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FOR REAL: Paisley refers to a pattern of fabric containing teardrop-shaped motifs that originated in Persia. The fabric was manufactured in Paisley, a town in Scotland, and came to be known by that name. The town's name of Paisley is an anglicized form of Pàislig, which may come from a Celtic word meaning "pasture," the Latin basilicus, meaning "church," or possibly from the Old English personal name Pæssa + leah, meaning "pasture; clearing; field"; a common element in British place names. As a first name, it was first used for girls in the 1960s, though it didn't really catch on until the late 1990s. As of 2013, Paisley was at #80 in the US Top 7000. As a name, its popularity may have been influenced by Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman, a pro wrestler whose stage name in the mid 2000s was Paisley.

other recorded spellings: Paislee, Paisleigh, Paizley, Paizlee, Paislie, Payzlee, Paizleigh, Payslee, Paisly, Payslie, Paislei, Paizlie, Paysleigh, Paysley, Paisli, Paislea, Paizly, Payzlie, Paisely, Paizli, Payzli, Paysli, Pasleigh, Pasley