Kaylee, Kayley, Kayleigh

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FOR REAL: Kaylee is one of those names that seemingly appeared out of the blue sometime in the 80s. It seems like each name book you find has a different meaning for it; some saying it's Irish, some Greek, etc. There is a rare Irish surname, Kayley, which is an anglicization of Ó Caollaidhe meaning "slender." However, this name more often than not is anglicized Kealley, Keeley, or Queeley. In reality, I think it's probably a combination of Kay and Lee, a variation of Hayley, Kelly etc. In current usage it is sometimes a pet form of Michaela.

diminutives: Kay

related names: Kayla, Keeley

Other recorded spellings: Kali, Kaylie, Kaleigh, Kailee, Kaley, Kayli, Kalie, Cali, Caleigh, Cailey, Caylee, Kayle, Kalee, Kaylea, Kaeli, Caley, Kalei, Kaili, Kaily, Cailee, Kaeleigh, Cayleigh, Caylie, Kaeley, Kaelee, Kaylei, Kaely, Calie, Kaelie, Keilea, Caeley, Keily, Keylee, Keile, Cayli