More Kind of Dumb Band Names

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Ok, I work in a record store, and am constantly seeing band names that make me snort. Here's part II of my list of Kind of Dumb Band Names. To balance it out, I've also listed some of my favorite band names!

As before, I am not making any kind of judgement on the talent of these bands (in most cases I've never even heard them); I'm simply making fun of their names.

Band Name My Inane Commentary
///seizethemoment. ///rollseyes.
3 Colours Red all 3 are red? Why not just call yourselves Red?
A Band of Horses I checked, there are no actual horses in this band. False advertising!
A Love Ends Suicide I thought death ended suicide, but what do I know? -- oops, this one was on my other list too. I just can't stop commenting on it!
Acid Horse alert PETA
All Shall Perish come on, ALL?
Audioslave rawk on, dude!
Befour Three O'Clock Get it? befour? Like the number?
Bloodlined Calligraphy If you just wrote in blood, it would be much easier.
Born From Pain Their moms should have had an epidural.
Brothermandude get a haircut, son!
Cannibal Corpse doesn't this mean that this corpse eats other corpses? That's not very exciting.
Chin Up Chin Up Buck Up, Little Camper was probably already taken. Plus, I hated doing chin-ups in gym class.
combatwoundedveteran thisnospacethingisreallygettingannoying
Destroy Destroy Destroy Was "Destroy Destroy" already taken?
Destroyer Destroyer I think "Destroyer" was already taken.
Die Princess Die It would be funnier if they had been Die, Princess Di, but alas they are comma and humor-less.
Do Make Say Think make sure you do in that order.
Dry Kill Logic Yeah. What they said.
five.bolt.main what.does.this.mean?
Heavy Heavy Low Low Really Really Dumb Dumb
Hoobastank unlike Chumbawamba or Bananarama, this silly word sounds like something left over from a public porta-potty.
Horse the Band as opposed to Horse the Animal, Horse the Plumber and Horse the Recreational Drug.
I Am Ghost Nice to meet you, Ghost.
I Killed the Prom Queen Want a medal?
Krokus a crocus is a pretty spring flower. It doesn't sound very metal, even with K's.
Leaves' Eyes but... leaves don't have eyes! I would like Leaves Eyes, insinuating that something leaves eyes lying around everywhere. That might be cool.
Life Without Buildings maybe it would be nice if we just all went camping. Ever think of that?
Limp Bizkit sounds vaguely phallic, even with the poor spelling.
Love As Laughter uh-huh
Love is Red We Work For Hallmark
Mewithoutyou Ican'teventouchthisone
Misery Signals Captain, we are picking up misery signals from the other ship. They are broadcasting the International Signal for Misery!
Monty Are I So Monty is a collective that is also you. Well then.
Morbid Angel Wait, angels are already dead, so this kind of makes sense.
Mute Math thank goodness math can't talk to me.
My Dad is Dead I'm glad you are over it enough to advertise.
Mystic Prophesy how many prophesies are *not* mystic? Come on, you could have thought of a better adjective.
Necrodeath come on-- necro means "death." I guess Necronomicon, Necromicon, Necro, the Necros, Necromantix etc have already been taken...
Now It's Overheard darn it! Be quieter next time!
Of Montreal It might be less annoying if they were actually from Montreal.
Queens of the Stone Age I'd like to see a Neanderthal drag queen. Hey, Neanderthal Drag Queen would make a good band name!
Rachel's Rachel's what?
Rein Sanction huh?
Rhapsody of Fire yawn
Scars of Tomorrow that's awfully pessimistic.
Severe Torture Can you even have mild torture?
Sincebyman I'massumingthisisabiblicalreferencebutevensoitsucks.
Sirens Sister Apostrophes are your friends.
Slint this is not a real word.
Slunt neither is this.
Sparklehorse Sounds like a My Little Pony reject
Staind Proper spelling is cool, people! Use it!
Stone Temple Pilots Yay. Your initials are STP. Yippee.
Strawberry Alarm Clock trippy, maaaaan
Suffocate Faster I'm trying, OK?
Suicide Silence Today's program brought to you by the Letter S.
Sunn O))) Do you pronounce the 0))) part, or does it just look like the sun?
Tech N9ne Come on, a 9 doesn't even look like an "i." You should pronounce this Tech N-nine-ne like Nnnnnniney
The Crownhate Ruin umů yeah.
The Rose Of Avalanche This sounds randomly generated, and not in a good way.
These Arms Are Snakes I hope these arms aren't poisonous.
Too Pure to Die Get over yourself.
Trapt Is this how the Pilgrims spelled it?
Under the Influence of Giants Did you smoke them or drink them?
Velvet Acid Christ We want to be edgy and be filed near the Velvet Underground.
Wheatus Sounds like a breakfast cereal
Yellowcard One half of a Green Card.
You Am I no you am not.