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FOR REAL: This first came into use as a name in the late 20th century when other "western" type names became popular (i.e., Dakota, Wyatt). Taken most likely from the Sierra Nevada mountains in the USA, sierra is a Spanish word meaning "saw" and used to mean a mountain range whose peaks are jagged like the teeth of a saw. Ciara (pronounced like Sierra) is a related name which was originally from a perfume made in the 1970s which was based on the name Ceres, the Roman goddess of the harvest. (In Ireland the name Ciara is pronounced /KEE uh ra/ and means 'black.' ) Ciera is another spelling, probably first used (or at least inspired as a name) by Oldsmobile for their car the Cutless Ciera. Sierra is also a car name, used by Ford for a station wagon and GMC for a pickup truck.

Other recorded spellings: Cierra, Ciera, Ciara, Ciarra, Siera, Seirra, Sierrah, Siarra, Ceirra, Seaira, Ceaira, Searra