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FOR REAL: Shelby started out as an English surname whose origins are obscure. It may either be a variant of Selby (from Old Norse meaning "willow tree farm; settlement") or it may be from a place name derived from words meaning "hut" and "farm; settlement." Shelby was originally used for boys, but never really caught on in popularity. For girls, it was first used as a female character in the 1935 movie The Woman in Red which caused its popularity to rise for females. It became more popular in the 1970s alongside the similar name Shelley, but its popularity skyrocketed in the 1980s after the move Steel Magnolias was released with Julia Roberts playing a character named Shelby. It is occasionally used as a diminutive of Michelle.

diminutives: Shel

related names: Selby

Other recorded spellings: Shelbie, Shelbi, Shelbey, Shelbee, Chelby, Shellby, Shelbe