Michaela, Makayla, Mikayla etc.

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FOR REAL: Michaela is a feminine form of Michael. It first became popular in Britain and the USA in the mid 20th century, reaching its US peak in the 1990s.

diminutives: Mac, Micky, Kay, Kayla

related names: Michael, Michelle, other forms

Other recorded spellings: Mikaela, Mckayla, Micaela, Mikala, Makala, Makaila, Micayla, Mykayla, Makaela, Mickayla, Michala, Macayla, Mikaila, Micheala, Mekayla, Michaella, Mykala, Mykaela, Michayla, Michela, Makaylah, Mackayla, Mikaylah, Makalah, Mikela, Mychaela, Mikhayla, Mkayla, Machaela, Micala, Mikalah, Michaila, Michalla, Mikhaila, Mykaila, Miquela, Macala ,Mckaila ,Mckala