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FOR REAL: Kayla is a modern name, most likely coined in the 20th century. In modern times, however, it is most likely a blend of kay and the ending -la. It may represent an altered form of Kayley (an Irish surname) as well. Kaila is also a Yiddish name; a form of Kelila, which means 'crown of laurel' in Hebrew, though that origin is less likely to have spread to the general English-speaking populace than the former.

diminutives: Kay

related names: Kaylee, Kelila

Other recorded spellings: Kaila, Cayla, Kaela, Kaylah, Kaila, Kala, Keyla, Kailah, Khaylah, Caila, Keilah, Kalah, Khaila, Kaelah, Calah, Khala, Kahla