Courtney, Kourtney

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FOR REAL: Courtney is an English surname derived from the Norman French name de Courtenay. This name was used to denote someone from Courtenay, the name of several place names in France, which are derived from the Latin personal name Curtius, which possibly means "short." Through folk etymology, it was associated with the phrase court nez meaning "short nose," whose meaning is often still recorded in poorly researched baby name books. Courtney was originally used for boys until the mid 20th century, when it took off in popularity for girls.

diminutives: Court

other recorded spellings: Cortney, Kortney, Courtnie, Courtnee, Courteney, Kortni, Cortni, Kortnee, Courtni, Kourtnee, Cortnie, Kourtni, Courtenay