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FOR REAL: Tiffany is a medieval English form of the name Theophania, via the French form Tiphaine, which means "manifestation of god." It was originally given to girls born on Epiphany (January 6). It died out as a name after the middle ages, but was revived in the 1960s after the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's was released, starring Audrey Hepburn. Thus Tiffany became primarily associated with an upscale NYC jewelry store and in the 1970s and 1980s skyrocketed in popularity as a first name.

diminutives: Tiff, Tiffy

related names: Theophania, Theophanios

Other recorded spellings (these examples are all from 1985 USA births): Tiffany Tiffani Tiffanie Tiffiny Tiffaney Tiffini Tiffney Tifany Tiffiney Tiffiany Tifani Tiffeny Tifanie Tiffanee Tiffay Tiphanie Tiffanny Tiffinie Tiphany Tiffane Tiphani Tyffany Tiffanye Tiffannie Tiffnay Tyffanie Tifanee Tiffine Tiffony Tiffancy Tiffeney Tiffny Tyffani