Lindsay, Lindsey

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FOR REAL: Lindsay started out as an English surname meaning "Lincoln's wetland." It was brought to Scotland by Sir Walter de Lindesay a retainer of David I of Scotland (1084-1153) and has been associated with Scotland ever since. It was first used for boys in Scotland, where it still occasionally is. Everywhere else it is more common for girls.

diminutives: Lin, Lindz

related names: Lincoln

Other recorded spellings: Lindsi, Lindsie, Lindsie, Lindsy, Linsey, Linzey, Linzi, Linzie, Linzy, Lyndsay, Lyndsey, Lyndsi, Lyndsie, Lyndsy, Lynnsey, Lynsey, Lynsie, Lynzee, Lynzey, Lynzi, Lynzie