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FOR REAL: Evelyn was popular as a man's name in the 19th century, but pretty much disappeared as a boys' name and is almost exclusively found for girls. In its present form, it is most likely derived from an English surname based on the medieval Norman name Aveline. Aveline is a diminutive of Avila, which comes from the Germanic root avi of uncertain meaning; possibly "desired." Evelyn was popular for girls in the 19-teens and 1920s, but it has been making a comeback in recent years, coming in at #30 for girls in 2013.

diminutives: Evie, Evvie, Effie

related names: Eveline, Aveline, Evelina

other recorded spellings: Evalyn, Evalynn, Evelynne, Evalin, Evlyn, Evelynn, Evallyn