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FOR REAL: Natalie is the French form of Natalia, a Latin name meaning, technically, "birth" (from the same root as "natal" and "prenatal"). It comes from the phrase natale christi, which means "birth of Christ" (i.e., Christmas). In 2013, Natalie was at #26 in the US Top 7000.

diminutives: Nat, Natty

related names: Natalya, Natasha, Tasha, Noelle

other recorded spellings: Nathalie (German version), Nataly, Natalee, Nathaly, Natali, Nataleigh, Nataley, Natilee, Natally, Nathali, Nataliee, Natallie, Natalye, Nattalie, Nadalie, Nathalee, Natalea, Nattaly, Nadalee, Natilie, Natelie