Irish Names from A to W (there aren't any X, Y, or Z names!)





The abbreviations in the "category" column are: A=anglicization T= traditional name Tr= Irish translation of a non-Irish name M= modern creation P= place name L= last name, S= saint name.
Name (gender) Category Pronunciation Other Forms Origin/Meaning
Baibín (f) Tr BA been Barbie from Greek- "stranger", pet form of Bairbre (Barbara)
Báine (f) T BAWN yeh - paleness; whiteness
Báirbre (f) Tr BOIR breh Barbara from Greek- "stranger"
Bairrfhionn (m) T,S BAR in Berrin fair haired
Banbha (f) T BAN uh va Banba the name of an ealy goddess, and was also used as name for Ireland
Bannon L BAN an Ó Banáin meaning is obscure, possibly "white" or derived from the word for "woman"
Bantry P BAN tree - "descendants of Beann." Bantry is a famous bay in Ireland.
Baoth (m) T BEE Báeth vain; reckless; foolish
Baothán (m) T BEE hawn Báethán little vain; reckless; foolish one (diminutive of Baoth)
Bardán (m) T BAR dawn Bardan poet, bard
Bardon L BAR don Ó Bardáin a bard
Barry (m) A BAR ee Bairre, Barra pointed; sharp
Beag (m/f) T B'YAG Becc little; small
Beagán (m) T,S B'YAG awn Beccán, Beagóg small, little lad
Bearach, (m/f) T,S BAR akh Berach, Berrach pointed or sharp
Bearnárd (m) Tr BAR nawrd Bernard bear (Germanic)
Beary L BEER ee, BEH ree Ó Beara meaning is unknown
Bébhinn (f) T BAY vin Bevan, Bébhionn, Vivian fair lady
Beckett L BEK it - an English name of Norman origin, but usually associated with the Irish writer Samuel Beckett
Beglan L BEG lan Ó Beigleighinn little scholar
Begley L BEG lee Ó Beaglaioch little hero
Bellaghy P bel AH hee, bel EYE - "mouth of the slough" or "Eachadh's townland"
Beltany P Bealtaine May, place where May festivities were held
Bergin, Berrigan L BUR gin, BAIR I gan Ó hAimeirgin "wondrous birth"
Bevan (f) A BEV an Bébhinn white (or fair) lady
Blake L BLAIK de Blaca Norman name, derived from "black"
Bláthín (f) T BLAW heen - little flower
Bláthnaid (f) T BLAW nid Blánaid, Bláthnait, Flora, Florence flower
Blinne (f) T BLI nyeh form of Moninne, Blanche saint's name, form of "mo ninne,"("My ninne") "ninne" is said to be the first word she uttered.
Braden L BRAI den Ó Bradáin salmon
Bradigan L BRA di gan Ó Bradagáin spirited?
Brady L BRAY dee Mac Bradaigh spirited?
Bragan L BRAY gen Ó Bragáin ?
Brandon P/M BRAN din Breandan a mountain in Ireland whose Irish name means "St. Brendan's mountain." As a first name, it comes from an English surname meaning "beacon-fire hill."
Branigan, Brennigan L BRAN I gan Ó Branagáin raven
Brannagh L BRAN a Ó Breathnach Welshman
Brannan L BRAN in O/Mac Branáin raven
Breasal (m) T BRA sal Brassal, Basil brave or strong in conflict
Breda (f) A BREE da Bríde, Bríghde exalted one; high goddess; noble
Bree (f) T,M,S BREE Brígh, Brie high, noble. Also used as a pet form of Brianna, Brenda etc.
Bree, Bray L BREE, BRAY Ó Breaghdha from Bregia in Co. Meath
Breen L BREEN Ó/Mac Braoin ?
Brendan (m) A,S BREN dan Breandán, Breannáin from Welsh- "prince" -- the name of Brendan the Navigator, one of the 3 patron saints of Ireland (the others are Brigid & Patrick). St. Brendan is said to have reached North America long before the Vikings.
Brenna (f) M BREN na - A modern name derived from Brenda. Brenda is a Scottish form of an old Norse name meaning "sword."
Brennan L BREN an Ó Braonáin possibly, "sorrow"
Breslin L BRES lin Ó Breasláin strife?
Brian (m) A BRY in Bryan, Brion high; noble
Briana (f) M BREE uh na Brianna a name coined by the poet Edmund Spenser for his 16th century book, The Faerie Queene. It was a feminine form of Brian. It is pronounced with the accent on the first syllable, not like the modern Brianna.
Brianna (f) M bree ON a, bree ANN a Briana, Breonna, Brianne etc. high, noble: modern American feminine of Brian
Bridget, Brigid (f) A,S BRIJ it Bríd, Bríde exalted one; high goddess; noble. Brigid is the original Irish spelling; Bridget is actually a later, Swedish form. Brigid was originally a Celtic goddess who later became "Christianized," that is, some of her attributes began to be associated with a Christian saint. St. Brigid is one of the 3 Patron saints of Ireland (with Patrick and Brendan).
Brighid, Bríd (f) T BREED Brigid, Breda, Bríde, Bríd high goddess; exalted one; noble
Brion, Brían (m) T BREE un Brian, Barney, Barnaby, Bernard noble or high
Brocc (m) T BRUK Broc either "sharp faced" or "badger"
Brogan L BRO gan Ó Brogáin descendant of Brógán, which is possibly derived from Broccán, a diminutive of Brocc (sharp faced, or badger). It is unrelated to the Gaelic word for "shoe"
Brógán (m) T,S BRO gawn Brogan, Bróccán possibly derived from Broccán, a diminutive of Brocc (sharp faced, or badger)
Brona (f) A BRO na Brónach sorrowful
Brónach (f) T BRO nakh Brona, Bronagh sorrowful
Brosna P BROS na - meaning is obscure.
Buadhach (m) T BOO akh Buach, Buagh, Boethius, Victor victorious