Irish Names from A to W (there aren't any X, Y, or Z names!)





The abbreviations in the "category" column are: A=anglicization T= traditional name Tr= Irish translation of a non-Irish name M= modern creation P= place name L= last name, S= saint name.

Name (gender) Category Pronunciation Other Forms* Origin/Meaning
Sadhbh (f) T SIVE Sive, Sadbh, Sophie, Sophia, Sarah, Sally, Sabina sweet, goodly
Samhradhán (m) T SOW rawn Samradán summery person
Saoirse (m & f) M SEER sha - freedom, liberty
Saorla (f) T SAYR la - noble queen
Saraid (f) T SAR ad Sárait, Sarah excellent, best
Sárán (m) T, S SAWR awn - chief, noble; best
Sárnait (f) T, S SAWR nit Sárnat chief, noble; best
Scáthach (m)
T SKAW hokh - shadowy; ghostly; frightening
Scoithín (m) T, S SKUH heen - blossom, bloom
Scoithniamh (f) T SKUH nyee uv Scothniam shining; radiant blossom
Scolaí (m) T SKUL lee Scolaighe, Scully town crier, scholar
Scoth (f) T, S SKUH - blossom, bloom
Scothnait (f) T SKUH nit - blossom, bloom
Scully L, A SKUL lee Ó Scolaighe town crier, scholar
Sé (m) T SHAY Séaghdha, Shay, Shea hawk-like, noble
Seachlann (m) Tr, S SHACH lan Sechnall, Secundus from Latin, "second"
Séadhna (m) T, S SHAY na Sétna, Séadna traveler; wayfarer
Séafra (m) Tr SHAY fra Séafraid, Séathrún, Geoffrey from Old German
Séamus (m) Tr SHAI mus Séamas, James from Hebrew- "supplanter"
Seán (m) Tr SHAWN John, Shaun, Shawn from Hebrew- "God is gracious"
Séanait (f) T,S SHAI nat Ségnat hawk
Seanán (m) T,S SHAN awn Senan old, ancient
Seanchán (m) T SHAN a khawn Shanahan old, ancient
Searc (f) T, S SHARK Serc Love; affection
Séarlait (f) Tr SHAIR lat Charlotte from English - man
Séighín (m & f) T, S SHAY een, SHANE Séigíne hawk
Seofraid, Siothrún (m) Tr SHU fred, SHUH hroon Geoffrey from English-peaceful God?
Seoirse (m) Tr SHIR sheh George from Greek- farmer
Seosamh (m) Tr SHO sav Joseph from Hebrew- God will increase
Seosamhín (f) Tr SHO sav een Josephine from Hebrew- God will increase
Shaina(f) M SHAI na Shayna from Hebrew- God is gracious
Shane (m, sometimes f) M SHAIN Seán from Hebrew- God is gracious
Shannagh P SHAN na - ?
Shannon (m/f) P/M/L SHAN nin Shannen, Shannyn etc. Celtic goddess name, a river named for her. Also an anglicization of surname Seanán- old one." Shannon is also the name of Ireland's main international airport.
Shaun, Shawn (m, sometimes f) A SHAWN Seán from Hebrew God is good
Shawna (f) M SHAW na Shauna from Hebrew- God is gracious
Sheelin P SHEE lin - lake, lake of the fairies
Sheila (f) A SHEE la Síle, Cecilia from Latin, "blind"
Sheridan L SHAIR id dan Ó Siridean ?
Sibéal (f) Tr shi BAIL Elizabeth, Isabel from Hebrew- "God is my oath"
Síle (f) Tr SHEE la Cecilia, Sheila, Julia, Judith, Judy from Latin, "blind"
Síne (f) Tr SHEE na Sheena Fem. of John, via French Jeanne, it is the Irish cognate of Jane.
Sinéad (f) Tr sha NADE - Fem. of John via French Jeannette. It is the Irish cognate of Janet
Siobhán (f) Tr shi VAWN Shivaun, Susannah, Hannah, Susan, Judith, Judy. in USA: Chavonne, ShaVaughn etc. Fem. of John via French Jehanne. It is the Irish cognate of Joan.
Síoda (m) T SHEE da Sheedy Silk?
Síofra M SHEE fra - sprite, changeling, precocious child
Siollán (m) T, S SHULL awn Sillán meaning unknown
Síomha (f) T SHEE va Sheeva, Síomhaith "good peace"
Sive (f) A SIVE Sadhbh "sweet"
Sláine (f) T SLAW nyeh, SLAWN ya Slaney, Slanina "health," from a Celtic goddess name
Slaney P SLAY nee Sláine a river, from a Celtic Goddess name
Sléibhín (m) T,S SHLAI veen Slébíne, Slevin "mountain man"
Solamh (m) Tr SUL uv Solam, Solomon from Hebrew, "peace"
Somhairle (m) T SO ar leh Sorley, Samuel, Charles from Norse, "summer wanderer"
Sorcha (f) T SUR a ka Sarah, Sally bright, radiant
Sorley (m) A SORE lee Somhairle from Norse, summer wanderer
Sterrin (f) M STEH rin Blawna Stherrim (bláthna steirm) created by author Beatrice Coogan to mean 'flower of the storm'
Stiofán (m) Tr SHTEE fawn Stiamhna, Stiana, Stephen, Steven form of Stephen (Greek- "crown")
Suaibhseach (f) T, S SOO uv shach Suaibsech gracious; kindly
Suanach (f) T SOO un ach - drowsy
Suibhne (m) T,S SIV neh Sweeney, Swain well-going
Sullivan L SUL liv in Ó Suileabháin possibly, "one-eye?"

*names in italics represents names that have no etymological connection to the Irish name, but were used as English "translations" based upon the fact that they have similar sounds or meanings.