 1970s for mainly people with Irish ancestry in the USA, but also as an alternative spelling for Carrie. Cary and Carey are anglicizations of the Irish surnames Ó Ciardha, Mac Fhiacra, Mac Fhearadhaigh, Ó Carraigh and a few others, that were most oftenused for men until the 20th century. Kari, in Norway, is pronounced /CAHR ee/ and is a short form of Katarina.

diminutives: Care-bear (seriously, half the Carries I know like to be called this)

related names: Charles, Charlotte, Caroline

Other recorded spellings: Cari, Keri, Kari, Carey, Cary, Kerrie, Karrie, Karie